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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

=Tenchi, bottom of the shrine steps. Later afternoon=

Ed and Kasumi: =Come in=

Kasumi: We're here!

Ed: Where's the house?

Kasumi: *Looks up* I think its up these stairs.

Ed: Damn that's far up.

Kasumi: All great Journeys begin with a single step.

Ed: *Goes into endless bag of… stuff and brings out shakujou * Shut up! *Smacks Kasumi over the head and puts shakujou back*

Kasumi: *Holds head* OW!

Ed: Lets go stupid.

Kasumi: My head, my brain!

Ed: What brain?

Kasumi: -_- Bitch!

=10 minutes and countless stairs later=

Ed: *Crawling up stairs* It doesn't end!

Kasumi: Ed, you're on the last few steps.

Ed: That's not the point! *Lays down like she's dead*

Kasumi: *Yanks Ed up*

Tenchi: Hello, and welcome to the Masaki shrine.

Kasumi: *bows and smiles* Hi Tenchi-san.

Ed: *Grins* `Ello jello!

Tenchi: Are you here to pay respects?

Ed: Dude, I'm too poor to pay attention.

Kasumi: We're here lookin' for stuff to take back as souvenirs.

Tenchi: Souvenirs? Are you guys from a different country?

Kasumi: You can say that. We're from the U.S.

Tenchi: Oh, well I hope you enjoy your stay in Japan.

Kasumi: Thanks.

Ryoko: *Appears behind him* Tenchi!! *Sees Ed and Kasumi* Who the hell are you two?

Ed: I'm you. You are I!

Ryoko: Hn?

Kasumi: Sorry, she hasn't taken her medicine.

Ed: You're right! I'll take it now! *Goes into endless bag of…stuff and takes out something* sticks! *Eats all of them at once*

Kasumi: Man, I was only kidding!

Ed: *Goes into sugar high mode* The Monkeys who run the workshop in my brain!!! *Disappears into the woods*

Ryoko: What the hell was that?

Kasumi: Crap, she's on the loose!

Ryoko: What are you her keeper?

Kasumi: For the most part, Ryoko.

Tenchi: Hey, you knew my name before I told you, and now Ryoko.

Ed: *Jumps out* We know all!! *Shakes fist at trees* Shut up ya damn bastards!

Ryoko: Who are you yelling at?

Ed: The trees are after me!

Tree: …

Ed: Yes you are!

Tree: *Leaf falls off and lands on Ed's head*

Ed: I'm under attack!!!!! *Takes out Vash's gun and shoots the tree down*

Tree: x_x *Lands on Kasumi's head*

Kasumi: Why does everything have to land on my head?! *Shoves it off*

Ed: Now I must go, WHOOSH!!! *Does a super hero pose and dashes off back into the woods*

Tenchi: How long is she going to be like that?

Kasumi: Until she crashes, I guess. Can I go to your house; it's getting pretty dark now?

Tenchi: Sure. I don't mind at all.

Kasumi: Thank you. I'm getting knida hungry. Do you have anything for dinner?

Tenchi: Yeah, Sasami makes dinner. She's a great cook.

=Masaki house=

Sasami: Hello Tenchi welcome home. *Looks at Kasumi* Who's this girl you're with?

Tenchi: Um, I don't know. I never got her name.

Ryoko: I can't believe you're taking in another freeloader.

Kasumi: Hn, My name is Kasumi Koorime. I had a friend here with me, but she ran off into the woods.

Ryoko: You mean she went crazy!

Kasumi: That too. Her name is Ed.

Tenchi: I thought you where from the United States.

Kasumi: I am.

Tenchi: Well, `Kasumi' doesn't sound very American and isn't Ed a male name?

Kasumi: Ed is a guy's name but that's her name, and Kasumi is my name. That's the way it is.

Sasami: Well, Dinner will be ready in an hour.

=Living room=

Kasumi: *Slurping a soda*

Tenchi: *Drinking tea*

Ryoko and Ayeka: *Staring at Kasumi to make sure she doesn't make any moves for Tenchi*

Kasumi: …

Tenchi: …

Ryoko: …


Washu: Tenchi! You will not believe it! A dimensional ripe in the space-time continuum happened an hour or two ago. According to this two humanoid forms came out of it! Isn't it great?! I have to caught them and study them!

Kasumi: O_o What?! You aren't touching me!

Washu: A-H, you're one of the humanoids! Get away from my genie pig!

