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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

=GTO, Morning=

Ed, Kasumi, Legato and Chou: *Come in behind an overly huge bush*

Kasumi: I guess we're going back to school for this one.

Ed: *Shivers* Yuck! I hate school!

Kasumi: Just sleep like you always do….

Ed: Still the very thought of going to school is hell on earth!!

Chou: I licked the chalkboard when I was in school!

Legato: I've never been to school.

Ed: You're so lucky Legato!

Legato: *Smirks* Thank you master.

Kasumi: But the only way to get close to Eikichi is to pose as students and go to school.

Ed: You have a good point, but Japanese schools have uniforms. Where are we gonna get a pair of those?

Two school girls: *Walking by, talking*

Kasumi: Good timing…

Ed: Very…

Kasumi: Almost scary….

Ed: Yeah….lets jump them.

Kasumi: *Smiles* Kay!

Ed: Legato, Chou, cover us…

Legato and Chou: Yes Master!

=With the school girls=

School girl #1: So I was like right, and he was like no, and she was like blab…

Kasumi: *Gets in front of the school girls* Hello…

School girl #2: Um...Hi.

School girl #1: Who are you?

Kasumi: A passing person….

Ed: *From behind the girls* Who's gonna steal your uniforms… *Puts an arm around each school girl's shoulder*

School girls: WHAT?!

Ed: *Slams their heads together*

School girls: @_@ *Knocked out*

Kasumi: Well that was easy enough.

Ed: Yep *Pulls the school girls behind the bushes*

=5 mins later=

School girls: *Tied up and still knocked out*

Ed: *Has School girl #1's uniform on* The skirt is too short!

Kasumi *Has School girl #2's uniform on* The top is too small on this one….

Ed: Stop complaining. *Turns to Legato and Chou* I want you guys to keep watch over them and if they do anything poke them with this stick. *Holds out a long stick*

Chou: Stick!! *Grabs stick and hugs it*

Legato: Ug…

Ed: See ya guy, let's go Kasumi.

Kasumi: Kay.

Ed and Kasumi: *Walk to the school*

Chou: *Hugs the stick tighter and makes it snap* …*Whimpers*

Legato: This is gonna be a long one….

Chou: STICK!!! *Starts crying*

=At school=

Kasumi: *Looks around* Everyone is dressed the same….

Ed: Yeah…Where's the sense of freedom to express yourself?

Kasumi: I don't know. *blinks* Ed why are those guys staring at us like that?

Ed: Cause they're freaking losers.

Kasumi: *Crosses her arms* So what class are we gonna fine Eikichi?

Ed: Um….I don't know.

Kasumi: Ug…*Looks up* Where's that smoking coming from?

Ed: *Looks up* That looks like cigarette smoke.

Kasumi: Hey Eikichi smokes!

Ed: You're right! Maybe that's him smoking over there.

Kasumi: Let's check it out!

Ed and Kasumi: *Walks towards the smoke*

=Other part of school=

Eikichi: *Takes drag of his cigarette*

Ed and Kasumi: *Look over a corner at Eikichi*

Ed: There he is….

Kasumi: *Nods and coughs*

Eikichi: *Looks around* Hello?

Ed: *Growls* Way to go…

Kasumi: Sorry, but I can't stand cigarette smoke *Coughs harder*

Eikichi: Who's there?

Ed: *Gulps*

Kasumi: *Coughs even harder*

Ed: *Covers Kasumi's mouth* Stop coughing…

Eikichi: *Walks to the corner and see Ed and Kasumi*

Ed: Um…hey.

Eikichi: *Blinks*

Kasumi: *waves and coughs more*

Eikichi: *Looks at Kasumi* Are you okay?

Kasumi: It's just the *Cough* Smoke *Cough*

Eikichi: Oh! *Puts his cigarette on his shoe* Sorry about that.

Ed: Its okay…*Elbows Kasumi*

Kasumi: I said I was sorry!

