Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Chibi's Curse ❯ Day After The Half Moon ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Yami Yugi= Yami/Pharaoh/Mou Hitori No Boku/ Atemu/Paro
Yugi Motou= Aibou/Yugi/Udi
Ryou Bakura ( Hikari)= Ryou/Tenshi/Teni
Yami Bakura= Bakura/tombrobber
Malik(Marik) Ishtar= Malik/ Koi/Toy
Yami Marik= Marik/tombkeeper/Tombbeeper
Seto Kaiba= Kaiba/Dragon/Tiba
Grandpa=Solomon/Sugoroku /Gpah (I'm using dub name)
Ishizu Ishtar-Ishizu/ Sizu /Sister
Odion/Rishad=Odion/Odi ( I'm using the dub name.)

//Yami to Hikari//
/Hikari to Yami/
**characters thoughts**

(Authors Notes

"Hi this is Ryou and this fic is rated PG for little Yami's. Contains mention of underage drinking" "And a sorta OOC grandpa well maybe not."
"Dark Sanctuary doesn't own Yugioh.

The Day after the half moon had finally arrived much to the relief of Yugi. This particular chibi session with Yami had been particulary trying.
It wasn't that he was complaining of his little darks antics,it was well going to be a nice change to not have slobbered duel monster cards. Yami during this round of the curse had been turned into a 9 month old. The little Pharaoh was having teething issues during this time and wanted to chew on everything his little hands could grasp. Yugi carefully tiptoed out of the bedroom to let his Yami get some more shut eye. That first day back from being a little Yami took its toll on Bakura,Marik and Yami, so they tended to sleep the affects off.

"Good Morning Yugi, how did you sleep?"
"Pretty good all things considered Grandpa."
"How's that diaper rash of Yami's did the ointment help?"
"I'm not sure, as Yami's still sleeping."
"Well I'll get some more of that paste that should help clear it up sooner than later."
"Thanks Grandpa I don't think Yami's going to be a very happy camper when he realizes that he can't wear his leather pants hehe."
"Eat your waffles Yugi , I have a feeling you're going to need your strength today," Solomon chuckled as he dug into the plate of waffles in front of him.

A few blocks down a white haired light and his dark were enjoying a nice breakfast of their own. Ryou couldn't help but chuckle as he watched Bakura scarf down a plate of Mickey Mouse pancakes. Bakura had made the breakfast request last night before he had crawled into bed.
/Teni tan you mate me Mitey Mout pantakes pwease?/
/Of course Bakura now gets some sleep./

" I'm glad your enjoying your pancakes, Bakura." Bakura only nodded as he took a big gulp of the milk that was in front of him.
"By the way I've put Changie in the washer so he'll be ready for next time."
// He likes to be air dried bouncing in the dryer gives him a headache.//
/What did you say Bakura?/ Ryou knew what Bakura said he just wanted to the former theif.
// Thanks that's all I said now just drop it.//
"There's more pancakes available if you like," Ryou laughed as he carried his empty dish to the kitchen sink.

Just a few houses down two Egyptian teens were running around practically driving Ishizu insane.
"Malik just because Marik is back to normal doesn't mean that you can stop acting responsible." **Normal for Marik that is**
" Sister you need to lighten up, have some fun we don't have to live under a rock anymore."
"Yeah Ishizu." The said Yami then proceeded to smack his lights sister in the face with a pillow.
"Yes Ishizu?"
"Uh nevermind Marik."
"Malik keep Marik out of trouble today," Ishizu said
"Don't worry Ishizu Malik and Marik are spending the night at Yugi's grandfathers house," Odion said as he set down two duffel and sleeping bags by the front door.
"I don't know how Solomon is going to handle it," Ishizu said sighing.
"Me neither Ishizu that Pharaoh can be such a handful," Marik said earning a smack from his light.
/She means having you and Bakura there baka./
//Oh like the Pharaoh's never done anything wrong.//
/Marik the Orica../
//Malik I wasn't talking about the Seal of Orichalcos .//
"If you two are done conversing, I'll drive you to Yugi's house," Odion said as he walked out the door.

Time Skip

//Aibou do you think everyone is going to wonder why I'm wearing a shendyte?//
/No Yami I doubt they'll even notice, now lay still while I put this stuff on grandpa bought for you./
/Stop squirming our friends will be here any minute./
//But it tickles Aibou!//

Yugi carefully put the cap back onto the tube before washing his hands. He then grabbed Yami's hand and the two walked downstairs to wait for their guests to arrive.

Time Skip

"So what should we do first," Ryou asked as he ran his fingers through Bakura's hair.
"Let's watch a movie," Yugi suggested slightly shifting as Yami nuzzled next to him.
"Alright a movie sounds good but first my Yami and I have a bet on whether the Pharaoh's ever done anything wrong."
"Oh he's gotten in trouble before, I never laughed so hard in my life that night," Bakura said snapping his fingers causing a DVD to appear out of the shadows.
"Bakura what in RA's name are you up too!"
"Silence Pharaoh and sit back and enjoy the movie," Bakura chuckled as it began to play.

