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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

=Inu-Yasha, Present time @ the shrine=

Ed and Kasumi: *In a flash come in*

Kasumi: *Has a pool stick broken over her head* How was I gona know they didn't like the way I talk?

Ed: Then maybe, you shouldn't talk like that then.

Kasumi: Yeah. Fine, but when I see Kenshin I have to mimic him!

Ed: Where are we, this doesn't look like Feudal Japan?

Kasumi: Maybe it isn't.

Ed: I don't know.

Hojo: Excuse me, but have you seen Kagome?

Ed and Kasumi: Its Hobo!

Hojo: Um, it's Hojo actually.

Ed: Like we said Hobo

Kasumi: Do you know where we are?

Kagome's Grandpa: Be gone evil demons!!! *Throws wards at Ed*

Ed: *Catches wards and crumbs them up* You have problems old man!

Kasumi: Not as many as you do.

Ed: No one asked you for your opinion!

Kasumi: Whatever. Do you know where we can find Kagome?

Kagome's Grandpa: Um, she's in the hospital. She has… malaria.

Hojo: Oh she's sick again I see. *Sigh* Oh well, can you tell her I'll see her in school?

Ed and Kasumi: *Looks at each other and then back to Kagome's Grandpa* Where's the well?

Kagome's Grandpa: *Points* Over there.

Kasumi: Thank you.

Ed: Before we go. *Looks at Hojo* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH- Loser! Heh, stupid Hobo.

Hojo: Its Hojo! NOT HOBO, BUT HOJO!!

Kagome's Grandpa: Oh shut up Hobo.

=At the Well=

Kasumi: So, How we goin' ta get there with out a jewel shard?

Ed: *Goes into her endless bag of…stuff* With this! *Brings out a candle*

Kasumi: What's that?

Ed: The smelly candle of time!

Kasumi: How's it work?

Ed: Light it, think of a time, blow it out and boom your there!

Kasumi Wow.

Ed: *Lights candle*

Smelly candle of time: *Lights up and then blows out*

Ed and Kasumi: *Blows out of this time period like the flame did*

=In the Well, Feudal Japan=

Ed and Kasumi: *Appear*

Kasumi: *Holds nose* Eww, time has a real funky stink to it.

Ed: That's why it's called: The smelly candle of time.

Kagome: *outside the well* SIT!!!

Inu-Yasha: *BAM* What ya do that for?!

Ed and Kasumi: *Looks up to see Kagome and Inu-Yasha fighting, again*

Kasumi: Before we try and take stuff, I have to do it.

Ed: Yeah same. It's killing me.

Inu-Yasha: I smell demons near by. *Sniffs the air* They're in there! *Points to well* Come out here now!

Kasumi: I think they know where we are.

Ed: Yep.

Inu-Yasha: I said come out damnit!

Ed and Kasumi: *Pops out and waves* HI

Inu-Yasha: Hm, two girls?

Miroku: Two girls. *Grins*

Ed and Kasumi: *Runs over to Inu-Yasha and starts rubbing his ears*

Inu-Yasha: *Eye starts twitching* ERRRRRR~

Ed and Kasumi: *Stop*

Ed: Okay it's out of my system.

Kasumi: Same.

Kagome: Who are you two?

Ed: People!

Sango: Do you have a name?

Kasumi: Yes, of course we do. This is my pal Ed.

Ed: *Eyeing Shippo and Kirara* Yeah.

Inu-Yasha: Ed? What kinda name is that?

Kasumi: Its short for Edward. I think its English.

Ed: Well, What Kinda name is Inu-Yasha?

Inu-Yasha: It's my name!

Ed: *Gets into Inu-Yasha's face* Well then the same here, so Ed is Ed and Inu-Yasha is Inu-Yasha!

Kasumi: What a mouth full.

Sango: How did you know his name?

Ed: *Pushes Inu-Yasha down and gets all dark* we know EEP!

Kagome: You know eep?

Kasumi: I think she means "all". She says that all the time.