Eikichi: What are you girls doing back here?

Kasumi: We saw smoke and came to see where it was coming from.

Ed: Um…yeah!

Eikichi: Well…I'm one of the new student teachers, Mr. Onizuka. Who are you girls?

Ed: I am Ed!

Kasumi: I'm Kasumi.

Eikichi: It's nice to meet you, uh…Ed and Kasumi. I hope there are more pretty girls that go to this school like you girls.

Kasumi: *Blushes* Thank you….

Ed: *smiles* Thanks! So you're our new teacher.

Kasumi: *Blinks* Teacher…?

Eikichi: So you girls are in my class?

Ed: Uh Yeah! Isn't that right Kasumi?

Kasumi: *Nods her head quickly* Yes, yes!

Eikichi: *Blinks* Okay.

Bell: *Rings*

Eikichi: *Sighs* That's the warning bell. Better get to class.

Ed and Kasumi: Yes sir!

=In class=

Kasumi: *Looks around the class* Ed…I don't see any seats.

Ed: We'll just steal somebody's.

Kasumi: I don't know.

Ed: What? We steal everything else.

Kasumi: Point taken. I see two seats in the back.

Ed: Let's take them before the two morons who sit there come in.

Kasumi: *Nods*

Ed and Kasumi: *Take the two empty seats in the back*

Guy 1: Who are you two?

Ed: Um….

Kasumi: We're new students.

Guy 2: New?

Kasumi: Yes new.

Guy 3: Where did you come from? You don't look Japanese to me.

Ed: *Glares*

Kasumi: We're from America.

Guy 1: *Grins* American girls…

Kasumi: That's what I said.

Ed: What's it to ya?

Guy 3: We like to know the girls in our class.

Ed: You know us well enough; now back off before I bitch slap you!

Guys: *Runs to their seats*

Ed: *Crosses her arms* Assholes….

Kasumi: They seemed nice enough.

Ed: *Frowns* Shut up.

Bell: *Rings*

Teacher: Its time for class to start.

Ed: *Falls asleep*

Kasumi: *Sighs* Happens ever time.

Teacher: We have a student teacher starting here today, Mr. Onizuka.

Eikichi: *Walks to the front of the class* Hello class.

Class: Hello Onizuka-Sensei

Ed: *Snores*

Teacher: Give him your full attention while I'm gone. You may start class now *Walks out*

Eikichi: Well, today we're studying…..

Kasumi: *Sighs* This is the part where I zone out…*Takes out paper and a pencil and starts drawing*

Ed: *Drools*

= Hour and a half later=

Eikichi: ….And that's why it was a kick in the pants.

Bell: *Rings*

Eikichi: That was the lunch bell people.

Ed: *Gets up* Lunch!!

Students: *Start to leave for lunch*

Ed: I need money!!

Kasumi: *Lays her head on the desk and hands Ed money* Knock yourself out…

Ed: Yay money!! *Runs off*

Kasumi: *Sighs*

Eikichi: *Looks at Kasumi and blinks* What are you still doing here?

Kasumi: *Looks up* I don't have any money…

Eikichi: I saw you give your friend money.

Kasumi: Yeah, but that was all my money.

Eikichi: You gave away your money to your friend?

Kasumi: *Nods*

Eikichi: Wow, I would never do that…

Kasumi: Thanks…

Eikichi: Let me buy you lunch if you're hungry.

Kasumi: Really?

Eikichi: Yeah sure!

Kasumi: *Stands up* Thank you very much Onizuka-Sensei

Eikichi: *Smiles* I have no problem with having lunch with you.

=Lunch room=

Kasumi: *Sits at a table*

Eikichi: *Comes over with a tray* Here you go!

Kasumi: Thank you! *Starts eating quickly*

Eikichi: *Blinks* Wow, you were hungry.

Kasumi: *Looks up and nods*

Eikichi: *Smiles*

Kasumi: *Goes back to eating*

=Across the lunch room with Ed=

Ed: *Walks over to a table* Food, food, food!

