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A/N I started this fic three days ago…long time, right? Well…I’ll have you know it has taken me so long because the freaken plot is so…grrrr. But I love it! Anyways…I was going to start with Sessoumaru joining the gang…but I don’t wanna. So I’m just going to say It. Sesshoumaru helped with the final battle and helped train Kagome and they’re all good friends now, oh and Rin’s a miko…yeah. Well, I am starting with the end of the final battle, so you should get it…

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN YU-YU HAKUSHO OR INUYASHA; HOWEVER I DO OWN THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERS: Jessie, Tome, Callie, Kitso, and Kesu. Right now, on with the damnable fic!


Kagome crouched down; her fingers grazed the blackened pearl that was the Shikon. Moments ago, Naraku had it inside him, tainting it, but now…it looked so innocent. As Kagome touched it, the color changed from black to bight, glowing pink. She picked it up gently, holding it in the palm of her hand, staring at it.

“It’s so…”

“Kagome?” Kagome turned her head to look at Inuyasha. “Is it…complete?” Kagome nodded once and Inuyasha ears drooped with relief. Inuyasha reached his hand out to her, intending to place it on her shoulder, but a white blur appeared before him.

“Half-breed. Don’t even think about trying to use the Jewel to become whole demon.” Sesshoumaru spoke in a calm voice, but his eyes belied him. He was afraid that Inuyasha would still be foolish enough to want to kill Kagome by becoming full demon. Inuyasha started to growl low and reached for his sword, then remembered that it was half way across the field. Instead her crouched down, still snarling.

“Bastard…” Inuyasha looked behind Sesshoumaru to Kagome. “I don’t want the jewel.” Kagome smiled and ran past Sesshoumaru, jumping at Inuyasha. “Oi wench!” He exclaimed, both of them falling to the ground.

“Thank you, big brother.” She whispered into his chest. Kagome asked Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru both if they would be her brothers, because she loved them so much. Sesshoumaru was the first to say yes, then an our later Inuyasha had stormed up to Kagome, who was sitting with Rin, teaching the girl how to use her miko powers and yelled an ‘Alright you damn wench.’ At her.

“Keh.” Inuyasha grunted, picking them both up and settling her on her feet. “Now, lets get out f this damned place.” Kagome smiled and looked over to Koga, who was tending Miroku. And Sango stood by them, looking really concerned.

“Hey! You guys alright!?” She called over. Kouga looked up at Kagome and smiled, then stood and helped Miroku to shaky feet.

“Yeah Kagome, we’re all good.” Sango said with relief. “Um…where’s Kirara?” Just then, said cat appeared out of some rubble, in her kitten form, shaking debris off her form, then jumped at Sango. She caught the kitten easily. “Kirara! You had me scared.” The neko looked up at her mistress and meowed an answer at her.

“Hurry it up will you! We don’t have all day!” Inuyasha yelled loud enough for them all to here. And so, they started back to Keade’s village, the fight against Naraku finaly over…

=========================================================== ====

“Kagome hunny! Wake up!” Kagome groggily opened her eyes, waking to the sound of her mothers voice. She glanced at her clock to check the time. It was only 5:30 am, why wake her up? “Kagome, your new school is an hour away, get up, now!” Oh, yeah, that’s why. Kagome got up slowly, and walked over to the other bed in her room.

“Sango, Sango come on…we have…school.” She said to her new ‘cousin’ with a few yawns. Sango opened her eyes and stared at Kagome, sitting up in her bed.

“Kagome, are you sure this is a good idea? What if we say something stupid?” She said nervously. Kagome laughed a little.

“Don’t worry, Sango. You and ‘cousin’ Miroku lived in a very rural part of Japan, there’s lots of things you wont know. And people wont get suspicious when we tell them that. Come on, get up.” Kagome walked over to their dresser and got out two new school outfits. These ones had longer skirts and the color was blue. And also a blur sailor shirt(1). “Here’s yours. I’m gonna take a shower. After me, then you can…do you remember how to use it?” Sango blushed and nodded, taking up the uniform as she rose for the bed.

