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R6-Sailor Dark vs. Yukina

R7-Jed vs. Kurama

R8-Hiei vs. Kento

R9-Thunderchaos vs. Chao

R10-D vs. Kin

Dragonblade: Well, for reasons that I must explain but don't really feel like explaining I am switching the matches a bit because I still need to decide what to do with D and Kin.

Sailor Dark: I get to fight now? ^_^ YAY! I will whup that puny little ice apparition!

Dragonblade: But before you do I must add that I had a bit too much sugar lately and may do something so inexplicably evil that no man can comprehend!

Gunlord: I thought we were doing half-time!

Dragonblade: Nah! BIG_DADDY suggested to me that we do it after everyone has gone around.

Porunga: Say…. Where is BIG_DADDY?

BIG_DADDY emerges from the basement of the arena and is covered in oil.

BIG_DADDY: Hi-ho there readers!

Dragonblade: Where were you?

BIG_DADDY: I was tuning up someone's car. Had a really bad leak.

Dragonblade: Wait a minute! There are no cars on Hanging Neck Island!

Thunderchaos: Then what do you call that over there? (Points to Seto's limo)

Dragonblade: I dunno! And one more thing before we start the next round! I am (not) pleased to announce that Cooler and Raditz will appear in this fic!

Gunlord: YAY! (Raditz and Cooler break through a wall and fly up to the announcer's box only to get kicked out by Dragonblade) What was that for?!

Dragonblade: I just hate them, okay?

Gunlord: Whatever.

Cooler and Raditz walk over to the edge of the arena

Cooler: In this corner… an authoress feared by many (including me) and the all powerful and proud owner of Jim the Homicidal and Perverted Coconut, Sailor Dark!

Sailor Dark enters the arena to a chorus of cheers.

Raditz: And in this corner… the one and seemingly true love of Kuwabara, and apparition from the Other World, Yukina!

Yukina enters to a chorus of boos.

Yukina: That's not very nice of you all. (She is pelted with trash)

Jed (who is there but I didn't mention in the last chapter suddenly looks under a table that Dragonblade cannot see.

Jed: Fat ass, look under there!

Dragonblade: Under where?

Jed: April fools! You said underwear! (Everyone rolls on the ground in laughter)

Dragonblade: NO!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot today was April fools day! And when I am Dragonblade I am buffed beyond all reason!

Porunga: It sucks to be you then!

Jed: (Looks up) Look! A dead bird!

Porunga: (Looks up) Where?!

Jed: April fools!

BIG_DADDY: (Is now cracking up) That's the exact same way you got Gerardo!

Gunlord: Who's Gerardo?

BIG_DADDY: Some Mexican kid in our P.E. class.

Dragonblade: Anyway, let's get on with the match then!

Porunga: 10….

Gunlord: 9….

Jed: 8….

Rachel: 7….

Thunderchaos: 6….

Rach-Chan: 5….

Cooler: 4….


Raditz: 2….

Seto: 1….

Dragonblade: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Everyone in the bleachers is bleachers is puzzled beyond all reason.

All: APRIL FOOLS! (They begin to laugh like crazy)

Seto: Umm… why am I here?

Dragonblade: I have no idea; yet I am the author. Huh… Fight!

Sailor Dark pulls out Mallet of Doom.

Sailor Dark: DIE!!!!!!!!!! (Rushes at Yukina)

Yukina: NO! Please, I don't like to fight! (Forms an ice barrier as Sailor Dark throws her mallet at Yukina, causing it to freeze) *phew*

Sailor Dark: You actually blocked my Mallet of Doom?

Kurama: Amazing!

Hiei: It appears there is more to my sister than meets the eye.

Sailor Dark: Maybe I haven't been using the right strategy! GO FUZZY PINK BUNNIES!

The arena doors open and an army of fuzzy pink bunnies armed with machine guns walk in the arena.

Yukina: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Forms snowballs and starts throwing them at the bunnies)

Fuzzy pink bunnies: *doot doot doot doot*

A bunny fires the machine (for some reason) at the announcer's box and fires at Dragonblade, striking him in the shoulder.

Sailor Dark: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yukina: DRAGONBLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Porunga: Okay… why are they upset by you getting hurt?

Dragonblade: Remember when I said I had too much sugar?

Porunga: Yeah.

Dragonblade: Well… part of the result was me giving Sailor Dark and Yukina a love potion so that whenever I am hurt or injured they fight to the death!

BIG_DADDY: I wish I had a love potion!

Thunderchaos: (Hands him a love potion) Here you go!

BIG_DADDY: (Drinks down the potion but suddenly puckers up and spits it out) Lemon juice?!

Thunderchaos: April fools! OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG_DADDY: I hate you!

Seto: Umm…. Has anyone noticed that Rach-Chan is now red-eyed and looking pissed?

Dragonblade: Oh yeah! I gave her a love potion also.

Seto: Did you give anyone else a love potion?

Dragonblade: Nope!

Seto: Good!

Rach-Chan jumps out of the announcer's box and pulls out a machine gun.

Rach-Chan: DRAGONBLADE IS MINE! (Fires many bullet blasts which Yukina is able to freeze)

Raditz: It looks like Yukina has the upper hand.

Cooler: (Is sulking) *hmph* If she is and ice apparition and my name resembles that of an ice box then why shouldn't she be mine?

Gunlord: Oh quit it you big baby!

Just then Lyona crashes through the wall.

Dragonblade: I wish you people wouldn't do that! This arena costs more than you think and it ain't coming out of Sakyo's pay!

Lyona: I saw the tournament on my T.V. set and I just want to say that DRAGONBLADE SHALL HAVE NO OTHER!

Porunga: So it's come to this!

