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Echoes of Forgotten Times
Written by Shukumei no Kagi
Notes: This, if can't be told, is a story that occurs in the past. I don't know much about ancient Egypt but I'm going to give this my best shot! And if you have a review to help improve the fic I'd be happy to see them too! This could very well end up being an AU with some Y+Y hints.
Warning: Yaoi, sorta deathfic.

Prologue ~ A Soul Divided
Asyikin walked passed the Pharaoh's guards with her green eyes flickering to the side, watching them standing to either side of the corridor. She fought the urge to breathe a sigh of relief when neither of them moved to stop her passage toward the large ornate door that housed the Pharaoh's bed chambers.

It's about the only perk in being betrothed to the Pharaoh, she thought grimly as she padded to the door. Asyikin had a scowl crossing her face in response but she was careful to keep the expression hidden. Though her intense gaze was upon the bed chamber door, she paid no heed to the markings carved there. She was actually already focusing on what, or rather who, was beyond there even though the image she had was vague. In all her time alive Asyikin could only remember seeing the Pharaoh twice.

Twice! Asyikin nearly slammed the door open in a fury but she managed to restrain herself. It wouldn't be so bad if he even showed some interest in me. She thought as she opened the door silently, feeling as if her heart was skipping a beat as she froze outside the opened door. For the first time the nervousness about what she was going to do settled in. He might be the Pharaoh but she couldn't go on like she had been, so all she could do was hope fervently that Pharaoh Yugioh was truly asleep.

Steeling her nerves as best she could, Asyikin stepped quietly into the room. Her eyes darted over the interior, not all that surprised by the elaborate decor that was scattered through out the room.

She was less than impressed by the marvels of workmanship even before her gaze landed upon large colorful bed. Which didn't even keep her gaze that long, instead her attention was caught and held by the form within the thin silky sheets. His position of laying on his side hid any signs of whether he was awake, all she could really see was an arm and flares of the red hair the Pharaoh was identified by.

A slight tremor went through her as she reached back to push the door shut. Though she tried to keep the movement silent the door closed with a soft bang and terror shot through her. She froze there in a near panic unable to even tear her eyes off the door to look and see if the noise had woken him.

If that had been heard!

Asyikin didn't even dare remove her hand from the door, she was certain that at any moment she'd have to go bolting out of the room.

She wasn't sure how long she stood there waiting, able to hear the blood rushing in her ears. But other than that only silence answered her frozen stature. Long minutes of that passed before she even dared to look over her shoulder to where the Pharaoh remained unmoving, obviously now deeply asleep.

Asyikin heaved a relieved sigh. That had been too close for her liking, she could hardly believe she was even doing this. But it was the only way she would ever be noticed by the Pharaoh or anyone else. She determinedly gritted her teeth before turning to start forward on shaky legs, though it was more her reluctance to move that kept her slowly approaching the bed. She didn't even dare touch him or the bed, not when she was so close to pulling this off without being noticed.

I can do this, was the thought that passed through her head. It took much repeating before she was able to take the amulet she'd been hiding in her grasp out.

Asyikin hadn't really cared what she used for this, there were more than enough trinkets of the Pharaoh's by his throne. She'd just absconded with one of the items without really looking at it. She vaguely knew that it was a puzzle of sorts shaped like a pyramid but other than that it meant nothing to her.

Though. ... she could use it for more useful things than Pharaoh Yugioh.

Asyikin felt some courage returning to her at the thought, she wouldn't be ignored anymore! He might not show any interest in her but once she had some of his soul she could shape any child into his image. She'd like to see him not show interest ... or even deny such a kid, though she would have to make certain she could control the kid.

Grinning victoriously to herself, Asyikin brought the amulet to hover mere inches from the Pharaoh's skin. By now she couldn't see anything that could go wrong this close to her goal. "My turn to shine." She whispered to herself, shutting her eyes to start drawing off the little bit she would need for her plan. The fear drained away to be replaced with a flare of confidence. It wouldn't be long before she had enough of his soul to create a child in his image. It was going so smooth and well until the first rustle of sheets.

Only the woman knew she hadn't touched the bed, and the only other person there was Pharaoh Yugioh! Her eyes flew open as her mind was screaming that he shouldn't be feeling a thing. But her thoughts were denied as his breathing increased and sweat began to gather on his brow. It was a warning and her stomach went through the floor, she didn't have time to move before he suddenly thrashed awake with a cry.

Her gaze froze on the ruby eyes in shock even as her mind was screaming that it wasn't supposed to be noticed. He didn't seem to notice her, it looked to her as if he was looking past her. In her distracted state she didn't see the strike coming until it caught her in the stomach, knocking both her and the amulet away.

Asyikin gasped as she hit the ground but managed to keep hold of the puzzle in a daze. It can't be! She thought frantically as she struggled to her feet. Not that she had a chance to move before the door was slammed open by the guards.

Leaving Asyikin standing there trembling for a moment, frozen as the guards looked for the attacker and she was the only one in the room. Part of her knew she wouldn't be betrothed or famous once the Pharaoh recovered, she reacted with the only thing that came to mind. "It was a monster. Assassin, took off upward." Asyikin squealed as she backed away from the guards, not fully able to hide her horror.

She was surprised when they actually looked up and away from her. But it only annoyed her more that being betrothed as she was and female would have them doubting her so much. She gritted her teeth. "He's hurt, so don't just stand around!" She said wringing her hands though it left the amulet in plain view. But judging from how the guards turned their attention from her they didn't think anything of it.

Asyikin didn't wait, she took the opportunity presented to flee, bolting out the door before she could be noticed again. This time there were tears in her eyes as she went, the woman knew that she'd just destroyed any chances she had at being the Pharaoh's wife.

Her plans were crumbling ... all she could do was escape with an important part of Pharaoh Yugioh's soul.

To Be Continued....