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Chapter 2...
14years Later and His Wish Comes True

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~scene changes~
talking on the phone

It’s been fourteen years since Yue been kidnap. Abel Nightroad, a wandering Priest for The Vatican
and a member of AX have not given up. Every mission he goes on, he searches the entire city, town, or village
he goes too but could not find her. Ever since he join AX, he didn’t tell anyone that he had a daughter.
If they find out, he might get eliminated for lying to the Vatican.
Abel: Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday, Yue...I don’t even know if your alive or dead.
I don’t even know where to find you. (looks at the setting sun in the horizon)
>sigh< Elizabeth do you know that our daughter isn’t even with me? Do you know where she is?
If so, please give me a sign.
When Abel was thinking, he didn’t know that he was being watched by a shadowy figure. The figure was watching
him like a pray, waiting for the right moment to kill. The figure decided to leave before he/she was caught. Abel had a
feeling that he was being watched, so he turn around and nearly had a heart attack. Behind him was Tres, another
member of AX, his codename “Gunslinger”.
Abel: (puts a hand over his heart) Father Tres, you almost give me a heart attack. Is there anything wrong?
Tres: Lady Caterina, requested to see you in her office. The other members are waiting.
Abel: Very well. Lead the way.
Tres and Able walked down a long hallway to go to Lady Caterina’s office. When they got there, everyone
was waiting for them to show up.
Abel: What’s going on? Why is everyone here?
Leon: Donno, I’m just confuse as everyone else.
Lady Caterina entered her office to discuss what’s going to happen.
Caterina: I’m glad that everyone is here. We received a message saying that the Vatican is going to be
under attack at midnight. I want everyone to be ready and be alert when it happens.
Sister Kate: The Iron Maiden will be ready just incase.
Abel: Do you know who send the message?
Leon: My bet, it’s the Vampires...
Caterina: I was thinking the same thing.
Sister Kate: But why would they attack the Vatican? It makes no sense.
Abel: I agree with Sister Kate...But the real question is, why would a vampire send us a message?
Can it be they have a traitor amongst them?
Father Hugue: Perhaps they do...if so...I think we should Thank him.
While they were discussing about the vampire who send the message and a plan to stop them,
they didn’t know that the vampire is only a few blocks away.
At a mansion not to far from the Vatican. A young girl was taking a shower, when she was
thinking about what she must do.
Girl: What am I going to do. I can’t kill the Pope. I never kill anyone for that matter.
>sigh< I have no choice but to kill or be killed.
She close her eyes and put her face under the shower. She started to cry, she didn’t want to do
any of it. All she wanted is to be free from everyone. She got out of the shower just in time when
she heard a knock at her door. She walked over and opened it, only she was greeted with a hand to her neck.
The man slam her to the wall and started to choke her.
Alfred: You little bitch...( bearing his fangs) How dare you tell them about our plan.
I’m going to have to punish you. Do you wish to join your mother, Yue?
Yue: >gasp< I...didn’t...tell >gasp< anyone... I... will..never betray...you >gasp<
Alfred drop Yue to the floor and knelt down to her eye level. He cupped her chin and tilted her face up.
He leaned in and whisper to her ear.
Alfred: I love the way you shiver when your scared. (creepy smile) You know how much I Love You right?
Yue: (nods)
Alfred: Then, why did you tell them about us?
Yue: (whispers) I’ll never betray you, I was here the whole time. Maybe it was someone
else that betray you, Master.
Alfred got up and offer his hand, which she took without any complaints. After she got to her feet, Alfred embrace her.
He rested his chin on the top of her head.
Alfred: Yue, if you want to be free, you have to kill the Pope.
Yue: Alright, >sigh< I’ll do it.
Alfred: Good. I’ll leave you alone so you can get ready. And don’t forget to wear your mask.
Alfred gave her a passionate kiss for being a good girl to him. After kissing her, he turn around
and left the room. Yue was still in a daze even after he left. She snap out of her daze, but still have
a pink tint on her cheeks, then she got ready. She tie her hair up in a breaded ponytail, she put on her
black and dark red corset, black leather pants, then she put on her combat boots, her leg holsters, her belt
with a lot of ammunition for her guns.
Yue walked over to her mirror to put on blood color lipstick, black eyeshadow. She grab all six of her guns
and place them in there rightful place. 2 Sig P226 in her leg holsters, 2 Beretta PX4 Storm with
Silencer in her boots, 2 Desert Eagle in her hip holsters. After Yue got ready, she left her room to join the
others in the main hall. Upon her arrival, Alfred walked over to her, place his arm around her shoulders and
place a small kiss on her forehead.
