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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

DISCLAIMER: Don't own Yu-Yu Hakusho.

Yu-Yu Hakusho announcer for the Dark Tournament: Last time Kuwabara had his match moved up the 5th round and was up against the legendary author/dragon Dragonblade. He put up a good fight and seemed to gain the upper hand until Dragonblade unleashed his fury of the Dragon's Chaos Fist. Kuwabara somehow survived and vowed to get revenge but was tragically killed by Nightmare. Yusuke was in the arena stepped up the plate. In a rage he used his shotgun technique and destroyed Nightmare with a single blow. Impressed by Yusuke's power, Dragonblade challenged Yusuke to a match to the death! Can Yusuke overcome such a force that Kuwabara could not?

Yusuke climbs into the arena and so does Dragonblade.

Yusuke: (Spits) So… you think yo got enough guts to take me on?

Dragonblade: Your friend was no match for me so what makes you think this will be any different?

Yusuke: Oh trust me! I know!

Gunlord: This is going to be one exciting match up!

Thunderchaos: They both appear to be equally matched in all categories!

BIG_DADDY: Don't be fooled! Dragonblade may not look like it but he does posses some incredible power that may give Yusuke a run for his money.

Porunga: Then let's not wait to find out! (Rings bell) FIGHT!

Dragonblade forms a fireball in his hand hands.

Yusuke: You think that's supposed to hurt me? I've fought gangsters twice as worse as that!

Dragonblade: This isn't for you! (Throws the fireball at Kuwabara and turns his body into ash)

Yusuke: >_< NOW YOU'RE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! (He charges at Dragonblade) SHOTGUN!!!!!!!!! (Fires the shogun blast at Dragonblade) There's no way you can dodge this!

Dragonblade: (Smirks) LEVEL 2!!!!! (The blasts hit him and appear to do damage but when the smoke clears he doesn't have a scratch on his body but his shirt is gone and his body is covered with scales)

Yusuke: Dammit!

Dragonblade: You have seemed to underestimate my power young man! Not only does my second stage of transformation make me stronger and faster but my body is also covered with diamond hard scales thus making almost any energy and physical attack done to me ineffective.

Porunga: Astounding!

Sailor Dark: That's interesting!

Rachel: What a show!

Rach-Chan: You said it!

Thunderchaos: This'll be a close one!

BIG_DADDY: Yusuke has a lot of pep but when it comes to Dragonblade you just don't want to mess with him! (A/N: In case you people forgot, Dragonblade is my name whenever I am in a tournament. My other name is Dragonfane)

Yusuke: Crap! Not even a scratch!

Dragonblade: And that's how it's going to stay! Now here's my attack! (He charges up black and red energy) DRAGON'S INFERNO! (He fires the energy from both his hands)

Yusuke ducks and runs up to Dragonblade and uppercuts him in the mouth.

Dragonblade: Is that all? (Notices Yusuke's fist is charging up energy) Oh!

Yusuke: (Grins) SHOTGUN! (Fires the shotgun up close, causing Dragonblade to fly high and lands on the ground with a thud. He his covered in bruises from his head to his breastplate)

Dragonblade: What was that?!

Yusuke: You said that it protects you from energy and physical attacks. But you never anything about physical/energy attacks!

Everyone is dumbstruck.

Gunlord: That Yusuke always finds some loophole in his opponent!

Dragonblade: I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY SOME MORTAL! (Charges up a giant Ki blast and Yusuke charges up another Spirit Gun) BURNING CHAOS!


The attacks collide and destroy each other. When the smoke clears they are both throwing and dodging punches and kicks.

Dragonblade: You're good! But you can only last a certain amount of time! LEVEL 3!!!! (He changes into his 3rd form in which he grows claws, fangs, and horns and he grows a tail. He also becomes taller, stronger, faster and his voice is a lot deeper. He is now an 8 ft. behemoth) HAH HAH HAAA!!!!!

Yusuke: Crap! (Dragonblade begins to beat the living crap out of Yusuke)

Keiko is in the audience watching Yusuke get the living shit beat out of him.

Keiko: Yusuke! No! STOP IT NOW! (Her body begins to glow like Yusuke's does when he is angry becoming more powerful than Yusuke could ever be) AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keiko rushes at Dragonblade and knocks him over. Then she picks him up and begins to kick him in the shins.