“I took one lost night; I’m ok.” She said, changing into the outfit. She then put her hair up in a blue hair tie. “I’m going to see what your moms cooking; it smells great!” Sango walked to the door to the room, then turned to Kagome. “Don’t worry Kagome; he’ll come.” Kagome nodded, then both girls went their ways. Over a month ago, in the past, Inuyasha had promised her that he would find her in the future. That he wouldn’t leave her, and she believed him. And now, she was still waiting for him, knowing he would come. Fifteen minutes later Kagome came running down the stairs, her hair a little damp, and found Miroku, Sango, and Souta all eating with Grandpa and her mom.

“Morning!” She exclaimed, happily. Everyone looked up at her, but no one smiled. “Whats the matter?”

“Kagome…I, we…” Sango spoke first. “There’s someone here to see you. He’s, in there.” Sango pointed to the living room. Kagome felt her heart jump for a second. It had to be Inuyasha. But, why weren’t they happy? Kagome turned slowly, and walked to the living room, then entered.

“Kagome…” It was Inuyasha! He stood in front of her, wearing the same haori and hakama that he always wore. “Kagome, I didn’t want to, I thought that, I mean…Kagome, I need your help.” He stood up straight, rigid even. Ears straight p, catching every sound. Kagome looked at him confused.

“Inuyasha…I don’t…understand.” Her shoulders slumped, disappointed. This must be past Inuyasha. “Oh, Is something wrong on the other side of the well?” Inuyasha looked confused, then he realized what she meant.

“No, Kagome. I’m from this time,” He paused. “Sit down, Kagome.” Sango entered the room with Kirara in her hands and Miroku at her side. “You guys too. This will take a while. And don’t say anything about school…I’ve already taken care of it.” They all sat down on the couch and Inuyasha began. “Not long after you guys left, the God Enma requested to see all the lords.

“The meeting was at Sesshoumaru’s castle where the four lords all came one week later. Their names are Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western Lands, Shippo, Lord of the Eastern Lands, Kouga, Lord of the Northern Lands, and Souten, Lady of the Southern Lands.”

“Shippo is a lord!?” Kagome, Sango, and Miroku exclaimed.

“Yeah, apparently the brats father was fighting the thunder brothers in a war of the East and South.” Inuyasha grumbled, remembering his own shock to find out that his fox friend was a lord.

“Inuyasha, I thought that all lords and ladies have marks on their heads?” Inuyasha grunted.

“He covered it up with a very complicated concealment spell. He has a green leaf on his head. Souten has a lightning bolt, and Kouga has a paw print. They all said they did want Kagome to know. Well, Souten didn’t want to be lady until she ‘avenged’ her brothers, but yeah anyway.

“King Enma said that he wished to create three realms, Maikia for demons, Ningenkai for humans, and Reikia for spirits and to keep Maikia and Ningenkai separated. The Lords and Lady agreed that it would be best so that no other being like Naraku could exist. So, the lords, lady, and Enma did a spell, so complicated that no one else in the world would be able to undo it, and separated the realms.

“The humans soon forgot that demons existed, and they began to take their history and make it into legends and myths. No longer did they have the threat of demons so they evolved, invented, became smarter. Demons, however, live longer then humans so the demons from Sengoku knew the taste of human blood and would not let it go, so, they try to break through the barrier that Reikia created. That was when Reikia made the Tentai.

“The Tentai are humans with unusually spirit energy, not like a monk or miko though, their powers aren’t holy…just strong. They can use their spirit energy to make weapons, like your bow, Kagome.” Kagome had learned how to make a bow and arrows out of her holy energy only, and not the real things. “Only this weapons don’t purify, though they do hurt.” Inuyasha sighed. “Kagome, I kept Reikia away from you for so long, wanting this day to never come, but…some very powerful demons have created a tournament that they are calling the Tournament of All Time. The winner of said tournament gets one unlimited wish. The demons that wins is going to wish that the realms be put back together, so that the demons can feed on humans once again.”

“Why doesn’t the ‘Tentai’ stop them?” Sango asked. Inuyasha sighed again.

“To stop them, they have to enter the tournament. Koenma, Enma’s son and ruler of Reikia, is afraid that the Tentai will loose, and that the demons will win. So, he wants our help.”

“Our being who?” Inuyasha shifted in his seat, lowering his eyes.

“You guys, me, the three lords and one lady, and a few other demons that are willing to help…” Kagome looked at Sango to her left, then Miroku to her right.

