Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ dueling EXP. points ( Chapter 31 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Cappy's duel inspired a lot of duelists to never give up, even when the chips are down. But as the day went on, duelists continued to keep on going through. "Now that you're out of defenses, it's time to finish you off." Howdy was pretty much ready to clench this duel. "Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon, attack now."
"Ahhhhh...." cried his opponent, his life points just hit zero.
Afterwards, the two duelists shook hands. "Hey, you've got a pretty interesting deck there, I saw a lot of cards that I like, Cody." said Howdy.
"Thanks." said Cody. "Your deck is pretty awesome too. I never thought someone could make a deck of Thunder monsters that powerful." said Cody.
"No, my deck isn't a thunder deck."
"You could've fooled me."
"Well, good luck to you."
"Same to you, Howdy."
With that, Howdy and Cody went their seperate ways. "And these three make seven. A few more and I'm in the finals."
"Hey Howdy!" Hamtaro scurried over to his friend.
"Hamtaro, what's up?"
"Nothing much, you?"
"So how's your seal hunt going?"
"It's going well, very well. And you?"
"Very well, I'm holding my own quite nicely."
"Sweet. Well see you around."
"See ya."
Sparkle was at the food court, enjoying some seeds. Man, this tournament actually has some competition in it. I've lost more seals than I hav gaining them. she thought. But I'm still alive, so that's all that matters. I need a break though, so I'll just rest up and then get back to dueling. Meanwhile, some of our not so friendly duelists are coming along well too. "You lost, now hand over the seals." Aqua was pretty much demanding the prize from her opponent.
"Yeah, yeah, hold your horses." said her opponent, he wasn't to happy.
"You insult me into dueling you and you want to procrastinate because you lost?"
"I just have to remember where I put them, so hold your horses."
Aqua flicked a coin into the air, the same coin she flicked throughout hte duel. "You've wasted my time long enough."
Aqua flicks her coin at her defeated opponent. The coin hits his forehaead with a ricochet, during which, his soul is sucked into the coin and body falls to the side. Aqua continues as she searches his frame. "I only wait for one man and you aren't him. You don't keep a lady waiting, especially one in a foul mood with you." Aqua found his seals and added all of them to her own. You won't be needing these anymore... hell, why stop here? You have dues to pay. Aqua goes through his deck. With your seals added to mine, I'm now in the finals. Wow, Satellite Cannon. I'll just take this.... and this.... and this. Tch with crap like this, it's no wonder you didn't defeat me.
Hiei approaches his mate. "I see you're having fun..." he said.
"Tch, this duelist is a reject." Aqua said. "He did hapen to have two Satellite Cannons, take one." she tosses one to Hiei.
"Such value in this card."
"Yeah. Let's get out of here, our business is done." The two walk off.
"What about that fool's soul?"
"Tch, he's a waste of capture." Aqua tosses the coin in the bushes where the soul is trapped until its awaited release.... if it ever happens
Meanwhile, Stan was making his way around the park as well. Man, this has been a rollercoaster of a time in this tournament. he thought. I've won some, I've lost some. The good news is that I've made it halfway through. I wonder how everyone else is doing....
Hitomi soon runs into him. "So how have you been doing so far?" she asks.
"So-so, but I got five seals." Stan answered.
"Nice, I got six."
"Not bad."
"I hope Hermana's doing okay..."
"Yeah, but I've seen how she duels, so she'll be fine."
"You're right. She pulled though an attack from the Beserk Dragon, so I shouldn't be so worried about her."
Stan shakes his head. "It's like you're mothering her."
"Yeah... it is, huh...."
"Is... something wrong?"
"What if I were to tell you that Hermana's not really my sister, would you be mad?"
"Naw. You two do look alike though."
"Well, there's a reason for that...."
"Besides the sisterly deal."
"Oh." Stan simply dusted it off his arm. "I won't tell, duelist's honor."
"Okay, come on."
Hitomi led Stan away to a secluded area, then the two sat down. Afterwards, she took a deep breath and began to explain. "I hate my father, for everything he's done to me. He made my life a living hell, a hell that you never want to experience."
"Try me, I'm gullible."
"The Hell of Revival."
"....I don't follow."
"He... raped me." He tone started to trail off... "I got pregnant from it... and... and...."
"I understand. So Hermana's really your daughter?"