Tenchi: *shuffles away*

Washu: Now, stay still and let Washu, the universe's greatest genus, study what makes you tick! *Jumps for Kasumi*

Kasumi: AHHHHHHHHH!!! *Ducks* Hey, you almost spilled my soda little Washu!

Sasami: *Runs into the living room* Tenchi help us!

Mihoshi: *Behind Sasami* Make her stop!

Ryo-oh-ki: *Behind Mihoshi* Meow merow!

Ed: *Chasing them* MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kasumi: I can stop her.

Mihoshi: How? HOOOOOWWWWWWW?! *Hugs Kasumi in the tightest hug ever*

Kasumi: ACK! Too tight! Can b-breath! AIR! *Turning blue*

Washu: *Hits Mihoshi over the head* Let go of her! I need her alive to study her!

Mihoshi: Oh sorry *Lets go*

Kasumi: *Gasps for air* Sweet H2O! Now give me your cube thingy.

Mihoshi: *Hands Kasumi the cube* Here you go.

Kasumi: Now give me the cabbit.

Sasami: Okay but don't hurt poor Ryo-Chan. *Gives Kasumi Ryo-oh-ki*

Kasumi: Don't worry, I wouldn't. Can't say the same thing about Ed. *Holds Ryo-oh-ki and the cube in front of her*

Ed: *Runs right up to Kasumi* MINE!!! *Puts Ryo-oh-ki and the cube in the endless bag of…stuff* Whoo!

Sasami: RYO-CHAN! *Starts crying*

Azaka and Kamidake: Princess please be careful around this woman. Ed: Who the hell are they? I don't remember them.

Kasumi: You don't? These two logs are Ayeka's Juraian guardians and servants. They're usually assigned a variety of tedious chores, from beheading and torture, through to nappy drying.

Ed: What?

Ayeka: How did you know that?

Ed: *Gets all dark like* We know all! They are part of the bastard trees out to get me and all I know is that means they're firewood! *Takes out Vash's gun and shoots*

Vash's gun: *Click click*

Ed: AAHHH NO! It's broken!

Kasumi: Or you're out of bullets.

Ed: No one asked you! *Goes into the endless bag of …stuff* Found it!!!! *Pulls out flamethrower* DIE!!!!!

Azaka and Kamidake: *Goes up into flames*

Ayeka: NO! *Starts crying on the ground*

Ed: Hey we can cook the evil clay bitch now!

Kasumi: Naw, when we get home.

Ed: Fine. Smores! *Takes out marshmallow on a stick and roasts it*

Ryoko: Good idea *Joins Ed*

Ed: You know what? I don't have a sword. Lets go back to Inu-Yasha and take Lord Fluffy's swords! *Looks at Washu* Mine!

Washu: What is?

Kasumi: She wants your bow and slippers.

Ed: Crab head must give!

Washu: I am not a crab head.

Kasumi: I have nothing to say.

Washu: You agree with her?!

Ed: *Jumps on Washu* Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!!!!!! *Takes Washu's hair bow and Ryo-oh-ki slippers* I got them!!!!

Washu: You are disturbing!

Ed: *Starts dancing* WHOOOOOO- *Falls on knees but still keeps dancing* ooooooo *Falls down and sleeps* ZZZZzzzzzzzzz……… z_z

Kasumi: And that's the crash. *Throws Ed over her shoulder* She'll sleep well tonight. *Looks at the site*

Sasami and Ayeka: *Crying a river*

Washu: *Gone crazy(er)*

Azaka and Kamidake: *Still in flames*

Ryoko: *Cooking marshmallow over the flamed Azaka and Kamidake

Mihoshi: *Being Mihoshi*

Tenchi: *Looks at the site with Kasumi*

Kasumi: What a great afternoon. *Takes out camera* Say cheese!

Everyone: *Looks normal for a minute*

Kasumi: *Takes picture* There, perfected. Thanks.

Everyone: *Goes back into their hell*

Kasumi: Come on Ed lets go back to Inu-Yasha.

Ed: Meh… Monkey….Damn trees!! z_z

Kasumi: *Takes out Magical Dimensional 8 ball of magic* Oh Magical Dimensional 8 ball of magic take us… me to Inu-Yasha!

Magical Dimensional 8 ball of magic: Whatever you want. Ed and Kasumi: *Out in a flash*

Tenchi: Well, I guess there is no need for Tenchi. Sheesh and I'm the main character? I'm going to bed.