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A/n:well it has been awhile since i last updated but im back and so are my muses anyways disregard the last chapter's authors note because i didn't really feel like putting up a halloween chapter after halloween

Chapter 4

Hyper kasia, introducing razz, and the dancing ramen

Kagome: well kasia since you're here you might as well play with us Seto your turn

Seto: I dare you to eat a whole bag of sugar

me: SURE! * eyes get glittery and she goes to the kitchen*

razz: Shouldn't have done that

Seto: who are you?

razz: I am Kasia's best friend terazzo you can call me razz. Man now she's gonna be all hyper the last time this happened she nearly sent herself to the hospital from trying to walk on the ceiling.

me: * comes back in* HisetoIdidyoudarebutIaccidentlyate10bagsinsteadofone

razz: Oh now you did it * advises everyone to back away*

razz: * suddenly dancing ramen appears* * Inuyasha drools* *then a bunch of other things appear including a picture of Hiei in a tutu, Vash's grandma, flying donuts, and tons and tons of candy

razz: It should wear off in 5…4…3…2…1 * everything vanishes*

Inuyasha: Noooooooooooooo my ramen * cries*

Mokuba: razz are you staying?

SBS: I have to kasia is on sugar alert

Mokuba: truth or dare

razz: Dare

A/n: for future refrence I WAS sugar high when I wrote this