"In a sense, yes. But since we have the same 'dad', she's also my sister."
"No, she's not your sister at all, she's your daughter."
"You're not helping.
"When I concieved Hermana, I swore to always protect her, more than maternal instinct, but as that guardian hamster."
"Well, worry not, things will go fine for all of you."
"You really are a sport, you know that?"
"I get that a lot."
"Well, we better get back to dueling others. Catch you later in the tournament, Stan." and off Hitomi went.
"Yeah, later...." Stan waved her good-bye for the moment. Okay, I need to get back into the game. If I ever want a shot at redemption against that Dragon Soldier, I need to get into the finals. With the way he defeated me, he's definitely a shoe in. My rematch with you is all the fuel I need to get into the finals and this time around, I got something that can put a stop to your mayhem. Stan looks at his Armed Dragon. Hiei hasn't met you yet, so he still hasn't a clue on what going down in my deck of dragons. But in time, you will....
Barrette wanders around the park, her dueling isn't going so well. "Another loss, I gotta get out of this slump." It hurts to lose and she knew all to well about it. "Okay, I need to turn it around and get into gear. Hopefully I can do that next duelist, even if that duelist isn't even in the tournament."
"Now if you don't beat a duelist in the tournament, how does it help you?"
"That's simple, it gives me the..." Barrette turns around to see who was speaking to her. "Hey, it's you. I didn't expect to see you here, Nurse Ham."
Yes, it was the ever so kind and loving Nurse Ham, who gave a smile and giggle to Barrette's response. "Well, I can't tend to wounds and injuries all of the time." she responded. "Though it is my job.... I still like to get out of the medical ward and enjoy myself. I can't let you all enjoy the good times, now can I..."
"So, do you think you can survive a duel against me, I'll give you three seals if you do?"
"Three seals, that can help a lot. Okay Nurse Ham, you're on." Barrette draws her hand as Nurse Ham does the same. All I have to do is beat her and I'll double my seals. This should be easy enough to do anyway, all she does is medical work. How hard can it be to beat Nurse Ham?
"So, who's going first?" asked Nurse Ham.
"It would be a crime to do her wrong with this hand. Go ahead, take the first turn. I like the first attack anyway....." Barrette answered.
"Why thank-q, I will do just that." Nurse Ham took her card. "Very nice. Well Barrette, I'll start things off with two cards face down and I'll summon the Atomic Firefly and end my turn." Nurse Ham complets her play (100/200).
"MY turn." Barrette draws her card.
"Before you go on, I'll activate my Solemn Wishes trap card. Continue."
"Yeah, you're gonna need life points for summoning such a weak monster. Who cares if she has a face down card, I can't miss the chance at attacking that wimp of a monster. I'll play Skull Mariner in attack mode."
Suddenly, an odd pirate ship appears on Barrette's side of the field (1600/900). Barrette continues her turn. "I'll play this face down and attack your monster." Barrette's monster turns to starboard and fires cannonballs at Nurse Ham's monster. "Your Firefly is sunk."
Nurse Ham simply yawned <6500>. "When the Atomic Firefly is destroyed in battle it's radioactive core detonates. And since you destroyed it, you have to pay for it."
"And what does that mean?"
Our Nurse's monster flies over to Barrette and wraps itself around her. Afterwards, the insect explodes. "Man, that hurt." <7000>
"Of course it did. Is it my turn yet, or is there something left for you to do?"
"No, it's your turn."
Nurse Ham draws her card <7000>. "I'll set this face down and end my turn." This of course was a monster.
Barrette takes her card. "Let's draw her out. I'll summon T.A.D.P.O.L.E. and end my turn. (0/0)"
Nurse Ham took her card <7500>. "It's not wise to summon a monster with no attack points, but since you're inviting me out to play, you have to pay for it. So first I'll reveal my Dust Tornado." Barrette's card is destroyed. "Now I'll summon something a bit more dangerous, like my Asura Priest (1700/1200), but I'll also play Cestus of Dalga and make it stronger." and stronger it did get (2200 ATK)
"No, what's lovely is that my monster can attack both of your monsters this turn. Multiple Cestus attack!"
The Asura Priest destroyed both of Barrette's monster, dishing out a nasty blow to her life points <4200>. "And just when you thought it's not going to get worse, the effect of this spell kicks in, and the damage I just dealt to you is also how much life I gain. <10300> Luckily, This monster returns to my hand when I'm done, so I'll end my turn." Asura Priest returns to Nurse's hand.