Thunderchaos: You've gotten so desperate that you're using an 11 yrs.?

Dragonblade: Boy did I pick the wrong girl!

Lyona pulls out her mega-sized Frying Pan of Doom and begins to beat Sailor Dark over the head with it. Sailor Dark retaliates by jumping away and nailing her on the head with her Mallet of Doom.

Sailor Dark: X_X

BIG_DADDY: Yikes! That's got to hurt!

Rachel: I still don't see why she would want to fall in love with you! Love potion or not!

Dragonblade: *heh heh heh*

Then Katie returns from the medical center and sees everyone fighting over Dragonblade.

Katie: (Is pissed and holding a spear) No on takes Dragonblade away from me!

Raditz: You lucky dog!

Cooler: You have 5 different women fighting over you!

Thunderchaos: That's got to suck!

Seto: Actually, it's only when they are pulling on you!

Dragonblade: Very true! Now if you're Tenchi then that's got to suck! Having 8 DIFFERENT WOMEN PULL ON YOU FOR POSSESSION!

BIG_DADDY: Makes perfect sense to me!

Katie jumps in and joins the fight. Sailor Dark hits Rach-Chan with her Mallet of Doom, Rach-Chan fires bullets at Yukina, Yukina freezes the bullets and shoot ice picks at Lyona, Lyona throws her Frying Pan at Katie who is ready to stab Sailor Dark with her spear.

Dragonblade: No more! DRAGON'S POWER! (Time freezes as he walks around the ring, positioning them so that Rach-Chan's bullets will hit Lyona, Lyona's Frying Pan of Doom will hit Sailor Dark, Sailor Dark's mallet will hit Yukina and Yukina's ice picks will stab Rach-Chan in the head. Then he picks up Katie and walks to the side-lines) Unfreeze!

Time unfreezes as Yukina's icicles impale Lyona and Rach-Chan in the shoulders.

Dragonblade: Huh? Not how I planned it out but still.

Sailor Dark: (Glares at Yukina) You will not have Dragonblade!

Yukina: (Glares at Sailor Dark but drops her glare and goes berserk as her eyes glow white) AGH!!!!!!!!!! (She stabs every one of the pink bunnies and then knocks out Sailor Dark in a rage and then her eyes grow dim) What have I done?

Cooler: You just won me Raditz's hair!

Raditz: I made that bet a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago! I thought you forgot!

Cooler: We ice-jinns are more than you think!

Raditz: (Pulls out a razor blade) Well hair, it was nice knowing you!

Dragonblade: (Looks over the mess of bodies and brings them back to life) How'd you enjoy your sleep ladies?

They all look at him like he's crazy.

Seto: I guess the potion must have worn off.

Rach-Chan, Lyona, Sailor Dark, Katie, and Yukina look at Seto with dreamy eyes but then look at each other and glare.


Lyona: HE IS MINE YOU BITCH! (Bitch slaps Rach-Chan and gets slapped back. Then the others join in)

Seto: I would go down and encourage them to fight even more, but then I would be setting a bad example for Mokuba, who might not be watching this… screw it all! (Goes down so that the girls will fight over him a lot more)

Dragonblade: (Has extremely pissed off look in his eyes) You… will…. Die!

Thunderchaos: Why is he furious beyond all reason as speak?

BIG_DADDY: Well, Kaiba is one of his least favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! character only because he had to cheat to get his way into Pegasus' castle.

Seto: I can see why anyone would hate me after that!

Dragonblade: (Creates a fireball and launches it at Seto causing his hair to light on fire) Oh my god! What have I done? BIG_DADDY! Get the fire extinguisher!

BIG_DADDY goes to the fire extinguisher and marked "Use in case of Seto's appearance before Dragonblade"

BIG_DADDY: That's convenient. (Breaks the glass and runs into the arena and sprays Seto with it which causes Seto to light on fire and run around the arena screaming in agony) What the…!? (Looks at Dragonblade who is trying to hold back a laugh and looks on the bottom)

Text on the bottom says: HA HA! This was filled with gasoline! FOOL!

BIG_DADDY: What the hell?!

Dragonblade: APRIL FOOLS! It was filled with gasoline so that when you sprayed Seto with it, it would set fire to him!

Seto: (Has now doused out the flames with water) You mean it was a set up?!

Dragonblade: Exactly! Well, with the match over I declare Yukina the winner seeing as she was the last one standing when she killed Sailor Dark. (She is booed and pelted with garbage. Dragonblade notices Seto and BIG_DADDY laughing) What?!

Seto: Look underneath you! (Dragonblade looks underneath him and notices that he is standing on a metal platform)

BIG_DADDY: You see… since it was April fools day, and because you hate Seto, me and him devised the ultimate prank! (Holds up a button) We set everything up so that you would be pranked! You're freezing the fan girls was key!

Seto: Now you are going to be pranked so badly it will put the word `dragon' to shame!

Dragonblade: NO!!!!!!!!!! (BIG_DADDY presses the button and sends Dragonblade flying out of the arena)

Both: APRIL FOOLS! (They begin to laugh with everyone else but then notice that Lyona, Rach-Chan, Sailor Dark, and Yukina are all looking at Seto with heart in their eyes)

Seto: Aw shit!

They run out of the arena followed by the girls who are carrying fishing nets and leashes.

BIG_DADDY: Wait! Why am I running?!

Seto: Don't talk kid!

BIG_DADDY: Yes sir!


We find Dragonblade in a prison cell surrounded by huge and bulky looking inmates who are surrounding him with knives.

Dragonblade: Well, I hope you liked this chapter. Sorry if it wasn't of much quality because I had rush it to fit it with April fools day. Oh well, read and review!