“Alright.” She said, turning her determined gaze back to Inuyasha. “We’ll do it.”

============================================================= ==

Inuyasha stepped through the portal first, then Miroku, and last Kagome and Sango, who held Kirara. They ended up in an office like room that was medium sized. In front of them there was a large t.v. screen that was hooked to the ceiling, and below it there was a desk. On top of the desk was a baby with the word Jr. across his forehead, and a pacifier in his mouth.

“Oh, Inuyasha-sama!” He exclaimed, just noticing them. “You are the first to arrive. The lords and lady should be here soon though.” The baby said as he started to pace again. “And the Tentai should be here soon too. Shippo said he knew of a few strong demons that will help, and well…Yusuke and the others aren’t going to be happy.”

“Ahem. Guys, this is Koenma, ruler of Reikia. Don’t let the baby form fool you, he’s over 750 years old.” Inuyasha said, introducing them.

“Um, Inuyasha…who’s Yusuke? And why is he going to be mad?” Kagome asked; Inuyasha snorted.

“The Tentai is made of four fighters. Two humans(2), and two demons. The humans names are Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara. The two demons are Kurama and Hiei. After the Sensui incident, the team wished to not be contacted ever again. Yusuke went to collage, as did Kuwabara, Hiei is an assassin in Maikia now, and Kurama stays with his human family, learning from his new step father. They said that they wanted normal, everyday lives. But now…” His voice trailed off.

“Oh…How rude of us, by the way. I’m Kagome. It’s a pleasure.” She bowed her head down as she spoke. Then, all of the sudden, she was knocked to the ground, and her breath taken out of her.

“OKAA-SAN!” Kagome laughed and hugged the man who pounced on her. He was tall, much taller then her, and had rusty orange hair which he still kept in a bow, and he wore a green haori/hakama. He also seemed a lot stronger then she remembered.

“Shippo! I’m guessing that you missed me?” He looked up from her chest, and she could see the leaf on his forehead, confirming what Inuyasha had said about him being a lord.

“More then anything, Kaa-san!”

“Ahem. Kit, I suggest you remove yourself from her person, we have other guest.” Shippo got up and helped Kagome get up to.

“Kagome! How’s my woman?” Kouga said as a joke, taking her hands as he used to. Kagome laughed and pulled on her hands; she did not get them back, however.

“Kouga! It’s great to see you. How are Ginta and Hakkaku?” Kagome asked, finally taking her hands back.

“Well, Ginta mated with Ayame, and they have 12 pups right now, and Hakkaku is fine, still single though.”

“NANI!? With Ayame huh? Wow.”

“Yes, now this is all very interesting but…yikes!” Hiei appeared out of nowhere, blade against Koenma’s neck, and the demi god was pressed up against a wall. “Heh…hello Hiei.”

“What did I tell you! I said never come to find me damn it!” The demon bit out viciously. Hiei then looked around him at everyone in the crowded room. He dropped Koenma and looked at the lords and lady assembled. “Hn. This must be serious.” He said to himself, sheaving his sword. Just then, Botan came from a portal, the other old Tentai members with her. Her arm was burned badly. “Botan. Come here.” She looked around, but walked past the desk to Hiei anyway. He grabbed her arm, then licked the wound, making it go away. “Don’t sneak up on me again…” He then turned away.

“Um…Koenma-sama. Botan said this was of the most importance?” Kurama asked, eyeing everyone in the room. Lots of new faces, her could tell. Kirara jumped down from Sango’s hands and walked over to him, pawing at him. “Hello there?” He bent and picked up the small cat. She started sniffing his chest and rubbing against him.

“Kirara! Oh, I’m so sorry!” Sango said, running up to the stranger. Youko stirred in Kurama’s head at her comment.

*Kirara? I wonder. Red, I want to talk to her.*

‘No way, you’ll harass her.’

*I’m more interested in the cat you hold in your hands. Now let me talk!* With that, Youko pushed through, the only signs that he was there was the fact that his eyes turned gold.

“Her name is Kirara you say? My name is Youko Kurama, I assume that you,” He held the cat in front of his face. “Are the Kirara that I know personally.” Kirara mewed and nodded her head, licking him on the nose.

