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A/n: hi again sorry I left you guys with a cliffy. I hate reading those but they are so fun to write.

Makes me feel a bit evil MWHAHAH- *sees marik and Jem bored and killing innocent pedestrians

Like dominos*like I said only a bit evil.

Kasia: okay inu-chan lets get started

Inuyasha: feh don't call me that!

Kasia: you would rather me call you Inuyasha? You know your name means female dog demon.

Inuyasha: feh whatever

Kasia: okay inu-chan it is now what to start with *snaps various shampoos, conditioners, and scissors.* hmm *looks at shampoo bottle* guaranteed to get rid of fleas okay.

Inuyasha: I ain't got no fleas.

Kasia: then whats this? *Pulls myoga from behind his doggy ears* it must be killing you not to squish him and scratch your ears.

Inuyasha: feh!! Damn myoga

Kasia: go ahead scratch all you want I won't tell *crosses fingers behind back*

Inuyasha: feh *scratches like hell around his ears*

Kasia: *takes out disposable camera* say cheese inu-chan! *Flashes camera*

Inuyasha: what is that thing!? Give it to me!

Kasia: no *shelf appears with inuyasha's name on it* ha! Mental note make 500 copies *places camera on shelf it disappears*

Inuyasha: where did it go?

Kasia: where all my black mail goes my room and just so you know my room never stays in one place I'm the only one who ever knows where it is.

Inuyasha: damn oh well so what are you gonna do to me?

Kasia: I am going to make you look hott.

Inuyasha: what is hott? Wait nevermind I don't wanna know.

Kasia: well lets see first we are going to have to trim your hair you look like a shaggy dog.

Inuyasha: I am dog.

Kasia: well we are going to trim it anyway. Maybe streak it too just temporarily whats your favorite color inu-chan?

Inuyasha: red

Kasia: hmmm it would stand out in your white hair so why not *red streaking kit appears* now lets see if I am streaking your hair what should you wear mmm well every bishi has his trademark sess-chan his fluff, shi-shi his attitude, you would probably be your doggy ears even kagome had to touch them! Speaking of kagome who do you like better the clay po- I mean kikyou or kagome?

Inuyasha: feh! I don't have to tell you!

Kasia: oh yes you do.

Inuyasha: why?

Kasia: because I can give these *pictures appears one of them Inuyasha scratching, one of him picking his nose (for all you inu fans that picture was doctored) and one of him 6 feet in the ground (unfortunately for him this one was not)* to sess-chan.

Inuyasha: where did you get those!? Are you stalking me?!

Kasia: don't flatter yourself inu-chan I sent Jem my other more evil half to get them. That's where I get all my blackmail okay your hair is done. *Inu's hair along with doggy ears are now streaked red*

Inuyasha: it's red! *Admiring his hair in the mirror*

Kasia: duh okay now you clothes.

Inuyasha: what's wrong with my clothes?

Kasia: their nice but old hmmm jeans would do nicely maybe black jeans to make your hair stand out… *pulls out a pair of black jeans, a pair of black sneakers, and a blood red shirt that says: beware I am a smartass.* go put it on *shoves inu-chan in the bathroom which he comes out 5 minutes later wearing the outfit*

Kasia: I knew it would look good on you! Now tell me who do you like better?

Inuyasha: drop it.

Kasia: why are you embarrassed?

Inuyasha: feh I don't get embarrassed.

Kasia: really?

Inuyasha: really.

Kasia: so if I show all those pictures of you, you wouldn't care?

Inuyasha: no! Fine I like…….

A/n: MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Who does he like I'm not telling maybe in the next chappy til then sayanara

-Kasia Matsubishi