/Oh No!/
//Aibou what's Oh No?//

" Bakura you recorded that," Ryou asked?
"Well I couldn't help it, I had never seen Yugi's grandfather so upset in all my life."

Flash back three days after the ceremonial duel between Yugi and the Pharaoh.

/Yami if grandpa catches you with that bottle of Alcohol you'll be in a heap of trouble./
//What's he going to do he's not even home right now?//
/Yami I know you're excited that you're finally no longer a prisoner of the puzzle but your under 20 you shouldn't be drinking./ (Japan's drinking age is 20 last I checked on internet )
//But Aibou I just want to try some beer.//
/Fine don't come crying to me when grandpa catches you./
"Bakura care to join me," the ex ruler of Egypt asked his fellow Yami?
"No way I'm not screwing up this second chance besides I've had plenty of drinks throughout my 3000+ years of existence."
"Suit yourself," Yami said as he preceeded to pop open the bottle, swigging it down in one gulp.

Everyone stared in awe as Yami popped open another bottle getting ready to pour it down just like the first. Suddenly the jingle of keys could be heard just outside the door. " Oh Shit Yami if Grandpa catches you," Yugi whispered. "Who cares Aibou, what's he going to do anyway?" **Someone's in for a surprise maybe I should warn him again, naw I think not**
//Tenshi get ready for a show.//
/Bakura what do you mean?/
// If Soloman is anything like his past self Siamon then Atemu 'Yami' is in a heap of trouble.//
A minute later Solomon opened the door a bag of groceries in hand. Yami didn't even have time to hide the bottle, or run away.
"Yugi where in the world does he keep a belt," Ryou asked a slight tremer in his voice? Yugi shook his head it had been years since he felt it's sting and now Yami was feeling the pain. "Remind me never to piss of Yugi's grandfather Bakura said as they watched Yami get it." The swish of leather could be heard through the air and the sound of it hitting Yami's leather pants which gave no protection whatsoever to the bare bottom underneath.

"Atemu you better not run away!" "Get back here so I can tan your hide some more," Solomon yelled as the belt hit it's mark causing Yami to cry.
"Oh Shadow Realm No, I better not be seeing that Sennon eye of yours glowing on that forehead of yours!"

//Please Aibou make it stop!//
/I tried to warn you but no you wouldn't listen to me./

Solomon was as skilled at manipulating that belt as Robert Freeman on the Boondocks. Five minutes later everything stopped. No one dared to breathe even Bakura seemed to be trembling slightly and that was saying something considering who Bakura was.

"Atemu if I ever catch you drinking before your old enough your spirit form won't even be able to sit for a week."
"Hmpf." *sniff*
"Did you hear me?"
"Yes Grandpa." *sniff*
"The same goes for you too Yugi now I'm going to get dinner ready," Solomon smiled as he grabbed the groceries and headed to the kitchen.

/Okay Bakura that was downright scary./
//You said it Tenshi let's go out for some Pizza.//

"Uh I think Bakura and I will head home now, "Ryou said. Yugi nodded peering over to where Yami stood sobbing before letting his friends out.

/Yami I warned you../
//Aibou just let me be *sniff.//

Yugi shook his head as he headed upstairs to their bedroom.

"End Flashback"

"See I told you now you owe me my light," Marik said smirking. "Fine but it'll have to wait till later," Malik said. Most likely Marik would want some kind of new toy or an hour of mind controlling some random person. Intimacy between the Yami's and Hikari's was actually null. So Ryou, Yugi and Malik had a threesome thing going on between them. It just wasn't right doing anything sexual and intimate with your Yami who was drinking a bottle one day and not the next. It was just one of those after affects of the curse.

Yugi tried not to laugh as he heard a whimper come out of Yami in remembrance of that day. Yami ended up standing during dinner that night and for breakfast the next morning. The funny thing was during Yami's chibi times Grandpa practically spoiled him. Though you can't really spoil a baby.

"Hey guys how about that movie, popcorn is all done now," Yugi said as Yami layed his head in his lap sighing in content. Things were very different now with Yami for some reason he tended to keep his chibi traits where as Marik and Bakura didn't. For instance Yami now slept with a night light on because of the 'monters' as Yami referred to them under the bed. Yugi tried to explain that there weren't any monsters under the bed, but Yami wouldn't believe it. Even when Yugi showed him the clear empty area under the bed. So thus Yugi now had the Dark Magician nightlight he had when he was 5 yrs old once again in his room.

**Adorable ** Yugi thought as Yami buried his face in Yugi's lap during the 'scary' parts of the movie. Life was good despite the curse very good indeed.

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