Guy: *Trips Ed*

Ed: *Falls*

Guy: *Laughs*

Ed: *Growls* You shall pay!

Guy: What are you going to do about it?

Ed: *Picks some of her food off the floor and hits him in the face with it*

Guy: HEY!

Ed: FOOD FIGHT! *Throws more food at random person*


Food fight: *Breaks out*

Eikichi: AH! Get down!! *Pulls Kasumi under the table with him*

Kasumi: Dude…!

Ed: *Sitting next to Eikichi and Kasumi, eating* Yeah, isn't it great?

Eikichi: Where did you come from?!

Ed: A place.

Kasumi: And where did you get that food?

Ed: Stole it off some guy. *Laughs* What an idiot!

Kasumi: *Blinks* Kay…

Ed: *Holds up bag* I got grapes!

Eikichi: We really need to get out of here….

Kasumi: Yeah…You coming Ed?

Ed: Sorry guys, but I got some unfinished work to do *Pulls out a spork and laughs evilly*

Eikichi: *Blinks in confusion*

Ed: *Runs off*

Eikichi: Do I want to know what she's gonna do with that thing?

Kasumi: No, it's better to just walk away….real fast.

Eikichi: Yeah…*Grabs Kasumi by the arm and drags her out*

Ed: *Standing on a table* BOW BEFORE YOUR LORD AND MASTER!!!! *Gets hit by jello*

Guy: *Laughs and points*

Ed: *Yells out a war cry and jumps on top of the guy* Prepare for the darkness!!!

Guy: *Screams in horror*

=Back in the class room=

Eikichi: *Looks around* Ummm….sense most of the class hasn't returned….

Class: *Only four students plus Kasumi left*

Eikichi: Sooo….Do whatever you want, as long as its legal.

=Principal's office=

Principal: *Sitting down, looking at papers*

Ed: *Sitting on the other side of the Principal's desk* …..

Principal: *Looks between Ed and his papers*

Ed: *Yawns*

Principal: *Sighs and stares at Ed*

Ed: *Looks at her feet*

Principal: ….*Puts his papers down*

Ed: *Looks up at him*

Principal: I understand why you started the food fight, but did you have to gouge his eyes out with a spork?!

Ed: He threw Jello at me!!! JELLO!!! There was not room for jello!!!

Principal: HIS EYES!!!

Ed: He was asking for it!! *Shakes fist*

Principal: Thanks to you and your food fight 50 students had to go to the hospital!

Ed: Any of them die?

Principal: Thankfully no…

Ed: *Snaps fingers* Damn!

Principal: I'm calling your parents young lady!

Ed: Ooooooo, my Par-ents! *Fake gasp* So scared….!

Principal: What's your name!

Ed: *Stares at her feet and sighs* Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky….

Principal: *Gets up and looks through his file cabinet*

Ed: *Looks around*

Principal: Wait a second….Do you even go to this school?

Ed: Um….uh….*Stands up and points* YOU SHALL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE ASSHOLE!!!!! *Jumps out the window*

Principal: *Blinks* Um….What the hell was that?

=After School, Front yard=

Eikichi: *Walking to the parking lot*

Kasumi: Onizuka-Sensei!

Eikichi: *Turns and looks at Kasumi* Hey….

Kasumi: *Runs next to him* Thanks for teaching class today.

Eikichi: It's no problem, but I didn't have much of a class today with what happened.

Kasumi: *Smiles* But you still did a good job.

Eikichi: Thank you. So did you ever find Ed or is she still missing.

Kasumi: I haven't found her yet, but I'm hoping she'll pop up soon.

Eikichi: You might see her tomorrow.

Kasumi: Yeah….So what are you going to do now?

Eikichi: I was thinking of going to the arcade.

Kasumi: Oh! Can I come with you?! Pleeaaaase?!

Eikichi: Sure, I guess, but call your parents first.