Barrette goes into her deck. "Since my T.A.D.P.O.L.E. died in battle, I will add two more of them from my deck to my hand." Barrette adds the monsters to her deck and shuffles it. "I'll play Card Destruction now."
Fine, that heps me out anyway.
Barrette takes a new set of five cards just as Nurse Ham takes a new set of three <11800>. "Hey, wait a minute, you get life points for that?" Barrette asked.
"Of course." Nurse Ham answered. "Each time a draw a card, Solemn Wishes gives me 500 life. Now don't you think that you have other things you need to worry about other than my life points?"
"She's right. I have to get a monster on the field. The good thing is that all of my T.A.D.P.O.L.E.s are in the graveyard, so I'm pretty much set up now. I'll now soummon my Beelze Frog to the field in attack mode (2100/800)."
"That's a pretty strong frog."
"Of course it is. Now attack her face down monster."
"Why thank you for attacking."
"Why are you saying that?"
Beelze Frog attack the Nurse's set monster. "You just destroyed my Skull-Mark Ladybug, and upon its death, I recieve 1000 life <12800>. Ah, life points, the gift that keeps on giving."
"Are you fuckin' with me?"
"Of course not, I prefer sausage over fish anyday."
"Well, two cards face down and that ends my turn."
Nurse Ham draws her card <13300>. "Ooh, Graceful Charity, I'll play that."
"Man, come on."
Nurse Ham takes her three cards <14200>, then discards two. "Oh yeah, one of the discarded cards is a Skull-Mark Ladybug, another 1000 life for me <15200>. I'll set two cards face down and Mecha-Dog Marron in attack mode (1000/1000). Your turn."
Barrette draws her card. "I gotta stop giving her life points.... You haven't won this yet."
"Funny, I know otherwise."
"Let's see you laugh at my Bitelon." Beelze Frog is sacrificed and Barrette's new monster comes to the field (2400/1000). "Attack that dog!"
Bitelon goes in for the attack, only to get blocked by a barrier. Nurse Ham starts laughing. "Now what?!" Barrette wasn't too pleased.
"Now you've activated my Draining Shield trap card."
"Damn, not again...."
"Don't get mad, get life points <17600>."
"Are there any cards in that deck that don't give you life points?"
"There are, but you destroyed them already."
"Just... just move."
Nurse Ham draws her card <18100>. "My turn's over."
"Finally, something that doesn't boost your life points."
"So you want me to boost my life points? Works for me."
"Dammit, that's not what I meant." Barrette draws her card. "Finally, something good happens. I play Heavy Storm."
The four spell zone cards were destroyed, but.... "My face-down card is Kozaky's Self-Destruct Button."
"Man, what the hell...." Nurse Ham's trap card explodes, knocking Barrette on her rear. "I did not need to lose 1000 life like that." <3200>
"You're free to surrender at any time."
"I won't give you that satisfaction. I summon my 7 Colred Fish in attack mode (1800/800). Bitelon, attack that dog!"
Bitelon finally destroys Nurse Ham's monster. "Tch, no fur off my back. However, when Mecha Marron is destroyed in battle, both of us lose 1000 life points." <14700> <2200>
"No matter, you're still gonna lose life points. Go, my 7 Colored Fish."
Nurse Ham was attacked again <12900>. "Again, no fur off my back."
"It's your turn, and you can't get any additional life points."
Nurse Ham takes her card. "I'll set all three of my cards down and end my turn."
"Good. Now it's time for me to return some of the damage you gave me." Barrette draws her card.
"What makes you think that you can come back?"
"Just watch me."
"Sorry, but like I said before about you saying that you think it's not over yet..." Nurse Ham activates all three of her cards. "I know different. first, I activate Ring of Destruction, which I will place around the neck of Bitelon; Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment is chained to it, reducing all effect damage I receive to 0; and Poison of the Old Man is chained to it, reinforcing my life points by 1200." <14100>
"Ah shit..."
As the Ring of Destruction explodes, Bitelon is destroyed and the damage is taken by Barrette. Due to her trap, Nurse Ham protects herself and the duel is over. "I can't believe it, you beat me." Barrette droped to the ground and sat there.