Alfred: Do you have everything with you?
Yue: Yep...uh-oh, I forgot my mask, sorry.
Alfred: Blain, go to her room and bring back her mask.
Blain: I don’t see why she needs one. (grunts) Why do we have a Terran living with us in the first place?
He left to do what his boss told him to do.
Yue: (mutters) I heard that...
Alfred: Heard what, Dear?
Yue: (shakes her head) Nothing...it wasn’t important. Blain is first to go (smirks)
While waiting, Yue put on her fingerless leather gloves. Blain come back with her mask and handed it to her.
She looked it over to see if none of the paint chipped off. Her mask is all white with a red symbol on it.
Alfred took the mask from her and place over her face. After tying it, he grab her black trench-coat and
place it on her shoulders, so she can put her arms out in the sleeves.
Alfred: Good, we’re ready. Here are the orders: Blain, Damian...I want you two to take
Yue and keep an eye on her...Make sure that she, does what she was told to do. Everyone else is going with me.
Damian: And that will be?
Alfred: To kill His Holiness. (smirks)
Yue: (place a hand over her heart) I’m hurt...You don’t trust me? (pretend to cry)
Alfred: I do trust you, but I need to know if your doing your job.
Blain: (whispers to Damian) What a cry baby
Damian: (whispers back) Tell me about it...Why is the boss in love with her? She’s a Terran.
Yue: What the hell are you two whispering about now?
Both: Nothing
Yue: (narrowing her eyes) Whatever.
Alfred: Lets go, we’re wasting time.
All: Right!
Alfred and his team left the castle to go to their destination, The Vatican. They soon arrive at the Vatican,
but some of the men split up in different directions, when they were only a rooftop away.
Yue, Blain, and Damian went to the roof to find a way in and found one. Once in, they proceed
down the ventilation system. It only took them a few minutes to find what they were looking for,
The Main Hall where the Pope was sitting on he’s throne with at least one bodyguard.
Blain: This is too easy.
They climb out of the vent and found a ledged to stand on. The ledged is about 85feet above and at least 30feet
away from the throne. Yue took out both of her Beretta PX4 Storm with the silencer from her boots
and pointed at the Pope. With a smirk she turn her guns and kill both Blain and Damian.
They fell and hit the floor with a sickly crack of their spines and neck.
The Members of AX looked on with horror and fear at what was in front of them. They all looked
up to see a figure jumped down from the ledged and landed safely on her feet.
Before Tres got both of his guns out, the entire room was fill with at least 150 men that are all Vampires.
Yue took out both of her Sig P226 from her leg holsters and pointed at the vampires. With a small smile...
she started to kill all the men that was on Alfred’s team. After 40rounds she
reloaded her guns and proceed to finish of the rest. Reloading to finish the last of the 4 men,
which took her only 4 seconds to kill. The members of AX looked on at what this girl was doing.
Abel was speechless. The girl turn around and pointed one gun at his Holiness, and shot at him.
Everyone was in the state of shock, that the girl had killed her comrades, just killed he’s Holiness.
Francesco: How dare you pointed your gun and kill his Holiness.
Yue: I didn’t
Within seconds after saying that, a man fell from behind the throne, dead. The
bullet hole was only a millimeter away from his Holiness ear.
Tres went over and grabbed a hold of her arm, so she won’t run off. He push her forward, so she was facing everyone.
Caterina: Remove your mask..
Before Yue took her mask off, Alfred came and pointed his blade at her.
Alfred: Why did you betray me?
Yue: I wanted to be free and to do so, I needed to kill the one how killed my mother.
Alfred: I was order to kill her. That doesn’t mean you can betray me.
Yue: It’s not only my mother you killed, but you killed innocent people too.
Alfred: I thought you Loved me.
Yue: (starts to laugh) Yeah right, I only to pretended to love you so I can gain your
trust and get close enough to kill you. Do you know that I was the one who send the message to the Vatican?.
Alfred: You Bitch!
Alfred rushed towards her at top speed with his bladed arm out stretch ready to kill her. Before Alfred got close enough,
Tres took one shot to his heart and killed him.
Since Yue still have her mask on, nobody knew that a tear slid down her face.
Francesco: If you can be so kind, remove your mask before I ask Father Tres to kill you.
Yue: (head down) Go ahead, I have nothing to live for.
Abel: That’s not true. Is there one thing in your life to live for?
Yue: I don’t know. My mom died when I was young. I don’t know what happen to my dad,
for all I know he could be dead too. So, you might as well kill me.