Kasumi: Uh…Yeah, parents. I'll be right back… *Runs off*

=Different part of school=

Kasumi: *Snickers* Call my parents? HA! What a laugh….

Bush: Hey!

Kasumi: Ah! *Jumps away* Who's there?!

Bush: Who do you think it is? *Ed jumps out of bush*

Kasumi: Ed! *hugs Ed* I'm so glad I found you!

Ed: Please stop hugging me…..Now….

Kasumi: Oh sorry…right. *Lets go* What happened to you?

Ed: Things and stuff….Lots of stuff.

Kasumi: *Blinks* Oh….

Ed: So have you gotten anything yet?

Kasumi: *Crosses arms and looks down* Nope, not yet.

Ed: What the hell have you been doing?!

Kasumi: I've been gaining his trust so I can steal something from him.

Ed: Just knock him out and take something!!

Kasumi: It's hard to take something if you don't know where his stuff is.

Ed: You and your "Logic"

Kasumi: *Smirks* Thank you. Well, He's going to take me to the arcade with him. Do you want to come?

Ed: Hmmmm….*Rubs her chin* Do nothing or play mindless video games….choices…GAMES!!!

Kasumi: *Chuckles* I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

Ed: He better not.

Kasumi: Don't threaten the poor guy.

Ed: Awwwww, but that's the fun part.

Kasumi: *Shakes head and sighs*

=Parking lot=

Eikichi: *Lights his cigarette and takes a drag of it*

Kasumi: Hey Onizuka-Sensei *waves*

Eikichi: Have a nice time finding the phone?

Kasumi: *Nods* Yep! I also found Ed!


Eikichi: H-hey…

Kasumi: She's coming with us to the arcade.

Eikichi: Okay, I think we can fit you both on the bike.


Kasumi: Cool! I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle!

Eikichi: *Smirks* Just wait till you see this baby!

Ed: I can't wait to go fast on it!! That's the best part!! *Throws her arms up* SPEED!

Eikichi: *Chuckles* Hop on and I'll show you just how fast it can go.

Ed and Kasumi: YAY!!


Ed: *Looks around* Game, game, game, game….*Gasps*

Kasumi: What?

Ed: Someone has come up with one of the best games ever!!

Kasumi: *Blinks* What game is that?

Ed: WACK-A-SQUIRREL!!! *Runs over to the wack-a-squirrel game*

Kasumi: *Chuckles*

Eikichi: She has something against squirrels or something?

Kasumi: Something is right. *Gasps* Soul Caliber….2!!

Eikichi: That's an okay one…

Kasumi: Must play!!! *Runs over to the game*

Eikichi: *Scratches the back of his head*

Ed: Take this you bitches!!! *Hits all the squirrels*

Eikichi: Uh…

Kasumi: DIE JACKASS!!! *Rapidly hits a button*

Ed: EVIL DOOM SQUIRRELS, OF THE WACK-A-SQUIRREL GAME, MEET YOUR MAKER!!!! *Hits the machine so hard she breaks it*

Eikichi: O.o

Ed: *Laughs evilly and keeps hitting the machine*

Eikichi: Um…I think its dead…

Ed: No it's a trick!! They never die that easily!!! *Hits harder*

Eikichi: Kasumi, little help with your friend?!

Kasumi: Few more levels and I'm done!

Ed: *Pulls out one of the squirrels from the machine* Beg for your life!!!

Robo squirrel: *Shoots out a couple sparks*

Ed: AH! *Drops robo squirrel* It burns!!!

Robo squirrel: *Hits the ground and eye springs out*

Ed: So that's the way you want it, en?!?!?! Well take this!!! *Stomps on robo squirrel*

Eikichi: O.O

Ed: *Laughs evilly* Who else wishes to test their luck with me?!?!

Kasumi: *Throws arms up* Yay, I win! *Looks at Ed* Ed I w-WHAT THE HELL?!