"I didn't beat you, you beat yourself." Nurse Ham said. "I only attacked you once, the rest of the damage you took was your fault. But I must admit, you're the first duelist that didn't give up against me. Everyone else became so frustrated, they simply quit and gave up their seals."
"That doesn't help me, Nurse Ham...."
"Of course not, but you didn't help yourself either. You ended up destroying yourself because you were fooled. Any duelist can defeat an opponent, but for a duelist to make their opponent defeat themself is one of strategy."
"You got that right." Barrette hands her seals over to Nurse Ham.
"Hopefully, you'll re-evaluate your deck so that you don't lose in the future.... to yourself."
"Thanks Nurse Ham."
"No problem, hun. Now that I have eight seals, I think I'll take a break."
Nurse Ham walked away, off to have her break while Barrette simply sat there in awe. I... I lost. Barrette was still in shock from her duel. I thought things would turn around for me, but they didn't. I guess.... I guess... Barrette took to her feet. I guess I need to get a better strategy. Seamore, Pegasus, guys, I'm sorry I failed you all. But at least I did my best, so no regrets. Maybe I need better Water monsters besides my frogs.... Oh well, I might as well find Seamore. Barrette wasn't the only one who became a tournament "casualty" of the duelists, there were many, but they still dueled despite being booted from the tourney. Sandy was sitting near the fountain, sulking at her misfortunes as well. "Well, I might as well call it quits." Sandy too had a bad streak. "Do I really want to keep going, or should I just stop now?" To her saddened dismay, Sandy saw Cappy walking by, so she decided to join his company and the two sat at a bench in the park. "This tournament has been a blast, I can't remember when I've had so much fun." said Cappy.
"Totally." Sandy agreed. "I'm really enjoying myself a lot here, despite all of the duels I've had."
"Me too." Cappy stretched. "I can't believe I've made such a great progress, but I'm still in lieu at the moment."
"How come?"
"I'm trying to find the location of the finals."
"No way, you have all your seals?"
"Yeah. It's really hard too, but I'll find it, I'm sure."
"I can't believe that Cappy's already in the finals.... I wish I was doing well, I only have one seal left. I'm deciding that I should just stick to sideline dueling."
"Why, you're a duelist? You shouldn't give up now..."
"To be honest with you, I only 'jumped on the bandwagon' with you guys. I wasn't really what you call 'duelist material', but I decided to start because I was, like, the only girl that wasn't a duelist. When I saw Pashmina trying to duel, I thought I'd give it a shot as well."
"But what about your duel with Stan?"
"Another influence from the 'bandwagon' again. I figured that I could keep my brother from being too cocky. That was why I dueled him."
"You know what, you just need more confidence and faith in your cards."
"That's what Maxwell says."
"I'm not hearing this. On your feet, we're having a duel. But don't worry, we'll think of this gaining Duelist Experience Points."
"I dunno..."
"No excuses, Sandy. that's something I learned form the best of our friends. Come on, give your cards a chance. Don't waste all the stuff that we went through just because you wanna give up now. Do it for Snoozer."
Sandy of course, remembered that it was Snoozer who managed to keep her monarch cards from harm by sacrificing himself and his deck. Cappy's right, she thought. I at least owe it to Snoozer to try and duel against Cappy. Well Sandy, show Cappy how cool your dueling skills are. "Okay Cappy, let's get a fun one in."
Meanwhile, Jam just stepped off of the DDR machine. "That was fun, you did well too Horus." Jam said. Horus gave its trademark cry in response. "It's always fun to have a workout with your stand...." Horus soon disappeared and Jam continued to walk. But then he stopped, Hmm... still watching me, are you? So be it. he thought. He headed for the bathroom, for the obvious reasons of nature's calling. As he went in, he saw a familiar face washing his paws. "Croquet, what are you doing here?" Jam asked as he stood the bleed snake.
Croquet looked over to see Jam. "Ah, Dragonlord. Interesting that I find you in here." he said. "There's something I need to discuss with you." He then checked to see if anyone else was in the bathroom, not another soul.
Jam went to wash his paws. "Sure, what did you want to discuss with me?"
"I'll wait until your all cleaned up."
Jam dried off his paws. "Well..."
"I was informed to give this to you." Croquet pulled out two silver colored packs and handed them over to Jam.
"Hmm... interesting."
"I just gave this to Bijou and I'm looking for the others. Good luck in the tournament." and off Croquet walked.
