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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
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Chapter 3:Shishio Makoto and Himura Kenshin-Kenshin's dark secret revealed!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Light Yamia:hello,hello its a new world!!!

Yami:why are you singing the theme song to .hack?

Raenef:which .hack?

Yami:what do you mean which .hack?there's only one....

Light Yamia:what Raenef means big brother,is which version .hack?

Sesshomaru: .hack//sign,the video game versions: .hack//infection, .hack//mutation, .hack//quarintine, .hack//outbreak or .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga or .hack//Legend of the Twilight Braclet t.v. version....take your pick.

Yami:O.O w-wha...how do you know so much about .hack!?

Light Yamia:that's what happens when you have me as a girlfriend!!!

Inuyasha(he decided to stay):can we just get on with the show?

Yami:hold on a mintue.from which .hack did that theme song come from Light Yamia?

Light Yamia: .hack//Legend of the Twilight Braclet...

Inuyasha:can we get on with the show already!!!!!

Light Yamia:alright,alright!!!keep your belly dancer pants on!!!!

Inuyasha:(blush)i don't wear belly dancer pants!!!

Light Yamia: how do you know what belly dancer pants are?

Raenef:i blame it on t.v.

Sesshomaru:i second that.

Light Yamia:i third that.

Inuyasha:yeah,lets blame it on t.v.

Light Yamia:-.- hmmm....anyway,lets intoduce our two new guests-Himura Kenshin and Shishio Makoto who i brought back from the dead!!both from Rurouni Kenshin!!!!

Sesshomaru:how did you bring back Shishio?

Light Yamia:i borrowed Tensiega yesterday...


Light Yamia:anyway,on to confessions!!!anybody got anything to confess?

Inuyasha:im not wearing belly dancer pants if that's what you're thinking!!

Light Yamia:damn!!!

Raenef:you owe me 20 bucks Light Yamia.cough it up!!!

Shishio:you owe thirty bucks also Light Yamia.hand it over!!

Light Yamia:damn it all to hell!!!(hands over money)

Sesshomaru&Kenshin(stunned):Light Yamia!!

Light Yamia:(remembers what she just said)oops!!!


Shishio:(looking at Light Yamia with even more respect)

Yami:(stunned also)

Inuyasha:i don't think you're name should be Light Yamia anymore...

Light Yamia:you're right!!i think i'll change my name to Lamia!!


Lamia:yep.i got it from a a show called Betterman.one of the main characters is Betterman and his name is Lamia...^.^

Yami:ok...so anyway,Shishio,any confessions?

Shishio:in fact i do.Himura,you were never my idol.i just used that crap to lure you doom so i could be the only Hitokiri Battosai.

Lamia:oh,that's a good confession.did ya hear that Dark Yamia?

Dark Yamia(on phone):ha!!i knew Shishio never meant that idol crap!! you owe me 12 bucks each Marik and Yamia!!!

Inuyasha:what is with you people and bets?

Yamia(on phone):it runs in the family.gotta go now bye!!(hangs up)

Lamia:but Raenef isn't related to us.

Raenef:eh,i pick it up from you guys.

Sesshomaru:you need more demon lord trainingif you that easily influenced by Light Yamia(its Lamia)*drags Raenef off to a table were Eclipse is already waiting)

Lamia:what kind if boyfriend are you Sesshomaru?hmph.anyway,Kenshin,confessions?

Kenshin:i don't really have anything to confess...

Lamia:what do you mean you don't have anything to confess!?

Yami:unlike you people,he's not crazy...

Lamia:*thinks Kenshin is lieing*you know Kenshin,i think you're lieing to me...

Kenshin:*thinks Lamia is on to him*whatever do you mean Lamia?^ ^;;;

Inuyasha:*sniffs the air around Kenshin*you're lieing....

Lamia:Kenshin...(taps foot impatiently)


Sesshomaru(finshed teaching Reanef)would you just spit it out alreay Himura!!we don't have all day you know....

Lamia:yeah,Sesshy-kun has a kingdom to rule over!!^.^

Raenef:im bored now.i wanna destroy someone now. -.-

Lamia:aah!!!(grabs Raenef's head in a hug)cute little Raenef's mind has been corrupted!!he is finally a true demon lord thanks to the combined efforts of Eclipse and Sesshy-kun!!!

Raenef:(turning blue from lack of air)

Yami:Lamia, your breasts are cutting off Raenef's air supply!!!