Ed: The squirrel knew of my coming and set up a trap for me! But they didn't count on me knowing!!

Kasumi: But it's not even real….

Ed: Says you!!

Kasumi: *Shakes head*

Ed: Slayer of the doom evil squirrels! WHOO!! *Throws sponge hammer into air*

Manager: Hey! You! You break my squirrel game?!?!

Ed: Uh…no….

Manager: You pay for that!!

Ed: Gotta go! *Runs out*

Kasumi: *Blinks then sighs* I should fallow her.

Eikichi: Do you guys need a ride home?

Kasumi: *Looks down* I have no home to go to.

Eikichi: What?

Kasumi: Um…*Looks up* I mean, I can't go home.

Eikichi: Why?

Kasumi: My parent and I aren't getting along very well and I'm afraid to go home *Sobs and hides her face in her hands*

Eikichi: *Blink* I had no idea…If you need a place to stay you can stay with me.

Kasumi: *Sobs harder* Th-thank you! *Glomps Eikichi*

Eikichi: *Almost falls over* AH! Uh…Welcome…

Kasumi: *Stops sobbing* Ed needs to come with us too. *Starts sobbing again*

Eikichi: *Blinks* Um…okay

Kasumi: THANK YOU!! *Sobs harder*

Eikichi: *Rubs her back* Lets find Ed and I'll take you guys to my house.

Kasumi: Y-you're so kind!! *Hugs Eikichi tighter*

Eikichi: Yeah…*Walks away with Kasumi clinging to him*


Eikichi: *Looks around* Where is she?

Kasumi: *Still clinging* I don't know…

Eikichi: Um…Could you let go of me?

Kasumi: Oh yeah *Lets go* Sorry.

Eikichi: Its okay.

Kasumi: *Looks around* ED!!

Ed: *Peeks out from behind a car* What?

Kasumi: Onizuka-Sensei is letting us stay with him! Isn't that great?

Ed: He is?

Kasumi: Yeah, Isn't he nice?

Ed: Yeah he is!

Eikichi: You girls don't need to thank me. I understand your situation

Ed: Situation?

Eikichi: Yeah, Kasumi told me all about it.

Ed: *Stares at Eikichi then Kasumi*

Eikichi: Its nothing to be ashamed of.

Ed: Y-you're okay with us?

Eikichi: Yeah totally!

Kasumi: I told him all about our problems with going home. *Winks*

Ed: O-oh….

Kasumi: Yeah our parent problems…

Ed: Y-yeah!

Eikichi: Don't worry about it at all girls. I have plenty of room at my apartment.

=Outside of Eikichi apartment=

Eikichi: You girls stay out here for a moment.

Ed and Kasumi: Okay.

Eikichi: *Goes inside*

Kasumi: *Smiles* It's a mess in there isn't it?

Ed: Oh hell yeah…


Eikichi: *Looks around* WhatamIgonnado?! WhatamIgonnado?! WhatamIgonnado?! This place is a mess!!

Room: *Porn magazines scattered everywhere, blow up doll on the couch*

Eikichi: I got to clean this place up!


Kasumi: *Sighs*

Ed: *Leaning against a wall*

Apartment: *Loud crashes and bangs*

Kasumi: *Blinks* Did you hear something?

Ed: No…

Eikichi: *Opens the door, sweating and breathing hard* O-okay.

Ed: Finally…

Kasumi: *Smiles* Thanks. *Walks in*

Ed: *Fallows*


Eikichi: Take a seat and make yourselves comfortable.

Ed: Thanks. *Sits on the couch*

Kasumi: *Looks at the room in horror* Oh my….this place is a mess…

Eikichi: I'm sorry. The maid hasn't been in sense… ever.

Ed: Its not that bad….

Kasumi: Look at the floor! Where's the vacuum?!

