Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ setup for your monster can be a mother sometimes ( Chapter 12 )

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Sparkle drew her card. Man, I've been put in a bad spot early on. she thought. It's only the second move and she already has a hig-powered monster on the field. And with something just under 3000 ATK points, there's nothing in my hand that can save me from it. She is so lucky that Snatch Steal is banned.....
"What's wrong Sparkle? Are you in fear over my lovely monster?" questioned Hitomi. "You sure had a lot of big talk not too long ago. But now you're quiet like a church mouse on Sunday service."
Stupid girl... I'll admit you have the upper hand, but you won't have it for long.
"You know, if I was gonna know you were gonna take this long to move, I'd have brought a magazine. Hurry up, the crowd is starting to get restless... or are you giving up after the first turn?"
"You wish. I'll throw a monster face down and one card face down as well. Your move."
"Ah, how they hide behind their face down cards.... My turn." Hitommi draws. "Aw, too bad, I play Nobleman of Crossout."
"Nice play." Sparkle discards a card from her hand. "Too bad my Magic Jammer's nicer."
Sparkle's counter traps ctreates a circle around Hitomi's Nobleman, and it melts away. Hitomi simply shruggs.... "Attack now, Kazejin."
Kazejin attack Sparkle's monster, which happens to be Harpie Girl. She then continues her turn. "I'll set one card face down and summon Oscillo Hero #2 in attack mode (1000/500). And that's it for now, back to you."
Sparkle drew her card. Man, am I glad to see you. It'll take a hit, but at least I'll save my monster for one turn. she thought.
"What's wrong? Not a good draw?" asked Hitomi.
"Actually, I'll play it face up. If I set it, I'll still take a hit anyway. It's time I played something that I've newly added to this deck. I'll attack with Rallis the Star Bird."
A comet falls from the sky and appears on Sparkle's side of the field. After a brief flash of light, Rallis takes to the field with that upward gust of wind (1300/400). That's a weak monster to have... not like it matters. Hitomi thought.
"Well now, it's time. Attack the Oscillo Hero with your Astro Feather."
Rallis attacks Oscillo Hero #2 and it is destroyed. "All that for three-hundred damage, what a shame." said Hitomi.
"Why don't you try looking at the strength of my Rallis again."
"Um, 1300 ATK points is--Wait a minute..." Hitomi looked again and saw that Rallis the Star Bird had 2100 ATK points. "Can I get a ruling here?"
"Rallis the Star Bird gain 200 extra ATK points times the loevel of the monster it battles during the damage step." Maxwell explained. "Since your Oscillo Hero is a four-star monster, Rallis got an extra 800 ATK point boost."
"I see, so I lost a lot of life points. (1100)" said Hitomi.
"Yup. And now that this is over, back to the duel."
"Yes, back to the duel indeed." said Sparkle. Then Rallis turned back into a star and it launched into the sky. "Luckily for you, after damage, it removes itself from the field. The good news is that you get a free shot, so take your turn and for your sake... you better make it count."
"Before I take my turn, I'll activate my Jar of Greed." said Hitomi as she drew her card, then took her draw phase card soon afterward. "Now let's have a little fun shall we..." She looked at her hand. "Kazejin, have a direct shot." Kazejin sucked in a breath of wind and blew a Gale force wind at Sparkle (3000). "Now that you just about 30% defeated, I'll set thes guys face down and end my turn."
Sparkle took her card. "I'll reveal my Graceful Charity spell card, which everyone knows how it works. But to those who forgot... you draw three cards, then give up two." Sparkle resolves her Graceful, then continues her turn. "These two card will come down here and that's it for me."
"Isn't your bird coming back to play?" asked Hitomi coyly.
"Rallis is a combat bird. When combat arrives, so will Rallis. It's nice to know that you love him so much."
Hitomi draws her card. "You know, you cocky confidence is starting to urk me."
"I don't see why... I mean you're getting free shots out of this deal, don't you wanna win for the sake of your sister?"
"Leave Hermana out of this duel. This duel is between us, not her in any way."
"What's wrong, you want me to be even easier on you?"
Their devate continues... What is Sparkle trying to proove in taking all of these hits? Maxwell thought. I don't get it, not in the slightest. What is she thinking.
I think Sparkle is trying to get into Hitomi's head. thought Boss. Sparkle's trying to psych Hitomi out it looks like. But is that really gonna work against Hitomi?
What Maxwell and Boss didn't realize is that Hitomi was reading their minds like open books. And what does Jam's mind say in all of this.... she wondered.