“What? You know Kirara?”

“Kirara! You don’t talk about me!? How dare you!” Said cat giggled. Then, fire engulfed her being, like when she transforms into the bigger version. Except, when the fire disappeared, a large Kirara did not take it’s place. Instead, a demon cat, with two puffy, long, blonde tails which donned two black stripes each appeared. The neko demon had long blonde hair, and blood red eyes that were lined in black.

“Of course I don’t talk about you…my mistress didn’t know I had a human form!” She said, her voice cheerful. “This is Sango, she’s the one who I was helping!” Everyone stared at Kirara dumbfounded, especially the inu-gumi. Youko, however, didn’t seem to notice. He pulled Kirara to him and hugged her tight. She felt uncomfortable at first, not use to the new body, but let him hug her, relaxing into his hold. “Youko…” She whispered.

“Um…Kirara?” Kirara then blushed and looked at Sango.

“Before you say anything.” Kirara started, pushing away from Youko, who was now Kurama again. “Yes I have a human form, I used to be a thief, Youko was my old partner…” She then looked up at Kurama. “How’s Kuronue!? Where is he?” Kurama’s face turned grim.

“He was killed…”

“He’s fine, Kitsune.” Kurama turned his head sharply to Sesshoumaru. “I requested that he be put into the body of an unborn human infant. My daughter is quite found of him, and wouldn’t stop crying unless I did so.” Sesshoumaru turned his gaze to the teenage Koenma. “Was the request done as I asked?” Koenma looked at Kurama nervously.

“Well yes, in fact, Botan is looking for him right now as he is going to help fight in the tournament. She’s also getting Jin and Touya and their allies named Callie and Kitso and…Tome? Along with some demons Lord Shippo-sama recommended…was it Jessie and Kesu?” Kouga’s eyes became alert.

“Oh no! You are not being that bitch here!” Kouga said, making Shippo laugh. “You did this one purpose, didn’t you!?” Shippo looked as innocent as he could.

“You know that Jessie-san is a great fighter! We need her on our team!” Shippo protected himself by hiding behind Kagome’s back, who looked absolutely amused. She had met Jessie and Kesu once; both were strong allies to have in battle, and Jessie had quite a sense of humor. She was always stealing from Kouga’s tribe. Whether it be food, or amour, or even some weapons. Needless to say, Kouga disliked her very much.

“Like Hell we-“ Kouga stopped as a portal opened up and several people stepped through. First it was the familiar (to the Tentai) Jin and Touya, then three girls who they guessed were Callie, her sister Kitso, and their friend Tome, after that, Jessie and Kesu. But then, some others came. Rin, Shiori (the half breed bat), Hiei’s twin Yukina and then a human looking teenage boy. He had short raven black hair, and piercing blue eyes. He looked around a bit, but didn’t say anything, he just stood by Rin.

“I’m not sure about this.” He whispered to her. She smiled up at him and hooked arms with him.

“Don’t worry, Ronue(5)! No one here is going to hurt you. We’re your friends.” Ronue looked down at her.

“You’re my friend, Youko is my friend…I don’t know these people.” She smiled again.

“Well then…” Her eyes got very mischievous. “ATTENTION EVERYONE!” Everyone in the room turned towards them. “This is Ronue…Kuronue’s spirit is inside him. Be nice, or else I bite!” Ronue instantly stiffened and looked around the room, looking for his friend.

“Ro…Ronue.” Kurama walked up to him, his eyes glowing bright gold, he then transformed into Youko. “Old friend. It’s me.” Ronue smiled and his form to changed. Before Youko now stood Kuronue. “Its good to see you again, Kuronue. I’ve missed you.” Kuronue smirked.

“It’s a funny thing, Youko. I was sitting at home, doing work for my collage, rather the boy was, and this…ferry girl pops up saying she needs my help…So, old friend, you only call me when you need my help now?” His voice was very teasing, and his face held a smirk. Youko’s ears drooped a bit, and he put a pout on his face.

“Kuronue, it wasn’t my fault. The toddle never told me he had you reincarnated.” Kuronue’s eyes hardened and he looked at Sesshoumaru.

“Yes, as I was told. I believe thanks are in order, My Lord. It seems you are the one that saved my life.” He bowed his head slightly. Sesshoumaru looked at him, then turned his gaze away, snorting.

