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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Kasumi and Ed were walking though the hot, hot desert. They could see a town a mile away.

Ed: Dude, haha, I can see a town.

Kasumi: Yes, about time. Man, I wish I didn't have them chips.

Ed: Damn it's hot.

Kasumi: Yeah, Florida hot, that it is.

Ed: No Desert hot.

Kasumi: Naw, Florida.

Ed: But the Desert is hotter.

Kasumi: So? I like Florida better, that I do.

Ed and Kasumi continue to argue with each other about the heat, not noticing they were in town. On the other side of town Vash and his gang were just coming into town too.

Ed: A state can't be more hotter then a desert!

Kasumi: SO?! I like Flori-VASH!!!!!

Vash: *On the other side of the street* eh, me? *Points to himself*

Kasumi: AH~ *Runs at Vash*

Vash: O_o *Trys to get away, but Kasumi has him pinned on the ground* AH!!

Kasumi: Vashy, Vashy, Vash!! *Holds on to Vash's waist*

Wolfwood, Millie, and Meyrl: O_o

Ed: Bad Kasumi! Let go of his waist!

Kasumi: Kay *Goes to Vash's back*

Vash: *Springs up and is holding himself* Whoa! She can't touch me there.

Kasumi: *Grins happily* Heheheh.

Ed: *Brings out rolled newspaper* Bad Kasumi! Get off him! *Starts thwacking the hell out of Kasumi until she falls off*

Kasumi: Ow, ow, ow, ow! @_@ Stop!

Ed: NO! *Keeps thwacking Kasumi*

Kasumi: Ow stop thwacking me its really painful!

Ed: *Stops for a moment* You know what I just realized? This is FUN! *Thwacks harder then before*

Wolfwood: hey, hey she doesn't deserve that.

Ed: That maybe so but its fun!

Vash: *Grabs Ed's arm* Hey now, violent isn't the answer.

Ed: Yes it is. It always is.

Kasumi: *Goes behind Vash* Yeah! It isn't the answer, that it isn't.

Vash: How did you get back there?

Ed: Fine! *Throws newspaper behind her back*

Kasumi: *Grabs Vash from behind* Thank you, thank you, thank you Vash-sama!

Vash: Ummm, you're welcome.

Ed: And they call ME the crazy one?

Kasumi: HN! As a reward for your deed can I buy you and your friends a drink?

Ed: Wait a minuet… I'm the one that's got the money.

Kasumi: Yoink! *Holds money up*

Ed: Thief!!

Kasumi: *To Ed* :p *Back to Vash* Oh, come on.

Vash: Well, can't turn down a pretty lady.

Meyrl: But Vash, you don't even know this woman!

Millie: I want a drink!

Meyrl: -_-;

Kasumi: heheh, three against one. Tough luck Meyrl. Lets go Vash-Sama! *Drags Vash to the closest bar*

Meyrl: Hey wait a minute, how did you know my name?

Ed: *Gets all dark* We know all.

Meyrl: What the hell?

Kasumi: Come on slow pokes!

=A couple hours later in the bar=

Kasumi: *pretty drunk* Hey a Vashy ashy, can I have your glasses?

Vash: *drunk but still a bit sober* Sure. ^_^

Kasumi: Sweet! *Puts them on* Thanks!

Vash: No prob.

Kasumi: Can I have your coat now too?

Vash: I don't know. Uhhhhh…. How bout a trade?

Wolfwood: *half sober* You think that's a good idea?

Millie: *completely drunk* Who cares as long as the drinks keep coming!

Ed: *Also completely drunk* Hey! *Reaches in the endless bag of… stuff* Here, I'll trade ya that for this! *Red flower seeds*

Vash: *Grabs pouch full of seeds* I don't believe it! Rem's favorite flower… in a pouch. Thank you! *Starts crying*

Wolfwood: But how the hell ya gona grow them on this dust ball?

Kasumi: Simple! With sunshine, dirt and some water.

Meyrl: *Hasn't even taken a sip* Hello! How the hell are we going to get extra water for a stupid plant?!

Ed: You still here?

Millie: I don't know where to find dirt. *Takes a big gulp of her drink*

Kasumi: *Goes into her sack that's on her back* Ummm, the answer, that it is! *Puts out bottled water and a planting pot with dirt in it*

Vash: *stops crying* Thank you! *Grabs water and pot from Kasumi*

Ed: So can I have your coat now?

Vash: Kay *Takes off coat and gives it to Ed*

Ed: YAY!! *Puts it in the endless bag of… stuff*

Wolfwood: *lights a cigarette* That's a bad deal.

Mille: You shouldn't smoke, its bad for you.

Ed: Yeah *Takes cigarettes from his pockets and mouth*

Wolfwood: NOOOOOO!! Give it back!

Ed: Nope! *Runs to the bathroom*

Wolfwood: What are you planning on doing in there?

Ed: This *Drops all the cigarettes in the toilet but one*

Wolfwood: O.O ….

Mille: *Clapping hands together* YAY!

Wolfwood: No yays!

Ed: *Takes a bow* Thank you

Wolfwood: No thank yous!

