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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Shaman King or Soul Calibur.

R1- Vash

R2- Inuyasha

R3- Rach-Chan

R4- Yoh vs. Astaroth

R5- D vs. Kin

R6- Hiei vs. Kento

R7- Dragonblade vs. Kuwabara

R8- Sailor Dark vs. Yukina

R9- Jed vs. Kurama

R10- Thunderchaos vs. Chao

Dragonblade: (Slices the last of the remaining mob) Well, that's that.

Gunlord: Yup! But there's still one problem.

Porunga: What would that be?

Sailor Dark: We have no audience now.

Dragonblade: Don't worry. We'll just clean all of these people up, bury their bodies somewhere and have someone else take the blame.

Rach-Chan: Who? (Dragonblade points to BIG_DADDY who is in a state of unconsciousness from the last battle)

Rachel: How cruel and very much low…I love the idea.

Porunga: But that still doesn't solve our audience problem.

Dragonblade: Don't worry. We have plenty of audience. (Points to all people currently reading this fic)

Porunga: I see. But we still need some people to actually watch us.

Dragonblade: Oh yeah! DRAGON POWER! (A/N: A cheap rip-off of AUTHOR POWER)

A crowd fills the arena and all the people sit down.

Porunga: My eyes deceive me? Or is that Koenma in the audience?

Rach-Chan: (Looks over the audience) Nope.

Porunga: Good!

Dragonblade: It's his father, King Yama.

Porunga: Oh shit! What if he finds me? I killed his son!

Kurama: Don't fret. (Hands him a costume resembling a rag doll)

Porunga: Well, I usually wouldn't take advice from anyone I couldn't trust (looks at King Yama) But on the other hand I don't want to lose my life…again.

Dragonblade: Then it's settled. (Shoves the costume over Porunga)

Dragonblade picks up the mike

Dragonblade: Ladies and gentlemen! Have we got a show for you! It's simply one of the most stupefying events of all time. A battle completely out of line and so chaotic…

Random man in audience: Just get to the fight… AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!! (Gets eaten up by Tyrant Dragon)

Dragonblade: As I was saying what a fight we have got for you. Drum roll please! (Porunga sits down, in his doll costume, and begins a steady drum roll)

Little girl in audience: Mommy, look! A cute little dolly!

Mother of little girl in audience: Let's take him home after the fight!

Porunga: (Is giving Dragonblade fierce-death-defying-I-will-kill-you-and-stake-your-head-upon-a-sign-on-my- front-lawn look)

Dragonblade: *gulp* Anyway, in this corner we have the most feared undead fighter in the entire world; give a warm welcome applause to Astaroth! (Astaroth enters the arena to the "We Will Rock You" song and the crowd goes wild) And in this corner, the soon to be king of the world; give it up for Yoh Asakura! (Yoh appears wearing Amidamaru's armor and the Shaman King theme song plays. Only a scattering of applauses can be heard; from the Shaman King cast)

Morty: Go get `em Yoh!

Anna: He better not lose!


Dragonblade: That's my line! (Pulls out Ryu's (The Ronin Warrior, not the 17 yr. old punk from Shaman King) sword and cuts his head off)

Astaroth raises his hand to the sky. His ax falls into his hands with such force that it causes the ground surrounding him to crack up.

Yoh: Uh oh! This could be trouble.

Astaroth: Die mortal scum! (He charges at Yoh)Boomerang Ax! (He hurtles his ax with such force that Yoh didn't have time to dodge it)

Yoh: AUGH! (He parries the ax to the side but is too light in weight and is sent flying out of the arena)

Dragonblade: Well, you all know what that means. If he stays out of the ring for more than 10 sec. he's out of the tournament!

Astaroth: What a fool!

Dragonblade: 1…2…3…4…

Yoh: NO! I can't give up! (He can barely lift his arms)

Dragonblade: 5…

Morty: Come on Yoh!

Anna: Get up now!

Dragonblade: 6… (Yoh barely manages to get up) 7……….. (He starts to run toward the ring) 8………………… (Yoh sticks out his sword) 9……………………….. (Yoh plants his sword on the arena ground, pushes himself up off the ground and lands back in the arena)

Morty: Alright! He did it!

Anna: I knew he would!

Astaroth: You've got a lot of stamina for a young boy!

Yoh: What can I say? It runs in my veins.

Astaroth: Then I'll splatter your veins all over the arena! (He rushes at Yoh who simply side-steps out of the way and trips Astaroth)

Yoh: *heh* Oh come on! Are you seriously trying your hardest to defeat me?

Astaroth: You'll regret saying that to me! (He picks up his ax and swings at Yoh who ducks and crawls underneath him) Stay still runt!

Yoh: No thanks! (Astaroth swings again and Yoh jumps up and pulls out his sword) AMIDAMARU! INTO THE SWORD! (The creepy Shaman King music plays) LET'S GO! CELESTIAL SLASH! (He fires at Astaroth who parries the attack with his ax) What?! No way!

Astaroth: You are in over your head boy! Now I will show you what true power is all about!

???: No! I will show you true power!

Everyone: Huh?

Porunga: Look! Up in the sky!

Rach-Chan: It's a bird!

Gunlord: It's a plane!

Rachel: (Smacks them both) Idiots! It's just Ren and Bason!

Dragonblade: Oh dear!

Yoh: You?! I thought I defeated you!

Ren: Well, you thought wrong fool! First I will destroy this bumbling birds-for-brains then I will destroy you and become Shaman King!

Yoh: You wish!

Astaroth: I have no time for games! (He charges towards Ren)

Ren: COME BASON! 100% INEGRATION! NOW BASON! RAPID TEMPO ASSULT! (He slices Astaroth to bits)

Morty: (Has traditional freaked-out-beyond-all-reason look on his face) AUGH! Now we're all gonna die!

Ren: Precisely you bumbling book worm!

Dragonblade: Foul!

Ren: Huh?

Dragonblade: For entering the ring as a none-participant you must be punished for entering the ring at an invalid time! DRAGON POWER! (Tyrant Dragon flies down and crushes Ren)

Yoh: *whistles* That's a big dragon!

Morty: OH MY GOD! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (Passes out due to lack of oxygen)

Dragonblade: Okay… that was weird! Anyway, since Ren Astaroth have been knocked out I declare Yoh Asakura the winner of this match by default!

Crowd: BOOO!!!!!!!!

Little girl in audience: Mommy! I want to go home now and take that dolly with me!

Mother of little girl in audience: Alright! Let's go sweety! (Jumps into the arena and tries to drag Porunga away from the arena)

Porunga: I will get petty revenge on you my friend! PETTY REVNGE!!!!!! (Laughs manically as he is helplessly dragged off by the mother)

Dragonblade: I feel as though I have dug my own grave.

Rachel: I dug BIG_DADDY's.

Dragonblade: Where is he?

Rachel: I ain't tellin' you!

Dragonblade: Oh well. Anyway, please read & review.

Scene switches to where BIG_DADDY is looking around frantically for something to hide behind

BIG_DADDY: NO! You can't take me away! I know nothing about this mass murdering!

Police Officer #1: That's what they all say.

Police Officer #2: Thought you could just kill all of these people with a machine gun. Then you shot yourself to make it look as though there was another killer. Well it's not gonna work on us bud!

Police Chief: Take him downtown!

BIG_DADDY: (Is helplessly dragged off) NO!!!!!! HELP ME JEEBUS!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!