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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

=Outlaw Star: Blue heaven, some alleyway- late night=

Ed and Kasumi: *Come in*

Kasumi: *Smiles*

Ed: Why are you so happy?

Kasumi: I don't know if it's the lack of sleep or food, but I'm just in a yuppie kinda sleepy mood. *Yawns*

Ed: So you want to rest? You're pathetic. I haven't eaten or slept nether and I'm all right.

Kasumi: What the hell *Yawns* are you talking about! You ate a bunch *Yawns* of pixie sticks and fell a sleep.

Ed: When did this happen?

Kasumi: In Tenchi, remember?

Ed: I remember trees and monkeys dancing around…

Kasumi: -_-;;; forget it.

Ed: If you're goin' ta be like that, then fine: we'll get a damn hotel!

Kasumi: Kay! *Yawns* What time is it anyways?

Ed: *Checks watch* 2:30…man I should be a sleep by 3:00 or I'll be the living dead tomorrow!

Kasumi: I *Yawns* get up at 3:00. *Rubs eyes*

Ed: Man you're nuts!

Kasumi: shut *yawns* up

Ed and Kasumi: *Go to a hotel for the night*

=Next morning: outside hotel, 11:45=

Kasumi: *Hyper* Come on Ed! Move it! Hustle, hustle, and hustle!

Ed: *Half- asleep* Uuuuggggggg…

Kasumi: Come on Ed! *Goes behind Ed and pushes her forward*

Ed: Kill me *Falls face first to the ground*

Kasumi: Oh come on! I've been up since 9:15, so why are you tired?

Ed: mmmmm…. Zzzzzzz…sleep Z_Z

Kasumi: *Pulls Ed up* Ed, can you answer me a question or two?

Ed: Whatever…

Kasumi: What was in Miroku's robe?

Ed: O.O *Wakes up* Well, ya see, he had a *Sees Ashia, Gene and Melfina* PET THE ASHIA!!!!!!

Ashia: What?!

Ed: *Runs over to Ashia* Pet, pet, pet, pet, pet!

Ashia: Stay back!

Ed: *Starts petting Ashia* pet, pet, pet, pet…

Gene: Who the hell are you? *Points gun at Ed*

Ashia: *Purr* Ummm, scratch me behind the ear. *Purr* =^_^=

Ed: Don't point that at me. It's rude. *Points Vash's gun at Gene, but is still petting Ashia*

Kasumi: Ed, What are you doing?!

Ed: Petting Ashia!

Kasumi: What about the gun? I thought you were out of bullets?

Melfina: Gene, please take your gun away from her head.

Kasumi: Oi, give me that! *Takes Vash's gun from Ed* You too! *Takes Gene's gun*


Gene: That's mine!

Kasumi: *Shoves Gene's gun into the endless bag of… stuff* Now what do we say?

Ed: Pet…

Ashia: I'll agree to that. *Purr*

Kasumi: Close enough. Don't worry it wasn't even loaded. See? *Points Vash's gun down*

Vash's gun: *BANG*

Kasumi: OW MY FOOT! *Falls down*

Ed: I guess a few of them were blanks.

Kasumi: No, ya think?

Melfina: Oh no we better take you to our ship and fix you up.

Gene: I don't know…

Melfina: But Gene, she's hurt.

Gene: Fine.

=Outlaw Star (The ship)=

Jim: There all better.

Kasumi: Thanks

Gilliam: Yes, you did a first-class job.

Jim: Thanks Gilliam. Hey, miss um…

Kasumi: Its Kasumi.

Jim: Miss Kasumi, Why do you have two swords with you? Wouldn't it be better to have a gun?

Kasumi: Well, you've seen what happens when I have a gun. Plus I did a lot to get these swords.

Jim: Wow really! What do you think Gilliam?

Gilliam: *No answer*

Jim: *Looks at Gilliam and sees Ed* Hey have you seen Gilliam?

Ed: He just ran off.

Sauzka: Jim? Are you down here?

Jim, Kasumi, and Ed: Hello Sauzka!

Sauzka: How did you two know my name?

Ed: *Gets all dark like* We know all.

Sauzka: How did that happen? *Looks at Kasumi's foot*

Kasumi: Oh I shot myself.

Sauzka: Well that isn't very smart.

Jim: What happened to your wooden sword?

Sauzka: What are you talking about? It here on my side, like always. *Reaches for it* Hey its gone!

Ed: Well, let's go!

Kasumi: Kay. *Hops off the table and walks over to Ed*

Ed: I think that was everything.

Kasumi: Yeah.

Melfina: *Taps Kasumi on the shoulder* Before you go I have to…

Kasumi: AH! Something's touching me! *Takes Tetsusaiga and slices Melfina in half* Whoops.

Melfina: x_x


Kasumi: Don't worry I can bring her back to life! *Takes out Tensaiga and swings at the remains of Melfina*

Melfina: *Alive again* I'm alive! *Notices she's in two pieces* AH!!!!!

Ed: Just pull yourself back together!

Gene: *Comes in and sees Melfina* AH~! What have you done?

Kasumi: I think we should go now.

Ed: Same. *Takes out Magical Dimensional 8 ball of magic out* I was thinking Bebop.

Kasumi: Sounds good to me.

Ed: Oh, Magical Dimensional 8 ball take us to Cowboy Bebop!

Magical Dimensional 8 ball: Have it your way… and not at B.K.

Kasumi: heheh not funny.

Ed: Yeah that joke sucked!

Magical Dimensional 8 ball: Shut up you damn Bitches!

Kasumi: Do your damn job!

Magical Dimensional 8 ball: Fine I will!

Ed and Kasumi: *Disappear*