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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Lamia:konnchiwa!!!!i have to put my little story on haitus for a little while.im being swaped down by so much homework,i hate high school....T . T
the fangirls have almost left.....
true!!!!oh,and to my reviewer Erika,you will certainly get your wish to be paired with my big brother and join this crazy crazy show of ours soon ok?i just have to get another chapter out of the way for this story and i'll get right to that pairing for the chapter after this one!!!!and please send any suggestions of who you would like to see in this fic and what they should confess!!!
im i being the only one tortured?
don't worry Yami,she's not a crazy fangirl if that's what you're thinking about....
Yami)i will be back soon,and with more chapters!!!!!ja ne for now!!!!