“It was not me who save you, Bat. It was my daughter. You should be thanking her.” Kuronue just smiled down at Rin, who was now blushing.

“Rin-chan? I have a question.” Rin nodded at Kagome. “Well, you see…that is…how are you a youkia!?” Rin looked at her for a second, then realized that she and her human companions left before it happened.

“Kagome-chan, if I was a human, I would have had to stay in Ningenkai with no one that I knew, and leave my Otou-san. I didn’t want that to happen, so I asked King Enma to make me into a youkia. He said that he could craft me a pendant that would turn me, but I would have to carry it with me at all times.” She closed her eyes and held a hand over her heart. She then reached into her shirt and withdrew a necklace with a white dog(3) that’s golden eye sparkled brightly. “I asked him to make it into this dog, and the eye is what holds the power.”

“Rin…I’m, sorry.” Rin looked up Kuronue.

“You didn’t know Kuronue…besides, you got a good beating for trying to steal it anyway!” Kuronue had tried to steal the pendant from Rin, hearing that it was worth much money, but Sesshoumaru caught him before he could get out for the palace grounds. Sesshoumaru was so blood shot that he transformed, and almost killed Kuronue. However, Rin ran out and stopped her father from doing it.

“Ok…another thing…why did you choose a bat demon?” This time Kagome’s voice was more teasing then anything, causing Kuronue and Youko to smirk widely. Rin blushed bright red and just shrugged off the comment.

“Oh, I get it, no saying ‘hi’ to me then?” Kirara popped up next to Youko, smiling widely.

“Kirara! I haven’t seen you in over 500 years(4)! How’ve you been girl!” Kuronue crushed Kirara in a hug and she giggled loudly pushing on him.

“I heard you got killed, Kuronue! Didn’t I tell you not to die?” The three friends laughed.

“Yeah, this is great and all, but we came here ta fight!” Jin said, causing everyone to look at him. “Well? What are ya looking at! I was told I was needed to fight!”

“What Jin means, Prince Koenma-sama, is that we should really start training now, and make our teams.” His voice was calm as ice and he bowed his head to Koenma. “There isn’t much time, and we all could use some training to get stronger.” Koenma nodded his head.

“Yes, you’re right.”

“I have a question.” It was Hiei who spoke. “Why is Yukina here?” Koenma seemed to freeze and he looked around nervously.

“Well, Hiei, you see…”

“I’m here to fight, Hiei-kun.” Yukina spoke up loudly, shocking the Yu-Yu gang. “The worlds are in danger, Hiei-kun, there is no way that I can not fight. I must do this.” Hiei looked at her intensely.

“You can barley use your ice powers, Yukina.” He did have a point. The only thing Yukina knew how to do was to freeze the air around her and to heal. She did not know how to make weapons out of ice or anything that a fighter would know.

“I will teach her then.” Touya spoke up. “I can teach her how to manipulate ice and use her powers as weapons.” Yukina smiled warmly at him.

“Thank you.”

“Alright. But if she gets hurt…I will kill you. Remember that.” It was eerily quiet for a moment, then Koenma spoke again, breaking it.

“Well, that was easy enough…Ok, there’s 25 of you, so that’s enough people for 5 teams-“

“Koenma, sir…there’s only 24 people.” Botan spoke, clearly confused. Koenma glared at her. “You couldn’t mean that you want me to fight, sir!? I don’t know how to!”

“Yes, you are right about that, you don’t know how to fight…Hiei! I want you to train her. And if you disagree, I’ll have you locked up!” Hiei growled at Koenma. “Please?” The demi god squeaked. Hiei snorted and turned his eyes to the ferry girl. He then gave a nod. “Good! Now, aside from the ones who are training…I want you to work with your teams! I’m already gotten team leaders set up and everything! Alright! Everyone, line up in the back, then I’ll call the team leader, then her teammates!