Jam ran into a stall and took a pack in hand, then opened it. Interesting, it's a pack of Duel monsters. Jam looked at the cards. I only get three huh... tyical. Now what's in the other one.... Jam placed the three cards into their silver pack and placed it in his duel disk's fusion deck slot, then he opened up the second pack, only to find another nice surprise. Oh yeah, Dragon boosters... and this one's going in the deck, but I'll add this one now. I'll wait on the Meteor Dragon... Good looking out, Pegasus. Jam leave the bathroom and heads out to resume business as usual. I know you're following me, you'll confront me eventually.....
"Now, attack my Guardian Angel Joan!" Our champion is simply wrapping up her duel.
"Crud, you're tough for a pretty face." said her opponent.
"Merci, merci."
Well, I lost. Here are your seals, champ." and off he walked.
Bijou took her seals and shuffled her deck. "Ah, a successful championship defense." she told herself. "Now, I only need one more opponent and everyzhing will be all set and done. Eet's good to have nine seals."
Hamtaro was doing well also. "Well, I now have six seals. Four more and I'll be in the finals." He was quite content with himself. "I gotta admit, I didn't think I'd get a chance at such a nice tournout, but I see I was wrong. So many duelists with lots of potential here, going card for card in this tournament. Large varieties of skill here, it's so exciting."
"Excitement you say, that is why you duel?" Hamtaro turned around to see a male hamster, laser lemon in color with a thunderbolt do. "I find it interesting that you duel based on excitment." he continued to tell Hamtaro.
"You have me all wrong," Hamtaro corrected, "I duel because of two reasons: To be a better duelist and to make a better deck. Isn't that why you duel?"
"So um... I didn't quite catch your name."
"Because I haven't told you."
"Well, I'm Hamtaro."
"I would say I'm pleased to meet you, Hamtaro, but I'm not." The hamster revealed his duel disk and drew his hand. "I'm here simply to be rid of you."
"That duel disk. You're one of those Shadow Clan flunkies, aren't you?"
"So you've heard of us? Good. I am Blaze, better known as Shadow Thunderbolt." The hamster introduced himself. "As for you, Hamtaro, this will be your final duel."
"Really? Well I got news for you, pal, I won't lose my seals to some no good thief like you."
"Of course you won't, you'll lose your soul." Then, Blaze flicked a coin, or what seemed like a coin into the air between them.
What the.... Hamtaro wondered.
The coin hit the ground with a high bounce, then a second, lower bounce which was near their waistlines, and when the object hit the ground a third time, it changed into a round arcana, symbolizing their field of dueling. "Man, this is almost like the Seal of Orichalcos..." said Hamtaro.
"Oricalchos? I don't follow." said Blaze.
"So this is how you set up your Night-time duels, huh?"
"It is called Duel of Nyte. Spelled N-Y-T-E, but whatever, let the Duel of Nyte begin!"
Hamtaro drew his hand. "You've got some nerve stealing our cards and wrecking our clubhouse. I'm glad I've finally run into you jokers, because now I'll finally be able to get a little bit of payback."
"You have no idea what you're going to deal with."
"We'll see about that, make your move."
"But of course." Blaze takes his card. "What a horrid hand. I'll begin with Reload. And just in case this duel is watched by newcomers, I simply place my hand into my deck, shuffle, and draw a new hand of cards." Blaze checks his new cards. "Now, let's have some fun. I'll discard my Thunder Dragon from my hand." Blaze does and placed his hand on top of his head. "This allows me to pull two more Thunder Dragons from my deck and add them to my hand." Blaze places the said cards on his duel disk, shuffles his deck again and returns it, then takes his hand from his head. "Next, I'll fuse them together with Polymerization. And I now have my Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon ready to play (2800/2100). Lastly, I'll play Fusion Recovery, returning my Polymerization to my hand, alongside a materil monster used for fusion summon, my Thunder Dragon of course. Your turn."
Hamtaro was only slightly impressed as he took his card. "Like the saying goes, 'Anything you can do, I can do better.' Say hello to Gearfried the Iron Knight (1800/1600). But that's not all, I now play, Release Restraint." Gearfried's iron armor simply breaks away. Hamtaro take a page from Blaze as he continued his turn. Now let's see how much you like Gearfried the Swordmaster!" Hamtaro's new monster appeared in fromt of him (2600/2200).
