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Chapter 5. I have been doing well on this. And I owe it all to you people that read this. From now on if I am going to switch to a different POV, there will be a double return space. So please bear with me.

PS. Koto was the cat-girl announcer in the Dark Tournament. If you don't believe me, then look it up.

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The giant on the other side started to walk forward. Without even trying he was able to step onto the arena. When he got to the center he removed his robes and what Lykeleon saw shocked him.

The giant had no hands. Instead his arms turned into the staff of the scythe. There were five joints on the man's arms. Lykeleon was starting to wonder if this was such a good idea.

"READY. SET. FIGHT!" the announcer, yelled into the microphone.

Kanumba ran at Lykeleon the second he was told to fight. He brought his right arm back behind him and sung it forward. If Lykeleon hadn't drawn his sword a half-second earlier, he would have been sliced into two pieces between the waist.

Lykeleon started his own attack immediately after the block had been made, he ran to the left and forward while slicing with his sword. However the second scythe intercepted the attack an inch before it was able to slice into any skin.

"Kanumba makes the first attack and… Lykeleon blocks it. Here comes the counter attack and… oh just missed. Better luck on the next one." The car-girl spoke.

"Rune take out the earplugs at least. I know there are demons about. NOW DO WHAT I AM ASKING!" Rath yelled at the elf.

Rune was being torn apart on the inside. He knew that taking the earplugs out might not cause a problem but still the Lord had said it was for the best until Rath could be keeped under control.

"What am I going to do?" Rune spoke to himself.

Lykeleon hacked and slashed at Kanumba but at every turn his attacks where blocked by one or both scythes. Kanumba also had many close hits but missed just by an inch at times. The two combatant's blades connected at the same place, both of the wielders then used their might to push the other as far away as possible. Lykeleon used this opportunity to get even further back to come up with a new plan.

Now they were separated by half the length of the arena platform. They just stared at each other waiting for the next move. I can't win like this. Attacking blindly doesn't seam to work either. Damn it, I have to win this or we are going to lose!

"Kanumba slashes at the head, missed. In retaliation Lykeleon hacks at the leg… Oh so close. One of the scythes is coming in from behind… that's a close shave. Their weapons meet! And now we have a breather. What will the combatants do for their next attack?" Koto continued to announce.

Lykeleon just thought of how to defeat his enemy when Kanumba put on a wicked smile. Kanumba moved his arms to his side and pushed them against his bare skin.

"6 ARM STRIKE!" Kanumba yelled as if to explain the name of what was happening to his body. His arms split each one into three. The second and fourth elbow on each of the original arm had connected to the body. His body now had three pairs of arms. At the end of each of the new arms a scythe grew out, this made Kanumba appear even more deadly.

"Now the fun begins." Kanumba laughed

Rune had thought of what he was going to do. He moved behind Rath to take out the earplugs and then started to remove the blindfold. He knew that what he was doing was defiant but he thought of the consequences of Rath not being able to help them know what to do. He has fought so many demons he would know what would work in what situation.

"Rath only one question. Did you really read that book in your room?" Rune asked before taking off the blindfold.

Rath first heard the commotion going on. People were screaming for someone named Kanumba to kill. He also heard the fight going on in front of him.

"Yes Rune I read it. I know what I am not allowed to do. Now can you PLEASE finish untying me?" Rath responded. As the blindfold came off of Rath's eyes the first thing he saw a huge platform with three people on it. One he recognized as Lykeleon, the second figure was a giant with six arms and a scythe at the end of each; the final figure was a woman with cat-like ears and a small rod in her hand. She was the one relaying the fight.

The next sight he saw was Thatz just looking on at the fight, he had a look of worry on his face. Rath wondered why he wasn't fighting with their Lord. A moment later he realized that they all were in the center of a stadium. And in every seat was a demon!

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I have made it. I have done five chapters for this fanfic. I am also getting better at my writing. Again I thank all of you for reading and reviewing this. If not for you people I wouldn't continue writing.

Next time Lykeleon has to finish the fight with Kanumba before he is sliced to shreds. And Round two begins. Join us next time for A Thieves Shadow.