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Chapter 8: now that we divided lets conquer!

Sesshoumaru's POV

I can't believe I, the great Sesshoumaru lord of the western lands has let a 14 yearold girl tell this Sesshoumaru what to do. How degrading. Oh well everything has its voice and blackmail is a very strong voice I told myself as we walked into the food court my nose was attacked by many different scents. I smelled different foods, the usual foul smell of humans but I had gotten used to it now. I watched as the girl talked to naraku and touya, they planned to let naraku let out his miasma chasing off everyone in the food court. Pretty clever idea for getting everyone out without hurting them that this Sesshoumaru cared if the humans lived or died I just want to leave before the girl finds anymore blackmail on me. That was his last thought before Kasia's plan was set into action. Miasma covered the food court my nose felt like it was hit by one of Inuyasha's wind scar attacks. I wondered how the others were fairing.

Inuyasha's POV

Feh here I am playing some stupid fighting game covered in many layers of clothing with Maru. This is so stupid I won the last five times. We chased out the people a half an hour ago Kenshin was currently slashing the change machines. No doubt Maru told him to do it. Suddenly I felt a strong scent of miasma hit my nose damn that burned. Now I know what Kasia meant when she said stay away from the food court or cover your face I can smell it from here I told myself as I covered my face. Kuso! She beat me! Oh well I'll get her back. *Starts playing again*

Kurama's POV

*Sigh* emri had just finished chasing the last of the ningens out of the pet stores with Miroku. I had taken it upon myself to chase people out of the gardening center. How do I get myself in to these things I ask myself, this started as a good idea now we're totally off the point of this group oh well like they say if you can't beat them join them and I plan on doing just that I say as I smile and chase the last of the people out of the gardening center.

Hiei's POV

Hn, here I am with this girl I barely know who keeps hugging me for some reason taking over a sweet snow store. What a day…getting mauled by fangirls was bad enough. Oh well if it gets me some sweet snow I don't care he says as he shatters the glass case covering the sweet snow. They had chased out the owner half an hour ago and were proceeding in eating all the sweet snow they could get their hands on.

Jin's POV

If I knew I was going to do this today I would have worn a toga with pockets he said to himself as he was grabbing all the candy he could hold. I wish I knew why that lassie Kaya keeps hugging me…. I hope she is not another fangirl 500 maybe more is enough! I don't need anymore! Oh well I'll think more on that later he told himself as he saw Kaya threatening the cashier and went to help or restrain her he wasn't sure.

Yue's POV (hey tiger let me know if I'm getting his personality right)

Here I am with my hyper active girlfriend who is now threatening the manager of the knives and guns store. *Sigh* what a day. Oh well at least I'm not still getting mauled by those fangirls I said to myself as I picked up a knife and helped my girlfriend with the threatening

Koga's POV

Here I am with my mate and her friends taking over this place called spencers just who is Spencer? And why would he name a store after himself? Ooo look shiny picked up a lava lamp big mistake "OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" I screamed the damn thing was hot! I saw mizu-koi come up to me to see why I yelled….don't say anything its fine "It's ok mizu-koi I'm fine" give her a smile and she won't get worried its not like it was anything bad *smiles* *gets on with the taking over spencers*

~*Back at the food court*~

I love the smell of miasma in the morning! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA *cough* *cough* damn lungs it must be the miasma. Oh well *I watched the last fifty people run out the mall was now empty* great not to find a way to call the others…its must be creative hmm…..

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