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By Sapadu

A/N: I did this completely to shake off the nasty feeling I had after watching this morning's episode of Yu-gi-oh!: Waking the Dragons. It was the episode where Yami played the seal of Oricalcous and Yugi got his soul sucked... so... I felt REALLY bad and needed to write something sweet and innocent to repair my poor, damaged innocence.

As I can't manage to screw a Yugi/Yami fic out of myself, or even a Yugi/Tea or Yami/Tea fic at this moment, (all the Tea-haters cheer) this will be Joey/Mai.

Joey Wheeler and Mai Valentine stared at each other, eyes hard and minds focused. Joey's Flame Swordsman was in defense mod and his Swordsman of Landstar was in attack mode, but against Mai's Cyber-shield enforced Harpy Ladies, he was in SAD shape.

At least they both were even with 2000 life points, each.

'How did I get suckered into this, anyway?' Joey asked himself. He had just come to have a friendly talk with Mai, maybe ask her out for dinner, but a duel was NOT what he had had in mind.

"Ya know, Mai, I just came over to ask ya a simple question." Joey mentioned. Mai smiled.

"Aw, don't take it personally, Joey! This is just for fun!" Mai insisted, nodding enthusiastically.

"Well... the simple question I had in mind wasn't just for fun. It was... kinda important." Joey lied, wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. Mai's face changed. Well, if the question was important, then THAT was a different story.

"Oh! Okay... I'll go easy on you then." Mai said, figuring that the only way they could end the duel quickly was if she let Joey win, because she had a feeling Joey would be too thick skulled for the thought of letting her win to ever get past his hair and into his brain.

So, after letting Joey play a Graceful Dice, Skull Dice, and passing several chances to attack his monsters, Mai was quickly down to 0 life points and the two duelists folded up their duel discs, setting off for Domino Park for a walk and chat.

Mai, for her part, was in a good mood. Nothing bad had been happening lately, the day was sunny, the sky was blue, and all was well and good in Domino City.

Joey couldn't have been more different. He was on edge. For one thing, although people regarded him to be a dumb as most people thought blonds were, he WAS smart enough to know Mai had let him win on purpose because she thought he was so stupid he wouldn't think to let her win. And while he was on the subject of Mai letting him win, he WAS kind of insulted that she decided that she had to LET him win: He'd beaten her once before in Duelist Kingdom, so he didn't NEED her to go soft on him.

And while being beaten by Mai would've sapped any, if not all, the nerve he had had out of him, Mai just throwing the duel like that made Joey feel even more pathetic.

'Man, if Kaiba could see me now, I really would be a puppy walking wit my tail between my legs...' Joey thought to himself.

And he really WOULD be a dog running away with his tail between his legs if he backed out on this NOW!

They took a seat on a bench near the fountain.

"So, Joey, what was it you wanted to ask me?" Mai asked, tucking one of her knees up to make sure her boot was secure around her calve. Joey stumbled and started to mutter something into his hand. Either that, or he was coughing.

"Well... um... it's just... it's sort of... you know, like..." Joey stammered. Mai blinked at him.

"It's okay, Joey! I've got all day." She reassured him. Joey peeked up at her, shyly.

"Well... all day maybe... but are you free tonight?" Joey blurted out, asking his question in the worst way possible.

"WHAT?" Mai asked, looking surprised.

"Ah, it's nuttin', never mind..." Joey said, his eyes shifting.

"Joey, are you asking me OUT?" Mai demanded, leaning over and almost looking menacing. Joey started to stutter.

"Uh.... heh heh heh... um... no? Not exactly... it's just.... I heardaboutthismoviethat'splayinginthetheaterand... well... I've got tickets, but Serenity didn't wanna go, and Yug's busy, and Tea's busy and Tristen said no and I don't wanna ask Duke 'cuz I hate his guts and so... Ithoughtmaybeyou'dwannagobutifyoudon'tit'sperfectlyfinejust..." Joey wondered vaguely when he'd lost control of his vocal cords like that when Mai started to laugh.

"A movie sounds great Joey." Mai smiled. Joey's mouth dropped open.

"I'm sorry, I just HAD to see that look on your face." Mai continued, gasping for breath between laughs. Joey continued to look perplexed, until Mai leaned over, put her arms around Joey's neck, and gave him a BIIIIIG smooch on the cheek, leaving a mark of bright red lipstick on his face.

"So, I'll see you at eight." Mai continued to smile, standing up and walking away to get ready for the big night, leaving Joey on the bench with a big, stupid smile on his face.



"Joey, I'm happy for you and everything, but I'm REALLY tired right now and I need a nap." Yugi said, in a somewhat dead voice. Yami was already fast asleep inside the puzzle and would have agreed wholeheartedly.

"YUG! IT'S ONLY FIVE A CLOCK! WHY'RE YOU SO TIRED?" Joey sounded rather upset about not being able to finish his story.

"Tea and I spent the entire day at an amusement park and now I'm worn out. Talk to ya later, Joey." Yugi put down the phone and climbed the stairs to bed, before drifting off into the world of dreams where his date with Tea had never ended.

'Hope it works out for Joey...' Yugi thought, as he went to sleep.

A/N: ALL WORSHIP ME, FOR I RULE! I am proud of myself for this. Yes... very proud.