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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

=Inu-Yasha, late night=

Kasumi: *Comes into a clearing with Ed still a sleep on her back* Man you're getting heavy! *Tosses Ed to the ground next to a tree*

Ed: z_z monkeys…attack my minions'…stupid trees…

Kasumi: Wish I could sleep that peacefully *plops down next to Ed and leans on the tree* I'm still hungry too.

Rin: Lord Sesshomaru please wait for me.

Jaken: Yes my lord, please slow down.

Kasumi: Hn, what great timing.

Sesshomaru: *Walks into clearing*

Kasumi: Hey Sessy-sama!

Sesshomaru: Don't call me that!

Kasumi: Okay then. Hey Fluffy-sama!

Sesshomaru: Don't call me that either, wench!

Kasumi: Hey its either Fluffy or Sessy your choice.

Sesshomaru: I'm not Sessy nor I'm I Fluffy. I am the lord of the west, Sesshomaru!

Kasumi: Sessy it is.

Rin and Jaken: *Comes in, out of breath*

Kasumi: Hey Jaken, Rin.

Rin: How did you know my name?

Ed: *Gets up and goes all dark like* We know all!

Kasumi: Morning sleeping Beautiful.

Ed: *Sees Sesshomaru* LORD FLUFFY!!!

Sesshomaru: I'm not fluffy!

Kasumi: *Stands up* Then what's that thing on your shoulder?

Ed: It's a tail!

Kasumi: No it isn't and I'll prove it! *Goes over to Shessomaru and yanks off his fluffy thing-y*

Jaken: I can't believe you took that from Lord Flu-I mean Shessomaru.

Sesshomaru: I feel so naked with out it!

Rin: Oh my *Covers her eyes*

Jaken: I'll dispose of these human girls for you ma lord. *Uses the staff of Heads and attacks*

Ed and Kasumi: *Step to the side avoiding the attack*

Ed: Miss me! :p

Kasumi: I've had enough of you. *Takes out Tetsusaiga*

Sesshomaru: You have the Tetsusaiga!

Kasumi: Yeah so? I stole it from Inu-Yasha.

Sesshomaru: You stole it?

Kasumi: Yes. Oh yeah, Give us your Toukijin and Tensaiga

Sesshomaru: I will not give it to a wench like you!

Kasumi: *Puts Tetsusaiga away in the sheath, on her side* hmmmm, *Takes out camera* Say cheese!

Sesshomaru: Cheese?

Rin: Cheese!!

Kasumi: *Takes picture with the flash on*

Rin: Magical light!

Jaken: @_@ look at all the dots.

Sesshomaru: MY EYES!!! IT BURNS!!! I'M BLIND!!! *Falls to the ground*

Ed: Wow, didn't see that coming.

Rin: Ma Lord! *Runs over to him*

Ed: *Gets in front of Rin* Hold on. Don't worry he's fine.

Rin: Are you sure? *Looks at Sesshomaru*

Sesshomaru: *Rolling around the ground screaming with his eyes watering*

Rin: He's crying.

Sesshomaru: No I'm not. OH Gods it burns!

Ed: Of course I'm sure. Here's ten bucks get out of here. Go buy yourself something pretty

Rin: YAY MONEY!!! *Snatches it from Ed's grasp*

Sesshomaru: No, Rin, DON'T!!!

Rin: *Isn't listening* I want a new dress and shoes and hair band and a pony….

Sesshomaru: Rin don't leave me!

Rin: But she gave me money ma lord. *Runs off*

Sesshomaru: I can't believe she just did that. *Trys to get up*

Kasumi: Cheese! *Takes another picture with the flash on, again*

Sesshomaru: AAAAAAHHHHHH MY EYES!!! *Falls back down crying*

Ed: *Gets over to Sesshomaru and takes Toukijin and Tensaiga* It's mine! Oh you can have Tensaiga, I don't want a piece of crap sword that heals people *Tosses Kasumi Tensaiga*

Kasumi: *Catches Tensaiga* Thanks *Puts it on her left side*

Jaken: You two are pure evil! Look at poor Lord Sesshomaru! *Points to Sesshomaru*

Sesshomaru: MY EYES STILL BURN!!

Ed: So? I'll hurt you now!

Jaken: Why?!

Ed: Just cause. *Takes the staff of heads, and starts thwacking Jaken*

Kasumi: I feel sorry for you.

Jaken: @_@ help….me… *Dies* x_x

Kasumi: Now look at what ya did! You've gone and kill him!

Ed: So?

Kasumi: I don't know. It's just wrong to kill…sometimes.