“Alright, First! Miss Higurashi!” Kagome stepped forward, away from the others. “Alright, your team will consist of: Kuwabara, Kitso, Tome, and Shippo-sama.” Said fighters stepped forward and introduced their selves to their teammates. “You’re all part of Team Higurashi, which is the first team in the tournament. You’ll be fighting against Team Ookami, a team of rouge wolf demons. They’re powerful so be careful.” Kagome nodded her head as Koenma gave her a file on the team, then she and her team stood of to the side of Koenma’s desk. “Ok next, Jessie, step up.” Jessie stepped up, shocked that she got to be in charge of a team. “Your team members are: Callie, Boton, Souten-sama, and Kouga-sama.”

“Oh fuck no! There’s no way I’m letting that bitch get to control me!” Kouga said, crossing his arms. “No way in Hell!”

“Kouga-sama, this is the only way to balance out the team. Jessie is strategy and patience, you’re strength, Souten-sama is logic, Boton is healing powers, and Callie wont stop fighting until she’s dead. It’s the perfect team.” Kouga grumbled a bit, but agreed; it was a great team, and a lethal combination. The group got together and introduced themselves, then stood by Kagome’s team, smirking the whole way. “You’re team’s name is Team Chimeiteki, and your team number is 5. You’ll be fighting against Team Kitsune first. This team consist of a blue fox demon named Furukit as the leader, and some other very powerful demons. Here is the folder, study it well.” Jessie’s face grew serious and she took the folder, then went back to her spot. “Ok, the next leader is Sesshoumaru-sama. Inuyasha, Shiori, Touya, and Sango are in this team.” The members got together, Touya felt a little out of place, not knowing any of them, and them all knowing each other.

“Koenma-sama, sir? I’m not so sure about this, I mean…I feel I’d work better with demons I already know…” He spoke, fidgeting a little. Shiori placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Do not worry, Touya-kun; we’re all friends here, even you. I’m Shiori, it’s nice to meet you.” She bowed for him and he gave her a small smile.

“Thank you, Shiori-chan.”

“Alright. Here is your file. Your team name is Team Taisho, and your team number 13. You’ll fight against Team Ashi first.” Koenma’s brow furrowed. “Their team leaders name is Tejin. He’s very powerful, and so are his teammates; don’t underestimate them.” Sesshoumaru took the folder and nodded, his face stoic as always, but his eyes held confidence.

“Do not worry; this Sesshoumaru will never underestimate his opponent.” His group stood next to the others.

“Kesu, I want you to be a leader too. Your team will be made up of Rin-sama, Yukina, Jin, and Miroku Your team name is Team Touki, and you will be team number 9. You’ll be fighting against Team Yaken. They are led by a coyote demon so be careful.” Kesu took the file and breezed through it, then his team took their spot next to the others. “Alright, you five are the last team. Yusuke you’re the leader. Your first fight is against team Doragon.”

“Koenma, sir? Does this mean that we will have to fight against each other? I mean the first round we don’t, but the second? Do you expect us to actually fight each other?” Kurama said from his spot by his friends. “I do not think I will be able to do that, sir.” Koenma looked grim.

“When you have to fight each other, you must be at your best. The strongest team must move forward, it is the only way we can win.” Everyone in the room nodded their heads, agreeing fully. “Now, I want all of you to train as hard as you can, understood? The tournament starts in one months time. You must all be ready by then.”

=========================================================== ====

A/N: Well, what do you think? Was it ok or not because im really not sure…I’ll try to finish this story, even though I haven’t finished my other ones…anyway, here are my notes, and the definitions to the Japanese words

Author notes:

1. Kagome’s new uniform is the one for Keiko and Yusuke’s school

2. I know that Yusuke is demon in the anime, but I don’t like it, so in my story he’s human

3. Rin’s pendant looks like Sesshoumaru’s dog form

4. I know that Kuronue is supposed only 532 years old, but that’s to young for my fanfic, so he’s more like 700 years old.

5. Ronue is not Kuronue’s human name. His human name is Akida, which

Japanese words:

1. Okaa-san (pronounced O ka a san): mother

2. Kaa-san: informal way to say mother

3. Nani: basically it’s ‘what’

4. Ookami: wolf

5. Chimeiteki: lethal

6. Furukit: short for furukitsune, which means blue fox

7. Ashi + Tejin = ashitejin (I broke it apart): Magician

8. Touki: fighting spirit

9. Yaken: Lost/stray dog (you’ll find out why)

10. Doragon: Dragon

Yeah, that’s it so… R&R please! Pairings are still un known!