Eikichi: Don't worry about it. You girls sit still and I'll make dinner. *Goes into the kitchen*

Ed: Whatever…

Kasumi: Vacuum! Must find!! *Looks around franticly*

Ed: Will you cool it! Damn…*Looks around* HEY TEACH! WHERE'S THE TV?!

Eikichi: *From Kitchen* Its under the sheet! But it doesn't work!

Ed: *Eye twitches* D-doesn't work?

Kasumi: Maybe it's in the closet!

Eikichi: Oh, don't go into my closet.

Closet: *Barely staying closed, has a couple magazines poking out the sides and bottom*

Kasumi: *Looks at closet*

Ed: *Grins* Now I have to….

Kasumi: ….I don't think a vacuum could fit in there….

Ed: So? I just want to open it cause he said not to.

Kasumi: We have a vacuum in the bag right?

Ed: Somewhere in there, I guess…

Kasumi: Good… *Grabs the bag and looks in it*

Ed: *Inches towards the closet*

Kasumi: I can't find it!

Ed: Just jump in. *Gets closer to the closet*

Kasumi: Kay! *Jumps in*

Ed: *Hand over closet doorknob*

Eikichi: You aren't opening the closet are you?!

Ed: Uh…No?

Eikichi: Okay, just checking.

Ed: *Chuckles evilly and slowly opens the closet*

Closet: *magazines and other unknown stuff come flying out with a crash*

Ed: *Blinks* Huh….*Picks up a magazine*

Eikichi: What was that?

Ed: *Stares at the magazine wide-eyed* U-uh….n-nothing…

Eikichi: Okay…

Ed: *Grabs a few magazines*

Kasumi: *Jumps out of the bag with a vacuum and wearing a French maid outfit * I'm ready to clean!

Ed: Yeah that's nice…*Shoves magazines in the bag*

Kasumi: *Blinks* What were those?

Ed: Magazines…

Kasumi: ...Okay…

Ed: Just don't say anything.

Kasumi: Can do. *Looks at the closet and sighs* What a mess.

Ed: Yeah…it just busted open. *Sits on the couch*

Kasumi: Huh…I better clean that up then! *Goes over to the closet and stacks magazines in it*

Eikichi: *Comes in with two bowls of ramen* Hope you don't mind Ramen gir- What the hell?! Kasumi what are you doing? Didn't you hear me when I said not to go into my closet….and where did you get that maid outfit?

Kasumi: Um…I…it was open and I wanted to help clean. *Pouts* I'm sorry.

Eikichi: *Sighs heavily* Its okay. I want you to sit on the couch and I'll clean everything off.

Kasumi: Okay. Do you want me to take this outfit off too?

Eikichi: ….Sit on the couch and I'll take care of everything.

Kasumi: Alright…*Sits on the couch next to Ed*

Eikichi: *Hands Ed and Kasumi Ramen* Enjoy.

Ed: Great! *Start chowing on ramen*

Kasumi: *Takes ramen and nods* Thank you Sensei.

Eikichi: *Smiles* Anytime. *Goes to the closet and cleans it up*

Kasumi: *Whispers* Is it just me or do people always give us ramen?

Ed: *Slurps* What's wrong with ramen?

Kasumi: Nothing, just stating a fact.

Ed: Whatever.

Kasumi: So when do you think we should steal his stuff?

Ed: After I'm done eating. *Takes a mouthful of noodles in her mouth* V'al each yum hot who hab hees TV horking.

Kasumi: You're mad cause his TV isn't working?

Ed: *Swallows and nods* Hell yeah. He has made me bored by having nothing here for us to do.

Kasumi: *Sighs* Okay.

Ed: *Grins* He wouldn't know what hit him…*Laughs evilly*

Eikichi: *Blinks* What's with the evil laughter?

Ed: Uhhhh…Kasumi told a funny joke.

Eikichi: …Oh. *Goes back to cleaning*

Ed: *Quickly finishes ramen* Get ready…

Kasumi: *Nods* Got ya

Ed: *Puts bowl down on the floor*

Kasumi: *Frowns* Don't leave that on the floor!

