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~Chapter Begins~

Raimei looked around the sidewalk with her aqua eyes, looking for any good stores that her parents might buy from. It was raining and humid unlike usual rainy days. Her umbrella must've been soaked since it has been raining for two days now. He chocolate brown hair was wet because a car splashed her on one part of her walk. She sighed; it seems like there are no good stores around this part of town. Then she remembered, she had only been in Tokyo for a month. She had moved from Osaka because her parents had to find new jobs. It really sucked. She crossed another street and spotted it, the Piffle Princess Superstore.

Raimei: Maybe they'll have at least one good toy! Happy thirteen here I come!

She always wanted one toy, an Angel. It was so popular these days. She watched the Kanto games just the week before and fell in love with the game. She giggled softly and ran to the entrance doors.


Raimei had run into someone on the way and now was on the ground looking up into the amber eyes of the scariest boy she's ever seen.

Boy: Watch the hell where you're goin'! Stupid ass kid

Just then a girl ran up behind him and smacked the boy upside the head before yelling.

Girl: I can't leave you for one minute Inuyasha, before you start terrorizing people!!!

She looked very angry as the boy backed away with a look of pure fear on his face. Then the girl turned to Raimei.

Girl: "Sorry. Inuyasha can be kinda high strung." Smiles and helps Raimei up of the wet sidewalk

Raimei: "It's okay. I always knew people who curse were kinda hard headed." She nodded hurriedly and ran into Piffle Princess "Man those people ARE CRAZY."

She went down the aisles before she found a whole section of Angel equipment and eggs. She cried out in happiness and checked her purse if she had enough to just buy the egg and labtop. She did! She ran to an egg shelf and picked out a girl angel skeleton. Then took everything she needed to make her angel. Who cares if her birthday's so close? Why should she wait for her slow-ass parents to buy it for her?

Raimei: "I want all this please!" Smiles and places all the stuff on the counter.

The cashier lady smiled at Raimei before counting up the amount of money on the contraption before her. She took the two bags holding the stuff she just bought and ran outside the door.

Sadly it was still raining and before she hailed a taxi she was practically soaked. In the taxi she stared out the window before the taxi driver talked to her.

Taxi guy: "Hey where d'ya want to go?"

Raimei: Sighs "Just kept going up Karishima Avenue to 63rd street…" She stared out the window for the rest of the ride.


Raimei walked up the steps of her Father's new house and opened the door. She poked her head inside. It was awfully quiet. She stepped inside and dumped the bags on the livingroom couch. "Mom dad?!" She walked up the stairs to her parents' bedroom. It was empty. She walked over to her parents' bed noticing a note pinned to a pillow. "Dear Raimei. Your father and I are going to a bar for a drink. Ojihiro had wanted to celebrate after his and your father's stocks went up 70%! It's 6:00 now and we'll be back by 11:00 because after drinking we're going a kareoke bar. Love, mom."

Raimei, disgusted, threw the paper down. Her parents usually went out for drinks twice a week. Then at maybe midnight they'd come back, disturbing her sleep, hiccuping, singing loudly, and usually slapping each other with raw meat for fun. Sometimes she thought that the only person in this household with any sanity was herself. Then a happy thought struck Ramei. Smiling she ran downstairs to the Angel egg. She checked the clock, it was 6:15 so her parents just left. Raimei examined the angel egg closely. On one side it said CAUTION: OPEN IN BATHROOM SINK OR TUB. SHOCK ABSORBENT LIQUID STAINS CARPET. Raimei ran to the baby blue bathroom and kneeled next to the tub.

She opened the egg and a blue liquid poured out as Raimei picked up the skeleton. It was kinda weird looking. She washed off all the shock absorbent liquid with warm water, as the booklet said. Then, Raimei went to her bedroom and set up the computer and equipment. She hooked up the computer and turned it on. The monitor buzzed for a few moments and the screen turned blue then black.

Then she took out the box holding all the hair pieces and colors. She picked out a white colored hairpiece. It was long and straight. Though it was too long. She took a pair of scissors and cut the hair to the doll's waist. *Just like that boy's hair from earlier.* Raimei set the placed where you put the angel in and it started to hover. "Wow…". Then letters in white came up saying " Its time to choose what kind of angel you want to make. Speed or power? Light weight or heavyweight? Select your parameters." Raimei thought for a moment. "I think I'll want power and a lightweight. So she'll be kinda fast and way powerful. I want her medium sized oh and I want her to have cat ears that match her hair! Eye color? Hmm… I think purple cat eyes will do." She smiled, she couldn't wait to make her angel's outfit! Then on the screen it said " What is your angel's name?" Raimei had to think on this one. "Of course! Mizuhime will be her name!" The contraption holding her angel turned off and Mizuhime fell. Raimei caught her just before the angel hit the floor. She took her newly made angel and set her on the desk before glancing at the clock. It was 8:00. * Did it take her that long to make this angel?* Raimei thought before crawling into her bed and going to sleep.

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