Lamia:huh?(looks down to see Raenef turning purple)oh!!!im sorry Raenef!!!(lets go of him)

Raenef:(falls to the ground and takes a long breath of air)

Lamia:Kenshin!!!just confess already!!!

Kenshin:i don't have anything to confess!!!(getting really nervous)

Yami:Kenshin,we know you're lieing.so just confess already before i have Shishio threaten that confession out you....

Shishio:(trying to get his sword back from Inuyasha)

Yami: - -;;

Kenshin: ^ ^;;

Inuyasha:how can this sword produce fire when i don't smell any magic on it?

Sesshomaru:Inuyasha,just give the sword back...now!!!

Lamia:ah-ha!!!i know how to get that confession out of Kenshin!!!^.^(pulls out Millennium Eye and puts it in her right eye socket)

Kenshin: O.O what is that!?

Lamia:oh nothing...(looks directly at Kenshin,reading his thoughts)

Kenshin:(totally freaking out)

Shishio:give me back my sword half-breed!!!!

Inuyasha:what did you call me!?

Yami:im getting bored...

Raenef:(torturing Tea)

Yami:(sees what Raenef is doing)oh,entertainment!!(looks on happily)

Sesshomaru:(sigh)did you find out anything yet Lamia?

Lamia:(looks away from Kenshin)yep.he never loved Tomoe and he hired look alikes to kill all those people during the war!!!^.^


Sesshomaru:(stunned into actually fainting)


Raenef:(stops torturing Tea to look at Kenshin)wha- O.O;;;


Kenshin:^ ^;; heh-heh...

Tea:what happened?(gets kicked in the head by Raenef and faints)

Eclipse:now that's a confession....

Lamia:your right about that Eclipse....

Yami:(notices ripples in soda)nandato?

Lamia:what's wrong big brother?

Inuyasha:must have finally snappd out of it...

Sesshomaru:(finally awake)what's that rumbling noise?its giving me a headache....

Raenef:i hear it too...(kicks Tea's body again) i wonder what it is?

Inuyasha:(sniffs the air and stiffens)

Lamia:whats up with you Inuyasha?(sniffs the air also)oh my Ra!!!

Kenshin:(alarmed)what is it Lamia?

Lamia:fangirls!!!and fro some strange reason fanboys too...

Shishio:how did fangirls find us here!?i thought you said this place was hidden from fangirls eyes!!!

Lamia:what in the world?why is that camera on!!!!its not supposed to be on for safety reasons!!!(turns it off)

Raenef:what safety reasons?

Yami:fangirls and fanboys!!!!

Kuwabara's spirit:ha!!serves you right for not stopping Hiei from killing me!!!hahahaha!!!!(diappears)

Lamia:we have to get out of here!!!we're all in danger!!

Inuyasha:man,this sucks!!!all of the exits are blocked by fangirls!!!

Lamia:not the ceilling!!!there's an opening there!!!Sesshomaru,can you make your cloud so we can get out of here?!

Sesshomaru:hai...(gets magical cloud ready!!!)

Lamia:hey everyone!!get your stuff and get on Sesshomaru's cloud!!!Raenef,you have to get Tea since you're the one who beat her up...

Raenef:damn...(grabs Tea by the hair and drags her to Sesshomaru's cloud)

Everyone scrambles onto Sesshy's cloud and someone accidently steps on Sesshy's tail,making scream very loudy.The rumbling noise increases as the fangirls now know that Sesshy-kun is hurt.

Sesshomaru:(sitting cross-legged on his cloud with tears in his eyes and stroking his stepped on tail)

Yami:are we forgetting anyone?

Lamia:nope!!everyone is here!!Sesshy-kun,stop crying and get us up.i think the fangirls have taken the lobby and the cafeteria...

Sesshoamaru:(mutters)heartless hanyou...

Sesshomaru makes his cloud lanuch into the sky at a high speed just as the fangirls charge into the set.

Lamia:(plops down on the cloud)that was a close one...^ ^;;

Eclipse:you don't think they can see us do you?

Sesshoamaru:we're to high in the air for any of them to see us or notice.

Renef:i guess we have to end this here.seeing as how it will take a couple of days for those fangirls to go away.

Lamia:i guess we have to.to all my lovely readers,please review this and please pray that the fangirls will leave!!!ja!!!

Kenshin&Shishio:im hungry...(glares at each other)

Lamia:lets go to BurgerKing!!onward Sesshy-kun!!!^ ^

Sesshomaru:- -;;