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Chapters 7 divide and conquer

Kasia: Okay guys we are going to split up I am trying out the whole divide and conquer theory. When we take over the mall we can have all the pizza and sprite remix we want! Okay the groups are Emri, Kurama, and Miroku. Emri you will be the leader of that group your mission is to raid the pet and plat stores. *emri salutes and walks over with her group* Okay next is Maru you are the head of your group you, Kenshin, and Inuyasha will raid the arcades and clothes stores. Kaya you are the head of your group, you, Jin, and Shippo will take over the candy and toy stores. Angel, you and Hiei will be a team of two and take over all the sweet snow stores in the mall. Tiger you and Yue will also be a team of two and take over all the weapon and pointy objects stores……and any art stores if this mall has any. Jess, Joey, Mizu, and Koaga you four will be raiding spencers and chasing people out of the mall, but I will take care of the fangirls. I of course will be raiding the food court with touya, sess-chan, naraku, and shishi. Everyone knows his or her orders?

Everyone: *nods*

Kasia: good, oh and I advise all humans here or demons that get sick easily stay far far from the food court or cover your face. Now grab your bishis, and groups and report to your stations when you see the signal you can carry out your missions.

Everyone: what is the signal?

Kasia: trust me you will know it when you see it. Now lets go! *Grabs touya and naraku and walks to the food court motioning for shishi and Sesshoumaru to follow*

~~~~~~*At the food court*~~~~~~~~

Kasia: okay first, sess-chan I need a strand of your hair don't worry it is going to the greater good. *Smiles*

Sesshoumaru: no

Kasia: don't make me resort to blackmail you know I could!

Sesshoumaru: fine! *Pulls a long silver strand from his head and hands it to Kasia*

Kasia: good….now we need a mouse hmmm…..*Sees shishi* Shishi! *Smiles pleasantly*

Shishi: NO!

Kasia: please? *Gives him the irresistible never failing puppydog face*

Shishi: *sighs* I hate you

Kasia: I know you do ^^

Shishi: well what am I supposed to do?

Kasia: all you have to do is run with sess-chan's hair until you are well outside. Deep in the parking lot. Then throw sess-chan's hair in the parking lot and run like the wind. *Hands him silver strand* now start running!


Fangirls: BAD BISHI!!! *Becomes an angry mob and chases shishi outside only to have shi-shi scramble inside five minutes later locking the automatic doors*

Shishi: were you trying to kill me!!?

Kasia: of course not see now that all the fangirls are gone they can't chase you guys. Now on to the food court, sess-chan you take the right, shishi you take the left and touya, naraku, and I will take the middle. Oh and I advise all with sensitive noses cover your face. *Walks towards the middle of the food court*


A/n: MWHAHAHAHA!!! Not a big enough cliffhanger to fall off of but a big enough one to trip at the least.

Angelic muse: you know those visits to the therapist really aren't working for you…..

Anger muse: you got that right she belongs in the place where the walls are padded and the food is mush

Shut up you eejit!!

Anger muse: well its true! But if you go there you may die from lack of anime and music……but hey your death means less grief for us

Muse no baka at least I don't have to be angry all the time!

Anger muse: I resent that!

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