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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Yu-Yu Hakusho or Soul Calibur.

Contestants left:





R5-D vs. Kin

R6-Hiei vs. Kento

R7-Dragonblade vs. Kuwabara

R8-Sailor Dark vs. Yukina

R9-Jed vs. Kurama

R10-Thunderchaos vs. Chao

Dragonblade: Alright, I apologize for not updating soon enough (mostly ideas of the plot and stuff).

Gunlord: But we're about to come back in a HUGE way.

Porunga: That's right!

Dragonblade: Um… you're back I see.

Porunga: Yes! And I have the perfect revenge plan!

Rach-Chan: What would that be?

Porunga: BIG_DADDY! (BIG_DADDY breaks down the arena doors and stomps up to the announcer's box carrying a giant Hammer)

BIG_DADDY: You'll pay for what you have done to me! Now I'm on the lamb!

Porunga: You embarrassed me in front of millions of people and now you will pay!

Both: DOUBLE AUTHOR POWER! (Lighting shoots down from the cloud above and knocks Dragonblade unconscious)

Lenny Leonard: Hey! He's been knocked unconscious!

Moe Syzlak: Let's storm the announcer's box and steal all of his money!

Crowd: YAY! (They all charge up to the announcer's box)

Some un-loved hobo: Hey he only has $17.00!

Crowd: BOO!!!!!!!!!

Porunga: (Is slowly backing up into a corner with the others) Oh crap!

Crowd that has now turned into an angry mob: REFUND! REFUND! REFUND!

They all run out of the arena and are cornered in an alley.

BIG_DADDY: Well, guess this is it!

Bob: Now to finish you all off! (Pulls out Chu's alcohol tin and drinks savagely from it, gets drunk beyond all reason and begins to pull off a bunch of karate moves that miss everyone. Then the ground begins to shake and firey demons float out of the ground and begin to shoot fire at everyone)

Porunga: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gunlord: WHAT?! NO ONE CAN BE MORE RANDOM THAN ME!!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!!! (He becomes Random Man)

BIG_DADDY: Hey! I forgot you could do that!

Random Man: NOW I SHALL PROVE THAT NO ONE CAN BE MORE RANDOM THAN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Jumps high into the air and shoots Ki blasts at everyone and misses causing snow to fall upwards from the Earth's core. Then it begins to rain anacondas and scorpions from the sky while the Aqua Teens do the YMCA which causes the Evil Mating Corn to appear and impale everyone in sight) NOW NO ONE CAN BE MORE RANDOM THAN ME!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Thunderchaos: Sweet senseless destruction… I LOVE IT! (Random Man is suddenly knocked down from the sky after getting into a sparring session with some dude who could fly) Well, we're screwed.

???: Not if I can help it!


Porunga: Look! Up in the sky!

Sailor Dark: It's a bird!

Thunderchaos: It's plane!

Rachel: IDIOTS! It's just Ed dressed up in Videl's cheesy Sayaigirl costume! *ugh*

BIG_DADDY: I must concur!

Ed: Ed will help P-Chan and save the day! (A random vein twitches in Porunga's head as Ed pulls out a calculator and types in a bunch of nonsense equations which causes numbers to float out of the calculator)

Sailor Dark: What's that supposed to do?

The numbers fuse with each other to create the number 19636x873287ab2087945355439.

1963 something-or-other: Now we shall save the day! (They begin to shoot 1's and 2's at the crowd killing one or 2 at a time) Ah! This is taking too long! (Starts to fire 1,000's and 5,000's for more effectiveness. After many hours the crowd is dead.)

BIG_DADDY: You're not making me the victim this time!

Porunga: Don't worry! It's already been taken care of.

Thunderchaos: But who is… HEY! Put me down! (He is loaded into a body bag and is beaten severely over the head with a baseball bat) X_X

Random Man: It can't be! Someone whose power exceeds my own! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Oh get a life will you?

Dragonblade: (Appears from out of nowhere) ALRIGHT! You two are dead! (Pulls out a giant sword and swings at them both but misses and cuts off Barney's head)

Thunderchaos: YEAH! BARNEY'S DEAD!

Sailor Dark: Um… when did Barney get here?

Dragonblade: That's something I don't have time to answer! DRAGON POWER! (Revives the dead audience and they are all transported back to the arena) Now to get on with the next match! ME VS. KUWABARA!

Kuwabara: WAIT! I'm not fighting you until the Eighth Match!

Dragonblade: Tough cookies! (Kicks him out into the arena and flies down) NOW YOU MUST DIE! (Pulls out a very cool looking sword made form dragon scales)

Kuwabara: WHOA! That's cool!

Dragonblade: Sure is!


Dragonblade charges at Kuwabara and swings his sword. Kuwabara ducks and trips him causing Dragonblade to fall face forward onto the ground.

Kuwabara: That was easy!

Dragonblade: You bastard! (Gets up and charges at Kuwabara extremely fast and rams into Kuwabara's gut with much force causing him to cough up blood)

Kuwabara: Now I'm mad! SPIRIT SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!! (Forms a Spirit Sword)

He lunges at Dragonblade and swings madly but Dragonblade blocks his every attack. Dragonblade then swings at Kuwabara's feet and Kuwabara jumps to avoid it but is met with a swift blow the face and Kuwabara's nose is now bleeding.

