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A/n: ok just so kuroinu knows no inuyasha didn't die kagome just sat him til he was 6ft under he is fine see

Inuyasha: feh

Anyways I just wanna thank inuyddam for her support it really helped me get started on this I know I have been extra lazy with updates but my muses are back and ready to get to work

Muses: SLAVE DRIVER!!!!!

Shut up no one asked you!!!!! Anyways un fortunately I don't have enough people to equal an angry mob so it will be an angry mob of uhhh THREE!!!! Okay on with the chappy

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Chapter 4

Bishis, fangirls, and angry mobs

Inuyasha: I like…….*suddenly a girl with black wings crashed through the roof of the dressing room*


Kasia: ummm we don't have hiei umm I think your looking for Insanely Obsessed Fan Girls next door we are the We Are Not Girls

Girl: oh *looks slightly embarrassed* darn I could have swore I got those directions right!! Sorry my name is Angel Red Flame and I'm on a rescue mission!!!

Kasia: I have seen….well we can help they have captured some of our bishis as well

Angel: tha- *someone crashes through the door*


*girls with short musty brown hair in a small ponytail and ice blue eyes*

Girl: give me yue *gives a glare*

Kasia: *glares back starts a glaring war until she sighs and stops* again this is not IOFG it is WANGC! IOFG is next door we are going on a rescue mission for all the bishis next door wanna come?

Girl: might as well my name is tiger I was here for yue I am his g/f

Kasia: ok hold on and I'll round up a few guys to help

Inuyasha: *thanking kami for the interruption*

Kasia: don't worry inu-chan you will tell me later. Okay shishi-chan, inu-chan, and sess-chan we are going on a rescue mission!!

Sess-chan: you think I would ruin my new look for a few pathetic demon? This sesshoumaru. Is not that much of a fool

Kasia: you will do it or I'll have jaken sing I am sexy to you every morning!

Sess-chan: FINE!! This sesshoumaru will help

*just then emri rushes in*]

emri: IT'S TERRIBLE!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!! *drops down on the floor and bangs head on it*

*maru walks in*

maru: they took them all sad face EVEN KENSHIN!!!!!

Kasia: naraku too?

*maru nods*

kasia: DAMN THEM THE SHALL SUFFER!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone: O.o

Kasia: what?

Maru: since when do you like naraku?

Kasia: since now got a problem with it?

Maru: nope

Kasia: ok maru you and emri stay here and watch the house I am sure kurama wouldn't want his house totally destroyed when he comes back

*maru and emri nods*

kasia: ok guys lets go you too shi-shi and inu-chan

inu-chan: feh

*kasia, sess-chan, inu-chan, tiger, shi-shi-chan,and angel walk out the door to meet an angry mob of three* (yes three that's what you people gave me to work with!!!!)

angry mob of three: GIVE US OUR BISHOUNEN!!!!!

Kasia: *sigh* WE DO NOT HAVE YOUR BISHIS!!!! This is WANGC not IOFG!!!!

Angry mob of three: oh…uhhh then umm

Kasia: okay if you want your bishis we are all going on a rescue mission but please introduce yourselves first

*a girl with Brownish-blond hair blue eyes about 4'11" wearing a yellow tank top that says 'Don't get too close, I bite' in black letters, blue jeans, white sneakers, and a dark blue baseball cap that says 'Perfect 10' steps forward out of the angry mob of three*

girl: I am Jessica you can call me jess I am here to rescue Joey!

Kasia: ok….*another girl step forward this one was about . 5'3" has Silver hair streaked black that goes down to the middle of her back has bright green eyes wears a black long sleeve shirt that has fishnet sleeves And says bad attitude in white and has black cargo's on And Black shoes*

Girl: my name is kaya and I am here for hiei and jin

Angel: HIEI IS MINE!!!

Kaya: NO HE IS MINE!!!!!

*they start a glaring contest*

kasia: O.o okay……..*last girl steps forward she was wearing hip hugger jeans and a white spaghetti strap belly shirt with sneakers*

girl: my name is Mizu I am here to get my fiancee back! I mean koaga ^-^

kasia: now that that's done lets get going and after we are done I am treating everyone here to pizza and sprite remix ^^ spriteremixspriteremixspriteremix

everyone: O.o

kasia: why are we wasting time!? Lets go!! *runs next door*

a/n: sorry about the cliffy guys but I'll have the newest update up next week THANK YOU ALLL THAT REVIEWED!!!!!!!!!

Love, bishis, and sprite remixed

-Kasia Matsubishi