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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Light Yamia-chan:konnchiwa everyone!!!!my name is Light Yamia-chan.i am the sister of Yamia,
Dark Yamia and Yami.well,anyway today is a very good day today.my sisters and their boyfriends
are off on two month vacation at Disney World!!!!that means i get total control of this fanfic!!!!!
bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sesshomaru:that would be a good thing if your sisters didn't ask me to stay and watch over you
for two months....

Light Yamia:Sesshomaru-kun!!!!!!!what do you mean watch over me!!!!!!!!

Yami:he means babysit.i was asked to help Sesshomaru also....

Light Yamia-chan:NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not you too Yami!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how come my sisters don't trust me!!!!!!im the good one!!!!!!!!!!

Sesshomaru:probably because you have to many suagr highs....

Light Yamia-chan:o hush,you're my boyfriend....well,since you guys are here,we can do a talk
show!!!!wouldn't that be fun?

Yami&Sesshomaru:a talk show?

Light Yamia-chan:yes a talk show.and we're starting right now....
Disclaimer:i don't own anyone who appears in this fanfic....yet....

chapter 1:InuYasha and Kagome.....
Light Yamia:hello everyone and welcome to my new show!!!!Confessions of a Crazy Anime Person!!!!

Sesshomaru:why are we doing this?

Yami:because we have to do whatever Light Yamia says.

Light Yamia:we just got a confession!!!!!yay!!!!!!!!!!!

Yami:what was it?

Light Yamia:you two just confessed you have to listen me and do whatever i say even though i
never said that!!!!!!tee hee!!!!

Sesshomaru:great,this is your fault Yami....

Yami:~in the corner sulking~

Sesshoamru:can we get this over with?

Light Yamia:fine then.lets bring out our first guest,my big brother in law,InuYasha!!!!!!!!


(InuYasha walks out of wherever he was....)

Light Yamia:big brother!!!(runs up and hugs InuYasha)

InuYasha:Light Yamia!!its been way to long since we've last seen each other!!!

Sesshomaru:what are you doing here?!(draws Tokijin)

InuYasha:what are you doing here?!(draws Tetsusiga)

Yami:here we go...

Light Yamia:we got more confessions!!!


Light Yamia:Sesshomaru and InuYasha hate each other!!!!^-^

Yami: -_-;;;

Sesshomaru:Light Whip!!

InuYasha:Backlash Wave!!

Light Yamia:i don't know who to cheer for...

Yami:i'd rather cheer for Kaiba....

Light Yamia:which Kaiba?

Yami:......Seto&Noah Kaiba.........

Light Yamia:hey,those are two Kaiba's.....

(Raenef and Eclipse suddenly appear)

Raenef:are we in the right place Eclipse?

Eclipse:we are,there's Light Yamia...

Raenef:oy!!!!Light Yamia!!!!

Light Yamia:Raenef-kun!!!!!

Yami:great,even more insanity....

InuYasha:Blades of Blood!!!!

Sesshomaru:Youkai Transformation!!!!!

Raenef:what's up with those two?

Light Yamia:oh their just fighting....

Raenef:do they always do that?

Light Yamia:only when they get within two feet of each other....then the choas and destruction

Raenef:how can we stop them?

Light Yamia: when Kagome yells 'sit boy'......

Raenef:where is she anyway?

Light Yamia:at WacDondals.....

Raenef:isn't McDondals?

Light Yamia:not in the Inuyasha anime....

Eclpise:i will go get her.if it will help me get rid of this headache.'WacDondals...'GO!

Light Yamia:well,all we can do now is wait.....

Raenef:wanna play Dai Hing Min?

Light Yamia:sure!!!!wait,how do you know about that game?

Raenef:i have my ways,now let's play!!!!

Sesshomaru:you're goin' down hanyou!!!!

Inuyasha:not if i kill you first!!!!!!!!

Eclipse:(returns with Kagome)please stop them from fighting....


Light Yamia:revolution!!!!!

Raenef:no!!!!!!you won!!!!damn!!!!!!!!

Light Yamia:ha!!!i always win at Dai Hing Min!!!!!!!oh,hi Kagome....


Sesshomaru:i know where this is going.....(sheaths Tokijin and jumps next to Light Yamia)

Inuyasha:Kagome....o man....

Kagome:sit boy!!!!


Light Yamia:well,that fight is over now and it looks like we're out of time to continue this

Yami&Eclipse:thank Kami.....

Light Yamia:please e-mail me any reviews!!!!darkmagiciangurl2004@yahoo.com!!!!please review!!!!
please don't forget to give me any suggestions for anime characters you wanna see!!!ja!!!!

Raenef:Light Yamia,let's play Duel Monsters now!!!

Light Yamia:alright,but im pretty good at this game...(Millienium Eye shines where her left eye
is supposed to be)