Miroku: *Has his hand on Ed's butt* ^_^

Ed: Get the hell off me!!!! *Smacks Miroku*

Miroku: Ow that hurt *rubs face*

Sango: You deserve it too, you pervert!

Kagome: Yeah!

Kasumi: I don't get it.

Ed: Who the hell do you think you are?

Miroku: I'm so sorry for my forwardness, but its just you're so beautiful. Can I ask you a question?

Kagome: Here it comes

Ed: No you can't.

Miroku: *Didn't listen* Good. *Grabs Ed's hands* Will you bear me a child?

Ed: *Looks at him for along time* HAHAHAHAHA-hell no! *Takes back her hands* Not just no, but hell no!

Miroku: *sigh* Oh well.

Ed: *Goes over to Sango and takes her big boomerang and smacks Miroku with it*

Miroku: @_@ Ouch….

Sango: What are you doing?! That's mine!!!

Ed: *Shoves Sango's boomerang into the endless bag of… stuff* What's yours?

Sango: Where did it go? *Looks around Ed* I-Its gone. *Turns back to Kagome* Where my boomar-KIRARA?! Where's Kirara?!

Ed: *Whistles innocently with and hands behind her back*

Kagome: She was standing next to Shippo before. *Looks down to Shippo* Shippo? Now Shippo is gone too!

Miroku: *Gets back up* Ouch that hurt. *Looks at Kasumi standing by herself*

Kasumi: I wonder where they went? *Looks at Ed*

Miroku: *Inches closer to Kasumi*

Ed: What? Why are you giving me that look?

Miroku: *Inches even more closer*

Kasumi: *Crosses her arms* What look? I'm not looking at you in anyway.

Miroku: *Ever so much closer*

Ed: Yes you are; you do it all the time.

Miroku: *Standing right beside Kasumi*

Kasumi: Well-HN?! O.o Something is touching me!

Miroku: *Patting Kasumi's butt* ^_^

Ed: *Glares at Miroku*

Kasumi: *Notices Ed's glare and looks to Miroku* Can I… *looks down to his hand on her butt* help you?

Inu-Yasha: Here we go again.

Miroku: Yes, yes you can. *Grabs Kasumi's hands* Will you bear me a child?

Kasumi: *looks at him and tilts her head in confusion* Bear…Child?

Miroku: *nods* Yep. *Get ready to be hit*

Kagome: I'll get the first aid kit.

Kasumi: *blinks a couple time* um… If you want, sure. Yeah Okay.

Miroku: Oh I-hold on just a second, did you say…yes?

Kasumi: Yeah I did, I don't mind a bear child.

Inu-Yasha, Kagome, and Sango: O.O

Miroku: I'm so happy! *Starts doing the happy dance*

Kagome: I can't believe it!

Inu-Yasha: I Think pigs are going to start flying.

Sango: O.O

Ed: Kasumi! I don't believe you said yes, you dumbass!

Kasumi: Why? It doesn't seem hard. I'll get Miroku-san a bear child.

Ed: Hold on, did you just? We'll talk later.

Miroku: *Stops dancing* It's the best day of my life!

Kasumi: Wow, he really wants that bear child.

Miroku: *Grabs Kasumi and pulls her up to his body* I'm sure that the child will carry out the family mission.

Kasumi: Um, yeah, same here. Can I have your big long staff, now? *Looks at Miroku's shakujou (Staff)*

Miroku: I love the way you think. We should get started right away. ^_^ *Starts feeling her up*

Ed: She didn't mean that! *Grabs his shakujou and starts thwacking him*

Kasumi: That has ta hurt.

Sango: O.O

Miroku: @_@ Ahhh stop. Please. Mercy!

Kagome: I sense a jewel shard!

Everyone but Ed who's still thwacking Miroku: *Looks at Kagome*

Kagome: Its coming closer.

Bushes: *Shake, shake, rustle*

Kagome: *Goes for her bow and arrows* Hey, my arrows and bow are gone.

Kasumi: Man, everyone is losing something.