Ed: Don't worry I still have one *Shows him the last cigarette*

Wolfwood: Give! *Reaches for it*

Ed: *Takes out lighter and lights the last cigarette*

Wolfwood: heh, thanks

Ed: *Starts smoking it*

Wolfwood: O.o NOOOOOOOOOO~

Kasumi: Ed, I didn't know you smoked!

Ed: I don't. *Starts hacking* Ew, this is disusing. How the hell do you smoke this? *Drops it into the toilet and flushes them down the drain*

Wolfwood: *Starts crying his eyes out* WHY?!?!

Meyrl: This is sad I'm leaving. Millie are you coming with me?

Millie: Whoo! More drinks! *Takes a big gulp and falls over*

Meyrl: *sigh* never mind

Kasumi: Oi Meyrl-san, come and have just one little dinky-poo with us, come on.

Vash: Yeah, come on!

Meyrl: No, I'd rather keep my mind thank you!

Kasumi: Meh, her lost. *Looks at Wolfwood*

Wolfwood: *Still crying*

Kasumi: Right… Another round!

=The next day, still in the bar=

Kasumi: *First to wake up* Ouch my head. *Looks around* hmm

Vash: z_z *Still sleeping against the wall*

Wolfwood: z_z *A sleep and holding his cross in the middle of the floor*

Millie: z_z *Sleeping behind Wolfwood*

Ed: z_z *sleeping on the floor by the stools

Kasumi: Ed. *nudges Ed with her foot*

Ed: *In sleep* Kurama…

Kasumi: Figures, *sigh* Ed, Kurama is here.

Ed: *Smiles* heheh… Kurama.

Kasumi: Okay. The last resort: Kurama is a gay Marry Pippins who sucks at singing.

Ed: *Gets up* >_<# WHAT!!!!! *Starts choking the life out of Kasumi* NO ONE TALKS THAT WAY ABOUT KURAMA!!!!!

Kasumi: *choking* Glad your up. *Gasp* I'm sorry.

Ed: *still mad* Say it then and I'll stop!

Kasumi: Kay. *Gasp, gasp, wheeze* Kurama is the best and could kick Hiei's ass any day.

Ed: *Smiles* Gooooood.

Kasumi: Hey, they're still asleep, that they are.


Kasumi: ssshhhh! *Whisper* Not so loud. Okay, but be careful about Meyrl. She didn't drink last night.

Ed: *Whisper* Right.

Kasumi: *Walks over to Wolfwood* I'll be takin' your Cross now, that I will. *Gently gets cross from Wolfwood's strong grip*

Ed: Gun, gun, gun! *Jumps beside Vash's sleeping form* Thank you. *Grabs his gun*

Kasumi: Is that all? *Wearing Vash's glasses and has Wolfwood's cross behind her back*

Ed: Yeah, that's it. *Twirling Vash's gun*

Kasumi: *Takes out sticky note and pencil* Oh before I forget. *Writes something and then puts sticky note on Vash's forehead* We may go now, that we can.

Ed: What you say?

Kasumi: It doesn't really matter.

Kasumi and Ed: *Walk out of the bar*

=Outside the Bar=

Meyrl: Ha! I caught you two little thieves.

Ed: Don't be a Bitch, damnit.

Kasumi: Please get out of our way or I'll be force to do something I have always wanted to do, that I will.

Meyrl: I wouldn't let you do this *Puts arms out to block Ed and Kasumi from getting away*

Kasumi: *Sigh* Please forgive me. *Punches Meyrl in the gut*

Meyrl: *Falls back*

Kasumi: *All mad like* You don't deserve Vash, that ya don't!

Ed: You done?

Kasumi: *Normally* Yes.

Ed: So where you want to go?

Kasumi: I know! Inu-Yasha!

Ed: *Takes out the magical dimensional 8 ball of magic* Oh magical dimensional 8 ball of magic take us to Inu-Yasha!

Magical dimensional 8 ball of magic: Yes

Kasumi and Ed: *In a flash are gone*

Meyrl: What the? *Gets up and goes into the bar*

=Inside the bar=

Meyrl: Vash, Millie, Mr. Wolfwood get up! We've been robbed!

Wolfwood: uh, what? Hey my cross is gone!

Millie: What do you mean Meyrl?

Meyrl: Those two women took our stuff.

Vash: AH! I can't see! Everything is yellow!

Wolfwood: Vash, what's that on your head?

Meyrl: Let me see *Rips off the sticky note*

Millie: What's it say?

Meyrl: *Reads it over and over again* ER! I don't believe it!

Wolfwood: Does it say why they did it?

Meyrl: NO! *Gives Vash the note and stomps away*

Wolfwood: Read it, for god's sake!

Vash: Hmm *Reads*

Sticky note: Dear Vash-sama,

Thanks for your stuff and for the wonderful night we had. I hope you don't mind we did this. Also we left the bill with you guys. I promise to pay ya back, if we ever cross your path again. Hope you like your new flower.

Signed, Kasumi Koorime and friend

P.S: Disclaimer- We do not own Trigun ^_^V

Wolfwood: We do not own Trigun? What does that mean?!

Vash: I don't know. Meyrl, did they tell you where they were going?

Meyrl: Yeah, some place called Inu-Yasha.

Vash: I've never heard of a place called that.

Mille: Well, I've never heard of two girls like them before, so I guess it goes together.