Interesting.... thought Blaze.
"I think I'll give him simething to wear, like my Necklace of Command. And when he's equipped, Gearfried can automatically destroy one monster on the opposing side of the field. Now destroy his monster, and attack him directly."
As Gearfried wore the Necklace, he drew his sword and charged forward. In one swing, the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon was gone, and the second swing cut into Blaze. The attack flung Blaze backward, but his back hit the boundary of the field and he took a knee <5400>. Hardball off the bat, huh? Fine by me. he thought.
"My turn is over. Now let's see if you can do some damage." Hamtaro finished up.
"Don't get too cocky just because I let you have a free shot." Blaze took his card. "I needed to test your mettle, and it's a great mettle at that. I'll summon The Creator Incarnate in attack mode (1600/1500)."
"Not strong enough, Sparky."
"That's fine, because he's going to be sacrificed anyway. Now I summon The Creator in defense mode (2300/3000)."
"....I would comment the obvious...."
"Well, lemme break your obvious by activating the special ability of The Creator. I'll discard one card from my hand, Thunder Dragon to be exact, now I can bring back a monster in my graveyard. Welcome back my Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon."
Blaze's fusion monster re-appeared from the grave in attack mode. "Now it's payback time for my dragon. Super Shock Blast!" Blaze's monster destroys Gearfried <7800>.
Hamtaro places his hand into the fusion deck slot of his duel disk and closes it. "Well, it's nice to see you got rid of Gearfried. But you've gat a long way to go before you beat me." Hamtaro walked up to Blaze and took a card from his hand. "Thanks to my Necklace, I don't have to worry about this card. Hmm, Lightning Vortex, a wise pick by me."
Blaze discarded the chosen card and waited for Hamtaro to return to the opposite side of the field. "I'll set the last card in my hand and end my turn. Let's see if you can get past these two monsters of mine."
That's a pretty good setup, but I'm not too worried, I've got plenty of guys to use. There's a reason I duel with soldiers.... Hamtaro took his card. "I'll admit it, that was a very nice move, but you still are far from my game."
"Hah, you obviously don't know that I have the upper hand in this duel."
"You don't have shit, check out this move. First, I summon the Marauding Captain (1200/400), followed by Command Knight. And what I like about this is that not only have I put two monsters on the field, their effects help each other, so you can't attack any of my warriors and my monsters also get 400 ATK points (1600/400) (1600/1900)."
"Two cards face down and I'll end my turn."
Blaze took his card. "Since I don't need this, I'll just discard it. And now I'll pull from my Graveyard one of my gravebound Thunder Dragons in attack mode (1600/1500). My turn's over."
Hamtaro takes his card. "Nothing I can do here."
Blaze takes his card. "I'll set this down, your turn."
Hamtaro takes a card. "Your turn."
Blaze takes a card. "Now I'll reveal my Compulsory Evacuation device. Now return your Command Knight to you hand." Hamtaro does that. "Now it's time for the big hurt. I'll put The Creator on the attack now, this is where your life points start to drop. Thunder Dragon, attack with Shock Blast."
"Reveal Interdimensional Matter Transporter." Hamtaro's trap saved his Marauding Captain. "It pains me to do that, but at least I saved my monster."
"Yes you did, but you left your life points wide open. Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, Creator, combine your powers and damage his life points!"
Blaze's two monsters fired their attacks at Hamtaro. The force was so great, that it slammed him into the boundaries of the seal <2700>. He fell to the ground, seeming unconscious. Blaze simply laughed at Hamtaro's fallen body. "Anything you can be, I can be greater. Sooner or later, I'm greater than you, ha ha ha ha ha!"
After three and a half minutes, Hamtaro finally rose to his feet. Blaze simply looked at him. "Well now. Look at you, you actually pulled through the attack, I thought you would've lost this duel on a count of forfeit" said Blaze.
Hamtaro shook his head. "Y..you wish." said Hamtaro as he collected himself.
"Well my turn is over. You already have enough problems with three of my powerful monsters on the field. I seriously doubt that you'll be able to survive for long."
"We'll see about that." Hamtaro looked at his setup. Well, I got just under 3000 life points, four cards and nothing going for me. Hopefully I can turn things around.