Sparkle's up to something... Jam thought. There's more to this than just letting her take free shots. Or perhaps Sparkle has nothing left. What do you think, Hitomi?
What the... H-how did you...
Foolish girl, I may be a traveler, but I am also a seer.
A seer? You mean like a soothesayer?
Whatever you choose to call it. Now if you are done bickering with Sparkl over there, let's get on with this duel. You little 'Girl Talk is starting to become ennuious.
Ennuious... that can't be an actual word.
Ennuious is a future tense of the word ennui, which means 'lacking of interest; boredom.' I thought you're here to duel, mind probing isn't apart of it, now knock it off before I disqualify you. Finish your turn!
"Okay Sparkle, you wanna give me all the cheep shots, well lemme give you a slick one." Hitomi said.
"If it'll help you, then by all means, play it." said Sparkle.
"I'll switch my Kazejin into defense mode and end my turn." (1800 DEF)
"Interesting..... Whatever foolish reason you did that for, I'll amend your efforts for it." Sparkle drew her card. "It's time to put a monster on the field, like this, my Whirlwind Prodigy." Another upward gust of wind signals the arrival of another of Sparkle's monsters (2000/1200). "Now I'll reveal my Ultimate Offering trap card. Now I'll simply pay my 500 life and bring another friend of mine to the field. Come forth, Harpie Lady 3 (1800/1000). That will do for now."
Hitomi drew her card. So she wants to pull that trick, huh.... Now gonna happen. I don't have anything to worry about since there aren't any cards in her hand, but what does she have that fairy on the field to summon. Let's find out. "I'll put Kazejin back into attack mode, back to you."
"She didn't take my bait. Looks like you didn't want another free shot...." Sparkle drew her card. "And things just keep getting better for me. I'll play Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon in attack mode and end my turn." (1700/200)
"I think I know what Sparkle's about to do." said Cappy.
"Well fill me in, because I'm clueless." said Pepper.
"You'll see."
That brat's got a point. She's setting up that Baby Harpie Dragon. If that's the case, then she'll sacrifice the fairy to call out its mother. But with only one Harpie on the field, mama Harpie Dragon isn't much of a threat.... Hitomi takes her card. "I'll set this face down and end my turn."
"A lot of strategising is going on here...." said Dexter.
"Yeah." agreed Stan. "Something big is on the way."
Sparkle takes her card. "I'll hold onto this. Your turn."
Hitomi draws her card. "I'm ready to rain on her parade now... I'll play Red-Eyes Black Chick in attack mode now. Let's see if you can guess what I'm about to do." A red egg appears on Hitomi's side of the field. The egg soon hatches and out pops the dragon (800/500).
"That's not a good sign." said Sparkle.
"You're right, it's not. But I think my Dragon will be stronger than the dragon you plan on bringing out. Let's see if I can make this less boring for you, Jam. I end my turn."
Sparkle drew her card. "This won't work yet... I'm done."
Hitomi takes her card. "I'll pull out my Solar Flare Dragon this time around." she announced.
"Not that thing."
In a flash of fire, the Solar Flare Dragon stand next to the Black Chick (1500/1000). "Now it's time for the heavy artillery to come out."
"I'm prepared for the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Bring it out."
"Who said anything about that card?"
"But you just..."
"I said 'heavy artillery', now watch and learn. Face downs, activate!"
"What the.... I've got a bad feeling about this."
"I'll activate my second Tribute Doll, and I'll chain Serial Spell to it."
"Doesn't Serial Spell turn into the spell that activates in its chain?" asked Cappy."
"Yup." Stan answered. "And that means she can bring out two more level 7 monsters."
"And not just any level sevens.... the other two." said Howdy.
"The other two what?" asked Sandy.
"The other two gods." Stan answered.
"For Solar Flare Dragon, I summon Suijin, God of Water (2500/2400). And for the Chick, I bring forward Sanga of the Thunder (2600/2200)." Hitomi continued her turn. "I'll set this face down and now Kazejin. Attack the Dragon." Taking in another breath, Kazejin blows another gale force wind, destroying Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon.
"Man this blows." said Sparkle (4700).
"This is enough for you to deal with, so I'll leave you to cowar in fear."
Sparkle drew her card. "Yes! Your gods don't scare me."
"Funny, you sure look scared to me."
"Does this Lightning Vortex look scared to you?" Sparkle discards a card from her hand.
Lightning falls from the sky and hits Hitomi's side of the field, creating a big dust cloud covering her area.
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