Dragonblade: You can forfeit the match now if you want… or I can still humiliate you in front of countless demons and humans.

Kuwabara: Intimidate me all you like *gasp* I'll never surrender *gasp*.

Dragonblade: Oh well, it's your death wish.

He charges at Kuwabara and knocks him over. Kuwabara is able to counter himself from hitting the ground and pull himself back up. He then charges at Dragonblade and slashes him across the chest causing blood to spill from his wounds.

Kuwabara: How's that?

Dragonblade: Interesting. You were able to damage me enough to inflict pain. I guess I underestimated you. But still… I WILL NOT LOSE TO SOME MUSCLE BOUND BUFOON!!!!!!

He jumps over to Kuwabara and jump kicks him across the stage. Kuwabara flails helplessly. The Dragonblade jumps into the air and lands on Kuwabara's chest which seems to crack every bone in his breastplate.

Kuwabara: YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Such blood, gore, and mindless destruction… I LOVE IT!

Sailor Dark: This fight is getting more interesting by the second!

Porunga: Although I admit he is powerful indeed there is still no way that someone of his stature could defeat a power author like me.

Thunderchaos: Nor I!

BIG_DADDY: I second that!

Gunlord: Me too!

Kuwabara is still standing his ground and slashing at Dragonblade causing a cut marks every now and then despite the fact that half of his pelvis and rib cage are missing.

Kuwabara: Shoot! He's just way too experienced for me!

Dragonblade: I sure am! There's no way you can fight me in the condition that you are in!

Kuwabara: *No! I've lost! I can't lose and I can't surrender! Urameshi's in this crowd and if I don't win the world will go all over town that I wimped out from someone other than Urameshi! I can't lose! I WILL NOT LOSE!* HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (His body begins to glow with orange spirit energy)

Dragonblade: A vast increase in power. Intriguing! Yet you still are no match for me!

Kuwabara: OH SHADDUP! HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Runs at Dragonblade and punches him across the face which causes Dragonblade to go wide-eyed and blood flies from his mouth)

Dragonblade: (Is now coughing up blood. Yes. This fic is mass bloodshed but hey! That's what the Dark Tournament is all about.) Damn! You're good! That attack almost caused me to black out!

Kuwabara: I don't need you trying to make me feel more confident in myself! I come that way! (He charges at Dragonblade and hits him again)

Dragonblade: Hmm… that felt almost good! Do it again as long as you want!

Kuwabara: Heh heh heh! You must be crazy to say such a thing! I'm just more than you can handle and you becoming afraid of me! You could never match up to my standards!

Kuwabara continues to wail on Dragonblade to the point that he is covered in blood.

Dragonblade: (Chuckles) Thanks Kuwabara!

Yusuke: Huh?

Dragonblade: There's one thing I should have mentioned before you fought me is my special technique!

Kuwabara: Oh-oh!

BIG_DADDY: Special technique? Why was I never informed of this?!

Dragonblade: HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Begins to roar like a Sayain warrior) SUPER REJUVINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Is wounds heal completely) HAH HAH HAH! NOW MY ENERGY HAS BECOME MUCH HIGHER THAN YOURS! IT HAS EVEN SURPASSED THAT OF A SUPER SAYAIN IN THE 3RD LEVEL! (He begins to glow with greenish-purple energy and goes into a stance)DRAGON'S…… CHAOS…… STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Fires the energy from his fist in the form of a dragon and knocks Kuwabara across the arena and into a wall)

Porunga: Well, you know what that means people!

Gunlord: He has exactly 10 sec. to get back in the ring before he is disqualified!

Thunderchaos: 1…………………………R 30; 2…………………………R 30;………..

Dragonblade: What a joke for a fight! You could never stand up against me and live to tell the tale!

Thunderchaos: 5…………………………R 30;.. 6…………………………R 30;…………

Yusuke: *C'mon Kuwabara! Get up!*

Thunderchaos: 7…………….…………..…. . 8…………………………R 30;….

BIG_DADDY: He's out.

Thunderchaos: 9………………………….. 10! That's it folks! The winner of this match is Dragonblade!

Crowd: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They turn to Kuwabara and throw garbage at him. Kuwabara wakes up)


Dragonblade: I'm tired of your nonsense! (Snaps his fingers and Nightmare breaks through a wall and walks over to Kuwabara. His sword falls from the sky and lands in the ground while that freaky Egyptian god cards music plays)

Nightmare: SWORD! GIVE ME STRENGTH! (He picks it up and with one mighty blow cuts off Kuwabara's head which rolls over to Ned Flanders (don't ask me why this little pansie is in the arena) and runs to the bathroom to `pray' for these mad people)

Yusuke: O_O' KUWABARA! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He jumps down into the arena and points to Nightmare) SHOTGUN!!!!!!!!!!! (Fires a Shotgun at Nightmare and impales him on the wall. Yusuke then turns to Dragonblade) You're next!

Dragonblade: You actually defeat Nightmare without any hassle? That's impressive. Think you can take me on that easily? Or do you want to suffer the fate as your friend?

Yusuke: I think that can be arranged.

Yu-Yu Hakusho announcer for the Dark Tournament: With the stage set for battle against to powerful warriors the match of the century has only just begun! Will Yusuke emerge victorious and avenge Kuwabara's death? Or will he suffer the same fate? Find out next time on Dragonfane's Dark Tournament!