Hmm... he has four cards in his hand, one of which is Command Knight, and one face down card. I pretty much have all the monster's I've had in the grave in the field. thought Blaze. All that's left are the cards that I've thrown away, and with the ability to give into my grave and summon monsters, He'll be finished in only a matter of time... I want to see how long it will take to seal his soul.
Hamtaro drew his card, and upon drawing, the Marauding Captain returned to the field. "That's a good sign. Let's see here." Hamtaro saw his card, and it looked decent. "I'll play Graceful Charity. Even rookies know how this works. Hamtaro resolved his effect, "I like that... Here we go. I'll sacrifice my Captain and I'll summon Total Defense Shogun in defense mode."
"Say what?" Hamtaro's monster appeared in the field (1550/2500). "How can you normal summon a monster in defense mode?"
"That's the power of Total Defense Shogun, you can summon him normally on the defense. Next I'll play Horn of Light, boosting my shogun's defenses by 800 points (3300 DEF). Let's see you stop this."
"Watch me." Blaze draws a card. "I'll just toss this throwaway monster and let my Creator bring new life."
"Another Thunder Dragon perhaps?"
"No, I'm bringing back the monster I discarded last turn, Sanga of Thunder (2600/2200). You can get all of the defenses that you want, but you'll never get past this onslaught of monsters. And once I draw the card to weaken your Shogun's high defenses, I'll slaughter you. But in the meantime, I'll build a wall of monsters that you will never break down. You'll be deteated and your sould will be mine, and all I have to do is wait." Blaze gave off such hysterical laughter that it made Hamtaro slightly frightened.
Despite the disturbing caclking of Blaze, Hamtaro drew his card. "I'll set this card face down and end my turn."
Blaze took his card. "I'll need this. My turn is over."
Hamtaro prepared to take his card. "Something's wrong, he should've discarded that card to summon a monster. This is bad, I'm running out of options here. This guy is pretty slick to use Thunder-type monsters... but if that card was a monster, he probably would've summoned it. So that means that that card is.... a spell. And not just any spell either, one I got rid of. Lightning Vortex. If that card in his hand is that very spell, them I'm in trouble. I have to stop him from playing that card. Well I must say, you've put up a lot of ground for me to traverse, but I don't give up at all." Hamtaro took his card. "I'll set this card face down and end my turn."
Hmm... he has three cards face down, one card in his hand and Total Defense Shogun on the feild enhanced with the Horn of Light. JUst what is he trying to do? Unfortunately for me, his defense is 3300, even more than the attack of my Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon. He's probably trying to strengthen his defenses should his Shogun fail to protect him. Blaze drew his card. "Ah, Thunder Kid. You won't help me, but I think I'll hold onto you anyway, to keep him guessing at that I'm doing. My turn's over."
Hamtaro drew his card. "Bingo. It's time I started to chip away your wall. And it begins with the Spell card, Shield & Sword. This card switches the attack and defense of all monsters on the field for a turn. I hope your ready to lose some life points." The point swap effects the field. "Now let's get rid of your platoon. Total Defense Shogun, destroy The Creator!"
Total Defense Shogun charged and slashed away The Creator. That move didn't do much damage, but it was a start <5100>. "My turn's over."
Blaze had a smirk on his face as he drew his card. "I knew he'd mess up. Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon, attack now. Super Shock Blast!" Blaze's monster attack Hamtaro's but TDS simply bats the attack with his shield. The blast hits the TTD and Blaze feels it <4600>. He then shook it off. "What the hell just happened?"
"You dumbass, your dragon's too weak to drop my shogun." Hamtaro answered.
"But.. but how, you just attacked me?"
"You should be destroyed..."
"Not really, my Shogun is in defense mode."
"That's the Joy of Total Defense Shogun, the ability to attack whilst still defending, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the game, rare and powerful. Pretty sweet deal for five stars."
"Pretty sweet rip off."
"Don't get mad because you don't know how cards work, loser."
"So you've destroyed The Creator, Look at the power I have on the field. Even if you managed to pass this, which you won't, I'll still take your soul."
"Well then, I'll have to prove you wrong." Hamtaro taked his card. "Now it's my turn to activate Lightning Vortex. Bye bye to your wall, Blaze."
Hamtaro discards his card and lightning bolts fall from the sky, taking out all of the monsters defending Blaze. "Total Defense Shogun, direct attack!"