Ed: Where do you want me to put it?

Kasumi: *Shakes head* In the sink.

Ed: …

Kasumi: The one in the kitchen…

Ed: Man, Miss. Neat freak! What's wrong with the sink in the bathroom?!

Kasumi: Ug…

Ed: Oh fine! *Picks up bowl*

Kasumi: Oh, take mine too while you're at it! *Smiles and holds up her bowl to Ed*

Ed: Do I look like your slave?

Kasumi: *Pouts* Please Ed?

Ed: *Grumbles and snags Kasumi's bowl* If you weren't my best friend…*Walks to the kitchen*

Kasumi: *Smiles*

Eikichi: I'm done…*Closes the closet door*

Kasumi: You're finished cleaning the closet?

Eikichi: No, I got tired of cleaning it.

Kasumi: *Frowns* I see.

Ed: *Stands at the kitchen door* Okay, now that I'm done with your stupid dishes, *Points to Eikichi* Kasumi hold him down!

Eikichi: *Blink* What?!

Kasumi: *Tackles Eikichi*

Eikichi: AH! What are you doing?! *Tries to get up*

Kasumi: It would be best if you stayed down! *Reaches into her skirt pocket and pulls out a feather duster and holds it up to Eikichi's throat*

Eikichi: *Blinks* What are you gonna do? Dust me to death?

Kasumi: This isn't Tetsusaiga? Uh…*Waves it at Eikichi's face*

Eikichi: *Sneezes* St-stop that! *Stands up*

Kasumi: EEP! *Clings and hangs from his arm*

Eikichi: Kasumi, stop playing around and get off!

Ed: We're not playing! *Takes out Vash's gun*

Eikichi: *Eyes get wide and puts his arms up* Wh-what the?! Where were you keeping that?!

Kasumi: *Swings on Eikichi arm*

Ed: SILENCE!! *Shoots at the ceiling*

Eikichi: AH! Don't shoot there!!

Ed: I said silence! I'm the one with the gun! *shoots again*

Eikichi: My ceiling!

Woman from upstairs: Stop making that noise!!

Eikichi: I'm sorry upstairs neighbor!

Ed: *Laughs evilly* Now, give me your wallet!

Eikichi: I-I don't have anything! I'm a teacher! I'm poor!

Ed: Give me the damn wallet or else I shoot!

Eikichi: Here…*Reaches into his back pocket and tosses it to Ed*

Ed: *Catches it* Good! *Looks through it whistling* OH! What do we have here! *Puts out $5 and credit cards*

Eikichi: AH! I'm still paying those things off!

Ed: Too bad! *Shoots ceiling again*

Eikichi: What did you shoot that time?!

Ed: *Smiles* It was fun!

Kasumi: Can I have the keys to your bike?

Eikichi: What?! No way!!

Kasumi: Come on!

Eikichi: Not the bike! That's my pride and joy out there!

Ed: *Shoot the ceiling* Give up the keys bitch! *Part of the ceiling falls on top of Ed* OUCH! *Falls down*

Eikichi: *Runs over and grabs Vash's gun from Ed* HA! Now you can't shoot!

Ed: That's not fair!

Eikichi: You shouldn't take advantage of people's kindness! I didn't have to let you stay, but I did, and this is how you repay me?! By trying to kill and steal from me?

Kasumi: Yeah…*Waves her feather duster in his face*

Eikichi: *Squeezes loudly and stubbles back*

Kasumi: *Jumps of his arm*

Eikichi: *Rubs his nose* Don't rub that thing in my face!

Kasumi: Drop the gun and give us the keys to your bike.

Eikichi: Just because you have a feather dust doesn't mean I'm gonna let you do this!

Kasumi: No, but this will. *Takes out Tetsusaiga*

Eikichi: Uh…Where are you guys getting these weapons?!

Kasumi: We stole them…

Ed: *Stands up* Yeah! We're good thieves!