Caterina: Why would we want to kill you. You did save my brother and everyone else. Now,
we would like to see the face that save us.
Yue remove her mask without any interruption. Once remove, everyone saw what she looks like.
Abel:(wide eyes) E-Elizabeth?
Yue turn to looked at the man who called her, by her mothers name.
Yue: Why did you call me by my mothers name?
Abel: Elizabeth was your mother? Wait, can it be that she’s Yue?
Caterina: What is your name, young one?
Yue: Yue Hikari Alexis...I don’t remember my last name.
Abel was stung at hearing her name. He walked over to her and embrace her as he stared to cry.
Yue had a small flashback when she was young.
//flashback Yue’s POV at the age of two//
A man with silver hair was chasing me...the man is my daddy...he wants me to take a bath, but I don’t want one.
When daddy was busy fulling up the bathtub, I ran away. Before I knew it, he stared to chase me.
I looked back at him and squealed with a happy smile. But then I ran into someone.
This person picked me up and got angry at daddy for not giving me a bath. That person is my Mommy.
Mommy then took me to the bathroom so she can finish what daddy was suppose to do.
//flashback and Yue’s POV ends//
Yue: Daddy? Daddy it’s you. I miss you daddy. (starts to cry)
Everyone was shock to hear that Abel Nightroad has a daughter. Lady Caterina was the first
one to snap out of her shock, and had a angry look.
Caterina: Abel Nightroad, you and your daughter in my office now.
Abel: Oh boy. I’m in trouble
In her office, Lady Caterina had a look that can scare off any vampires.
Caterina: Mind telling me why you lied to the Vatican and to me, Nightroad?
Abel: Well...you see... I.... >sigh< I’m sorry, Lady Caterina. I didn’t mean to lie. When Yue was young,
her mother was killed and she was kidnaped. Five years after searching for her, and couldn’t find her,
I decided to join AX. I’m really sorry, I’m really am.
Caterina: Able, you could’ve said that you had a daughter. I would still let you join AX. So, no more secrets.
Abel: Yes, Lady Caterina.
Yue: Um...where am I going to stay?...If, I’m going to live here, I need all my stuff back at the mansion.
Caterina: Yue, you almost look like Abel.
In truth, Yue do look like him. She has his silver hair and Blue/grayish eyes.
Yue: Thank you.
Caterina: Your Welcome, Abel, when you go on missions I don’t want you to bring Yue with you. She will remain here.
Abel: Very well. (turns to Yue) Yue, I’ll go and get the others to help me, to retrieve your belongings. I want you to stay here.
Yue: Ok. May I go and see the water fountain?
Abel: Yes, I’ll show you the way.
Caterina: You both have permission to leave.
Yue: Thank You, Lady Caterina.
Abel: Yes, Thank You and I’m am truly sorry.
They both left Caterina’s office to go to the main hall so everyone can meet Yue.
Yue: Dad, can I have a codename?
Abel: Like what?
Yue: Gunslinger.
Abel: Sorry, it’s already taken. How about Hawkeye or Moonlight?
Yue:(giggles) Daddy, that’s my name in English.
They reach the Main Hall, were some of the members talking about Able and the new girl.
Abel: Yue...I want you to meet the team. Father Tres’s codename is ‘Gunslinger’.
Yue: Cool...Um...I hope you guys will accepted me. To be honest, I never kill anyone in my life...
I hope we can be friends. Daddy, I’m going to the water fountain.
Abel: Alright.
Yue left the team and walked down a long hallway. There she push open the doors and
walked over to the fountain, were she sat down on the bench. She looked at her reflection in the water.
But instead of her face, she sees a boy with a child and she can hear him.
Boy: Madison, I wish I can get someone to help me with you. Kiki can’t seem to be able keep up her job,
since her mother became sick.
After that said, the reflection disappear and replace it with her face.
Yue: Who was that? He’s kinda cute. And the baby, she adorable. I wish I can help you with Madison.
Abel walked out just in time to see Yue started to glow with a soft light. He didn’t know what it was
till he got closer. His friends came with him and seems to shock at the sight before them.
Abel: Yue, why are you glowing?
Yue didn’t seem to listen to what he was saying, instead the soft light became brighter by the second.
It became so bright, that everyone had to shield their eyes.
When the light disappear, Yue was never to be seen anywhere.
Abel: YUE!
He couldn’t believe it, his only daughter was gone from his life once again. Abel started to sway
back and forth, and before anyone can help him, he blackout.


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