As much as it hurt him, Blaze had to take the attack <3050>. "You're lucky I couldn't stop that." he smirked.
"You've got other things to worry about." said Hamtaro. "Make your move."
Blaze drew his card. "Now I'll play my Polymerization again. I'll fuse My Ocubeam and Mega Thunderball this time. Come forth, Kaminari Attack." Blaze's new monster took to the field (1900/1400).
"That's a nice monster, too bad it can't take out my Shogun."
"I needed him for tribute purposes, so I'll now sacrifice it."
"You don't have anything."
"No, I have Zaborg the Thunder Monarch. Come forth!"
Blaze's new monster hits the field (2400/1000). "Crud, that can do it. I forgot Zaborg is a thunder monster, one that can destroy a monster when tribute summoned."
"It's nice to know you remembered, now say goodbye to Total Defense Shogun." Blaze's Monarch destroys Hamtaro's Shogun. "Now, feel the power of Lightning Gauntlet!"
The attack from Zaborg floored Hamtaro, he got up slowly. "Man that's not cool. <300>"
"Well, our duel is almost over. My next attack will finish you and I will take your soul. So savor your last move, but don't take too long."
"Enough, I still have a chance at beating you."
"Listen to you, 'Last Hope' bullshit and everything. Shut up and draw!"
Hamtaro took his card and he was happy to see it. "I'll play, Reinforcement of the Army. This allows me to take a low level Warrior and add it from my deck to my hand." Hamtaro take his choice, then shuffles and replaces his deck. "You'll soon see my pick, but first, I'll reveal The Warrior Returning Alive spell card. This allows me to take a fallen Warrior and add it to my hand, but the one I choose is the one I'll summon. Welcome back my Marauding Captain." The Marauding Captain returns to Hamtaro's side of the field. "Welcome back, soldier. But I also have the Reinforcement to summon, it the Exiled Force." Hamtaro's new crew were summoned on the attack and ready to go (1000/1000). "Exiled force, it's time, I don't normally do this, but you guys know that hard times call for drastic measures. You guys won't go in vain."
"What are you babbling about?" Blaze questioned, his mood was impatient.
"I'm going to sacrifice my Exiled Force, Blaze. And in doing so, I can destroy one monster on the field, mainly yours. Fellas, get rid of that Monarch."
Exiled Force was sacrificed and with that, Zaborg was gone. "Marauding Captain, target his life points!" The Marauding Captain slashed Blaze with his two swords <1850>. "I'm closing the gap on your deck of thunder monsters. My turn is over."
Blaze took his card. "I'll set these cards face down. That's all I can do for now."
Hamtaro took his card. "Not so tough now, are ya? Looks like someone is losing their thunder. But now is the time to finish you off, so I'll reveal my Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy your face down card." The effects of Mystical Space Typhoon resolve. "Now it's time to summon my Goblin Attack Force (2300/0). I have to say this to you, Blaze: You really are a great duelist, you practically had me beat. But you were too cocky for your own good. Hopefully while your soul is trapped, you'll reflect on how great a duel this was. Because you made a lot of wonderful plays in this duel, that should be worth all of this. Hopefully when the day comes when you and I duel again, that our next match will be even more interesting. Marauding Captain, attack his face down monster." The Marauding Captain launched his attack.
Blaze swalled his defeated pride as he saw his face down monster destroyed. "That was my Thunder Kid... my last resort." he said softly.
"This is kinda sad in a way.... I just feel bad that I can't save him. Goblins, do your duty."
"I lost... not just the duel, but also my soul... But, it was worth it."
The Goblin Attack Force clubbed the remaining life points out of Blaze. Once his life hit zero, the effects of the duel began. "Kuh..."
"Bye-q... Blaze."
"You have a lot of resilliance... a resilliance I mistook fatally. Know that this kind of dueling can get you far, but...."
Before he could finish, he was gone. His soul trapped in the round object. Hamtaro simply took the coin into his paw. "Even a duelist like you doesn't deserve to have his soul taken from him." Hamtaro simply took Blaze's seals. You won't be needing these, unfortunately. At least now I'm in the finals thanks to this saviour of my soul. Now I must find where they're taking place to compete and go farther. Hamtaro began to walk away. "I don't know how many of you guys have been stopped, but at least we have one less Shadow to deal with. Hopefully, I can find a way to save you, Blaze. I want to duel you again...."