Eikichi: B-but What do you want to steal from me?!

Kasumi: *Smirks* Cause we like you!

Ed: Now drop the gun! Its mine!

Eikichi: …I could shoot before you could get to me.

Kasumi: Likely, but it would be smart to drop the gun. *Holds up Tetsusaiga* We don't want to kill you…

Ed: We just want to hurt and injury you!

Eikichi: *Holds the gun up and aims* S-stay back.

Kasumi: Just give us the keys and we'll go.

Ed: You really need a TV or else this kind of stuff wouldn't happen!

Eikichi: You're doing this cause I don't have a TV?!

Ed: Now we are!

Kasumi: *Steps closer*

Eikichi: *Gulps and shakes* St-stay back!

Kasumi: *Keeps walking towards him*We both know you aren't gonna shoot, and if you are, you can't aim.

Eikichi: *Closes his eyes and looks away*

Kasumi: *Sighs and shakes her head* Give me your keys…*Stands next to him and points his gun down*

Eikichi: *Sighs heavily and gives her his keys*

Kasumi: *Pats his head then takes them* Good boy.

Ed: *Goes over*Yeah, and give me my gun back! *Snatches Vash's gun from him* Get a TV and things like this wouldn't happen!

Eikichi: *Sighs and sits down on the couch*

Kasumi: If you can afford a TV we'll get you one…

Eikichi: I would rather have my bike instead.

Kasumi: We'll come back and give you a good TV!

Ed: *Grabs the Endless bag of…stuff* Yeah, then we don't have to steal from you!

Eikichi: Uh…thanks I guess.

Ed: I'll try not to get your credit up too high. *Laughs*

Kasumi: Aw, that's just mean.

Ed: So? *Opens the door* Lets go find Legato and Chou.

Kasumi: Okay. *Puts Tetsusaiga on her side* I'll drive. *Holds up the keys*

Ed: But I want to drive!

Kasumi: I don't trust you behind the wheel of bicycle, let alone a motorcycle.

Ed: You're being a wus. You don't want me to drive cause you think I'll drive too fast.

Kasumi: *Nods* Pretty much..

Ed: You are no fun!

Kasumi: *Sticks her tongue out and walks out*

Ed: Wait for me you wus! *Runs after her*

Eikichi: *Sighs* Its days like these I wonder.

= Behind the overly huge bush =

Chou: *Wearing all black standing in front of a pile of dirt* We're here to say goodbye to stick *Sniffle*

Legato: *Reading a magazine*

Schoolgirls: *Still unconscious*

Chou: H-he was a good st-stick. *Sniffle sniffle* I-I didn't know him for long. I remember when master handed him to me…it seems like yesterday….

Legato: *Turns a page* That was this morning you broom head!

Ed and Kasumi: *Come riding in on Eikichi's motorcycle, wearing their own clothes*

Legato: Thank god…*Tucks away the magazine in his coat*

Ed: *Jumps off* Legato, Chou! *Runs over and hugs Legato then Chou*

Chou: *Gasps* M-Master…you're standing on sticks grave…

Ed: *Looks down to see she's standing on pile of dirt* Um…sorry. *Steps off*

Chou: *Sobs* I miss stick!!

Ed: *Pats his back* Uh…there, there Chou.

Kasumi: *Leans on motorcycle holding the magic dimensional 8 ball of magic* Oi Ed, where do you want to go now?

Ed: Um…I don't know…

Kasumi: Choose between Lupin and .Hack sign. *Shakes it*

Ed: Lets go to Lupin this time. I want to meet Goemon! *Jumps up and down and squeals happily*

Kasumi: *Blinks*

Ed: Shut up that never happened!!

Kasumi: riiiight…*Shakes 8 ball harder* Hey 8 ball! Take us to Lupin.

Magic dimensional 8 ball of magic: It will happen!

Ed, Kasumi, Legato and Chou: *Disappears*