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Yu-Yu Hakusho announcer for the Dark Tournament: On the last episode Yusuke challenged Dragonblade to a match in the arena and Keiko joined the fray. However, when they seemed to gain the upper hand Dragonblade was always one step ahead of them. Things got even more hairy when Dragonblade's friend Katie jumped into the arena and attacked Keiko enraging Yusuke who charged at her but was blocked by Dragonblade who transformed again into the Dragon Warrior of Flaming Chaos. He offered Yusuke to have as much power as him and Yusuke agreed. After chanting the magical words Yusuke and Keiko fused to become Spirittose the Spirit Dragon Knight. Now the battle is about to really heat up.

BIG_DADDY: It's hard to say who will win.

Rachel: I can sense that they are both equally matched in speed and strength.

Porunga: So that's why he did it. He wanted to down fighting an opponent worthy of his stature.

Dragonblade: It's time to take things to the next level! INFERNO SWORD! (Forms a sword made of fire)

Spirittose: SPIRIT SWORD! (Forms a Spirit Sword made of white energy surrounded by orange flame)

They both rush at each other and their swords collide with one another. They both begin slashing at each other madly.

Thunderchaos: I could bet my entire stash of Shonen Jump magazines on Spirittose and probably win! He… er… she… er… he-she may win if he-she puts in enough effort.

BIG_DADDY: That has to be the most ridiculous idea I ever heard! I take you bet!

Thunderchaos: And if I win?

BIG_DADDY: Then I give you all of my Yu-Gi-Oh! cards!

Thunderchaos: Done!

Dragonblade is currently slashing at Spirittose who is dodging every blow. Then Spirittose jumps back, raises his-her sword to the sky and draws in energy.

Dragonblade: What's this?

Spirittose: You never should have given me this much power! (Grins)SPIRIT SLASH!!!!!!! (A blade of white hot flames bursts through the air and flies at Dragonblade)

Dragonblade: (Charges up energy) BURNING SLASH! (He counters the attack and sends it into the crowd killing countless demons and knocking Dragonblade back a few feet)

Dragonblade: Impressive. You're right! I never should have given you such power!

Spirittose: And now you will pay for killing Kuwabara! (Puts his-her hands together and draws in energy from the area where the oxygen was taken) OXYGEN BOMB! (Throws a giant ball of clear energy at Dragonblade)

Thunderchaos: Get your cards ready!

Dragonblade: DRAGON'S (scales fly up from the ground) SCALES! (The blast doesn't hit him but is blocked by scales who send the attack back at Spirittose injuring him-her badly)

BIG_DADDY: You were saying? (Thunderchaos clenches his fists in anger)

Spirittose: Damn it!

Dragonblade: HAH HAH HAH! (Charges up a fireball) NOW YOU'RE GOING TO DIE! (Launches the fireball)

Spirittose: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The fireball hits them but when the smoke clears there is not a scratch on his-her body because he-she is holding the fireball over his-her head)

Dragonblade: Inconceivable!

Porunga: Wow!


Thunderchaos: Heh heh heh!

Spirittose: DIE!!!!!!!!!!! (Launches the fireball with such force that it reaches Dragonblade faster than he can move)

Dragonblade: (Is now covered with bruises and cuts all over his body. He is muttering inaudible profanities) Damn you! Oh well. We're both injured badly. Neither one of us has enough strength to punch back.

Spirittose: So I guess it's draw huh?

Dragonblade: Far from it!

Spirittose: Well, that's funny that you should mention we're both out of energy (heals himself completely) BECAUSE I'VE GOT PLENTY OF ENERGY TO SPARE!!!!!!!! HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Rushes at Dragonblade and is about to deliver the final blow)

Thunderchaos: (Grins madly at BIG_DADDY) I hope you have doubles of all you cards!

BIG_DADDY: (Is silent like Sakyo is in the face of defeat)

Dragonblade: (Glares at Spirittose) I still have one trick left up my sleeve! (Gets ready to kick at him)

Spirittose: Is that all? Just a simple little kick?

Dragonblade: FLYING CROTCH KICK! (He thrusts himself forward nailing his foot into a special place that doesn't knock out Spirittose but only stuns him temporarily. Spirttose falls to the ground unconscious)

Thunderchaos: (((O_O)))' WHAT?! JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!?

BIG_DADDY: Simple my friend. You lost the bet. You now owe me every Shonen Jump comic you have ever collected.

Porunga: Such a fool!

Thunderchaos: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Runs into the wall and knock himself out)

Gunlord: Ohhh! That had to hurt!

BIG_DADDY: Well, ladies and gentlemen! Demons and humans! And people of all sorts I now declare Dragonblade the winner of this match!

Crowd cheers like crazy.

Spirittose defuses to become Yusuke and Keiko again.

Dragonblade: (To Katie) Go help Keiko. (Katie nods and picks up Keiko while Dragonblade power down to his normal mode and takes Yusuke to the healing bar)


Everyone gets up to go do hang out for a while before the next matches start up unaware that 2 lurking figures are watching them from the shadows.

Yu-Yu Hakusho announcer for the Dark Tournament: With the battle over and the 2 mysterious figures monitoring the fight, will Yusuke and Keiko recover? Who are these 2 mysterious figures? Find out next time on Dragonfane's Dark Tournament!