Bushes: *Kikyo comes out*

Kagome: Kikyo has a jewel shard.

Inu-Yasha: K-Kikyo? Wh-what are you doing here?

Kikyo: I'm here to kill you Inu-Yasha!

Kasumi: You mean again?

Kikyo: Yes again. *Thinks for a moment* Shut up!

Kasumi: Dude. Kikyo, No need to get all mad and try to take Inu-Yasha to hell with ya, again. I mean you tried to kill him…*Counts fingers thinking* um like three times. This number four, so give it a rest.

Kikyo: How did you know that?

Ed: *Stops thwacking the bloody Miroku and gets all dark* We know all. *Notices its Kikyo* Evil Bitch must DIE!!!

Inu-Yasha: No don't hurt her!

Kagome: You still love her?!

Inu-Yasha: No, I love you Kikyo, I mean Keiko, I mean Kagome.

Kagome: Where the hell did you get "Keiko" from?

Kasumi: They're all K names.

Ed: Because he's an idiot! *Takes out Vash's gun* Now to take out another idiot.

Inu-Yasha: NO!!

Kagome: Stop defending her!

Kasumi: No Ed, don't shoot her!

Ed: What?! You of all people should be backing me over here!

Kasumi: Oh, I do. It just that, I want the evil Clay Bitch for my wall!

Ed: No! She's mine to kill!

Kasumi: *Runs over to Inu-Yasha and takes Tetsusaiga sheath and sword*

Tetsusaiga: *Taken out of the sheath and transforms*

Kagome: Now how is that possible?

Kasumi: Who cares? *Runs over to Kikyo and cuts off her arms and leg. Careful not to get blood on her miko outfit*

Kikyo: AH~

Ed: *Runs over to Kasumi* She has a jewel shard like Kagome said! *Takes Kikyo's jewel shard*

Jewel Shard: *Becomes all evil and warped*

Kagome: I've never seen a jewel shard become so evil in a short time.

Kasumi: Let me see it. *Takes shard from Ed*

Jewel Shard: *Becomes Purified at Kasumi's touch*

Kasumi: Cool.

Ed: Sweet lets take it.

Kasumi: Yeah, now let me celebrate. YAY! The evil clay bitch is mine! Lets bake her!

Inu-Yasha: NOOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kasumi: What? You want ta melt her?

Ed: Here give her to me and I'll put her in my bag.

Kasumi: Kay *Gives her Kikyo*

Ed: *Puts Kikyo in her endless bag of…stuff*

Kasumi: Well, that's all I guess.

Ed: Yeah. Well see ya guys around.

Kasumi: *Bows* Thank you for the souvenirs. I'll come and see ya all again and Miroku-san, I promise I'll get you a bear child.

Ed and Kasumi: *Jump down the well*

Miroku: @_@ *Out cold from the Ed attack*

Kagome: Sango, are you going to be okay?

Sango: O.O *Still in shock*

=Back in the Present=

Ed: That was fun!

Kasumi: Yeah, but now I have to get Miroku a bear child.

Ed: Um, I don't think he meant that.

Kasumi: Your right… he wanted a cub!

Ed: *Shakes her head* You're so stupid.

Kasumi: Shut up! So where to next?

Ed: *Takes out 8 ball* Lets go to an old one this time.

Kasumi: *Raises hand and starts hopping up and down* Oooo!!!

Ed: *Points* Yes, you in the front.

Kasumi: Lets go see Tenchi-san!

Ed: Which one?

Kasumi: I don't care as long as we don't go to Tenchi in Tokyo. I hated that one. The drawing sucked.

Ed: Okay. How bout the first one, Tenchi something?

Kasumi: Kay! To Tenchi Muyo we go!

Ed: Oh magical 8 ball of magic take us to Tenchi

Magical 8 ball of magic: Which one? I mean, it isn't certain.

Kasumi: *Sigh* Oh magical 8 ball of magic take us to Tenchi Muyo!

Magical 8 ball of magic: I'm certain

Ed and Kasumi: *Are gone in another flash=