Thunderchaos: YIKES! That's got to hurt! Now I can see why this PG-13 related!

Sailor Dark: Oh well. I'm 13 now! YAY ME!

Porunga: Good for you! Have a beer! (Tosses her a Duff Beer)

Sailor Dark: Sorry, I don't drink.

Gunlord: It sucks to be you then. (Drinks a couple of duffs and dances like crazy imitating a scene from Wayne's World)

Keiko is still kicking him in the shins and is about to fire her attack.

Keiko: TWIN SPIRIT GUNS! (Holds her 2 index fingers in the form of Yusuke's Spirit Gun and fires two energy blasts)

Dragonblade: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEVEL 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The blast hits him and he is thrown in to the wall and is covered in rubble)

BIG_DADDY: WOW! She did it! She actually defeated Dragonblade! I bow her superiority!

Voice: Oh I wouldn't celebrate if I were you! (Every looks to see that Dragonblade has survived the full force blast of the Twin Spirit Guns)

Yusuke: Son of a bitch!

Dragonblade has now grown wings, is 12 ft. tall, and can breathe fire. He has a hunched up back and legs to support his own weight but still looks like he was in his first stage. He has a symbol emblazoned upon his head.

Dragonblade: RRRRROOOOOOOAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (He lets of a roar that shakes the entire stadium and can be heard all the way to Japan) Now you fools are going to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He rushes at Keiko and knocks her to the ground.

Yusuke: Keiko! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He gets up and runs at Dragonblade and tries to punch him but gets knocked back)

Dragonblade: Now you fools will suffer most dearly for your infidelity! But first, I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine!

This girl that he used to like in middle school walks into the arena with a spear holder on her back. She jumps into the arena.

Dragonblade: Meet my old friend Katie!

Katie: A pleasure to meet you Yusuke!

Keiko: So someone's trying to steal my Yusuke?! AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (Screams and runs at Katie who uses her Flaming Spear attack and hits Keiko knocking her across the arena)

Yusuke: YOU BITCH! (He runs at Katie but Dragonblade gets in his way and stops him)

Dragonblade: I am your opponent!

Yusuke: Well, duh, I can see that. But I need to get my revenge on her!

The symbol on Dragonblade's head glows and he looks at Yusuke who also has half of the sign glowing on his head.

Dragonblade: Y… you're… you're the Spirit Dragon Knight! But… the Spirit Dragon Knight has two heads!

Katie: Keiko has the other half of the sign.

Yusuke: So what are saying?

Dragonblade's wings disappear and he becomes human again.

Dragonblade: Damn! I forgot! I can only become a dragon temporarily! Then I have to wait 3 more hours before I can transform again!

Yusuke: (Grins and laughs) That's too bad for you because now you're weaker and I can actually hit you!

His fist glows with energy and he tries to punch Dragonblade who punches back with energy. Their fists collide together creating an explosion that sends them flying back.

Dragonblade: It's not over yet! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He is surrounded by fire)Power of the Inferno Dragon! (He is hit with a giant flame and gains brilliant white armor with orange highlights around the edges) HAH HAH HAH! Now I am more powerful than you will ever be!

Yusuke: Aw crap! I can't fight back against something that strong! (He gets down on his knees) Just finish me!

Dragonblade: Huh?

Yusuke: I can't fight back so just finish me! There's no way I can defeat you now.

Dragonblade looks at Yusuke and Goku's Super Sayain 3 Ascension music begins.

Dragonblade: Do you want to have as much power as me?

Yusuke: Yes.

Dragonblade: Then say Spirit of the Inferno Dragon!

Yusuke gets up raises his hands to the sky.


Keiko screams as her body is being pulled forwards to meet Yusuke's ala Fusion Earrings and they fuse to form Spirittose the Spirit Dragon Knight.

Gunlord: Now that's just disturbing!


Spirittose stand up with confidence and looks at Dragonblade square in the eyes.

Spirittose: Now it's time to kick some ass!

Dragonblade: Now the real fun begins!

Yu-Yu Hakusho announcer for the Dark Tournament: With the fusion of Keiko and Yusuke as one are they now powerful enough to put Dragonblade in his place? Find out next time on the exciting conclusion of Dragonfane's Dark Tournament!