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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It was a stormy night at Kasumi's home. In Kasumi's room sitting on her bed in the dark, Ed and Kasumi were watching the snow covered TV.

Ed: Why?! Of all things the magically box has been knocked out of commission! Why not the lights? *Falls off bed*

Kasumi: Ed, Ed, Ed its gona ta be all right, that it will. We just need something to watch or do.

Ed: *comes up* Video games?

Kasumi: Parents are watching a movie.

Ed: THIS SUCKS! *Looks at corner of kasumi's desk* What's that pile of tapes?

Kasumi: What? Oh those, bunch of blank tapes from forever ago.

Ed: Sweet, something to watch.

=Couple hours later=

Ed: holy crap, this thing has everything!

Kasumi: This like five or six years back, that it is. Tenchi muyo, Tenchi universe, all the seasons of Sailor moon, Outlaw Star, some Bebop, and some DBZ too.

Ed: Wow! Some are almost as good as Trigun, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Inu-Yasha.

Kasumi: Yeah. So many memories *looks at the tapes all watery eyed and brings it to her chest* Yeah… memories, oh well *Tosses tape behind her*

Ed: … now what?

Kasumi: *shrugs shoulder* Dunno. *Thinks* I wish I could have Vash's glasses.

Ed: Yeah, and his coat and gun too, Heheheh! *Acts like her hand is a gun* BANG!!

Kasumi: I want Hiei's stuff! *Grins happily*

Ed: Then lets do it!

Kasumi: How?

Ed: With this! *Holds up two fingers*

Kasumi: Umm, that's your fingers.

Ed: So it is, so it is. Okay this! *Points*

Kasumi: *looks* That's my wall.

Ed: Right, *points to the right of that* How bout this!

Kasumi: Your bag?

Ed: That's right! My endless bag of…stuff!

Kasumi: Alrightly then. What's in your endless bag of… stuff?

Ed: *Runs over to bag* This! *Pulls out a 8 ball*

Kasumi: It's an 8 ball, what's so special about that?

Ed: It's not just an 8 ball! *Pushes ball in Kasumi's face* It's the magic dimensional 8 ball of magic! *Thunder strikes outside*

Kasumi: That's sweet; get it out of my face.

Ed: Kay! *Gets ball out of Kasumi's face* Lets go!

Kasumi: But first, I want this room cleaned and I want to change.

Ed: Neat freak!

Kasumi: Thanks. ^_^ I like a clean room, that I do.

Ed: *sigh* Fine…but hurry up!

=Few mins later=

Kasumi: That wasn't so long now was it?

Ed: Shut up.

Kasumi: And don't you think it was a good idea for new clothes too? ^_^ *Tugs on red vest*

Ed: Yes. *Wearing a black shirt that has "People are Strange" in red letters, baggy blue jeans, and black steel tipped boots. *

Kasumi: *Wearing a red vest over a fishnet T-shirt and a black mini skirt. Lower arms and legs in bandages and black sandals on her feet. Hair is up in pigtails, with some hair in front of her ears* Okay now, lets go!

Ed: Finally! *Shakes ball* Magic dimensional 8 ball of magic take us to… um Trigun!

Magic dimensional 8 ball of magic: ask again later.

Kasumi: What? Are you doing something now?! *Grabs ball from Ed and shakes the hell out of it* Now take us to Trigun!

Magic dimensional 8 ball of magic: @_@ Yes it will probably happen.

Ed: That's right Bitch! *Grins*

In a big flash, the two friends disappear from the room.


Kasumi and Ed were flying in a weird space-time continuum… thing, with people playing pool.


Ed: Oh Butt monkeys!

Kasumi: Hey, chips! *Grabs bowl one from pool table*

Random guy: Hey my chips!

Kasumi: Whoops, sorry. *Throws bowl back to random guy*

Random guy: *Gets hit by the bowl* Ow!

Kasumi: Sorry, again

Ed: *laughs* dumb spoot!

Random guy: *Shakes fist*

Ed and Kasumi: *Gets sucked into a mini hole*

= Trigun, some dessert=

Ed and Kasumi: *falls*

Ed: *lands on feet* That was weird.

Kasumi: *head is in sand* hep! Im huk!

Ed: Hold on Kasumi. *Pulls her out* Come on, lets get to a town.

Kasumi: Damn it's hot, like Florida hot.

Kasumi and Ed started to a town, not knowing who or what they will encounter. Vash and the gang are in town, but how will they get the stuff they want?