Ed: Whatever! *Looks down at the lifeless Jaken* Heheheh frog

Kasumi: No it: "Stupid toad".

Ed: I know what I'm talking about!

Inu-Yasha: *In a distance away from the clearing* I think I hear something over here!

Ed: Great dog boy is coming.

Kasumi: That means Miroku-san will be with him!

Ed: Are you getting attached to him?

Kasumi: No, Its just I haven't been looking for that bear child like I said I would. I'm so bad!

Ed: You're kidding me!

Inu-Yasha: *Comes in with the gang* Hey its those girls again!

Miroku: She's back! WHOO!! *Starts dancing*

Kagome: What are you two doing out here in the dark? *Trips over Sesshomaru*

Inu-Yasha: What's Sesshomaru doing here?!

Sesshomaru: *Gets up* Look at all the dots.

Kasumi: Say Cheese! *Takes picture again*

Sesshomaru: *Goes back down again*

Sango: Why are you doing that?

Ed: Cause its fun!

Kasumi: The camera loves him.

Inu-Yasha: That didn't answer my question!

Ed: Lord Fluffy is here because he is here!

Inu-Yasha: That isn't a good answer.

Sesshomaru: *Gets up again* Inu… Inu-Ya…sha, you know these…these wild wenches?

Inu-Yasha: Yeah, they were around earlier and killed Kikyo.

Sesshomaru: Wasn't she dead already?

Inu-Yasha: That's not the point! How do you know them?

Sesshomaru: *Points to Ed* That one took my swords and killed Jaken, *points to Kasumi* and that one keeps blinding me with a light and the phrase: Cheese.

Kasumi: Say Cheese! *Takes another picture of Sesshomaru and Inu-Yasha*

Sesshomaru and Inu-Yasha: *Fall to the ground screaming*

Sesshomaru: Not again! AH, It burns worse each time!

Inu-Yasha: AH! Make the purple dots go away!

Ed: Heheheh funny! *Drags Sesshomaru off behind a bush*

Miroku: *Finally stops dancing*

Kagome: Inu-Yasha are you all right?! *Runs over to him*

Inu-Yasha: The purple dots! IT BURNS!!!

Kasumi: Sorry Inu-san. ^_^

Miroku: *Goes behind Kasumi and puts his arms around her waist* Don't worry. He'll be fine.

Kasumi: Miroku-san, I'm sorry I haven't got your bear child yet.

Miroku: Don't worry my sweet…um. I have never heard your name.

Kasumi: You haven't?

Miroku: No you said the name of your companion, but never yourself.

Ed: *Comes back with Sesshomaru's clothes in hand* Hey, let go her so we can go.

Miroku: Can't you stay over night? *Rubs Kasumi stomach*

Ed: No we can't! Let's go NOW!

Kasumi: Okay.

Miroku: *Will not let go* Before you go, I want a name.

Kasumi: My name is Kasumi. Remember it, you'll be screaming it later. *Smiles*

Miroku: Did I tell you I love the way you think?! *Pulls her closer*

Ed: She meant in pain, not that!

Kasumi: What else could I have meant? *Blinks in confusion* Miroku-san?

Miroku: Yes my dear Kasumi?

Kasumi: What's that thing that's sticking out of your robe?

Miroku: *Looks down and blushes* Stay the night and I'll show you.

Kasumi: Wow, really? Okay!

Ed: NO!!! *Takes the staff of heads and starts thwacking Miroku*

Miroku: AH~!!! Please, I beg you! Stop! Mercy!! @_@

Ed: We're going to Outlaw Star, NOW!! *Drags Kasumi away*

Kasumi: But I want to see what was in his robe!

Ed: No you DON'T!! * Takes out magical 8 ball of magic*

Kasumi: Come on, Can't we stay the night, pleeeeaaaassssseee?

Ed: believe me, it's for the best!

Kasumi: I wonder what it was. It was real hard.

Ed: We are out of here! Magical Dimensional 8 ball of magic take us to Outlaw Star and hurry!

Magical Dimensional 8 ball of magic: Damn and I was hoping for some action! I mean: It's gona happen.

Ed: You have a mouth on you!

Kasumi: What does it mean "Action"?

Ed: Don't worry.

Ed and Kasumi: *Disappear*

Miroku: *Beat up and bruised* Man I need to get her alone! Ouch, my face!

Inu-Yasha: Yeah its hurting me too Miroku.

Miroku: -_- *Sigh*

Kagome: Where did Sango go?

Miroku: Who cares?

Sesshomaru: *Behind a bush*Where are my clothes?!