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I didn't realize how short this chapter was until just now, so I'll put up another one, too. Yay free time!
They ended up staying with the wolves for a week. They frolicked in the fresh air, got to know each other better, and generally had a good time. Ayame had gotten over her jealousy of Kagome and all the females, including the younger ones, spent the days together. The men were a little different. Koga and Inuyasha still teased each other and occasionally competed when there was something to be done, like hunting and other things, but they were more tolerant of each other than they were before.
Their stay with the wolves did wonders for Kagome. Right before Robin's eyes, she seemed to visibly get healthier and more robust. She laughed more and the circles under her eyes disappeared. She commented on her findings to Inuyasha, who agreed with her.
“I didn't think that coming here would be a good idea, but it looks like I was wrong,” he said as the two of them stood under the stars. “I'm very glad to be wrong in this case.”
“I'm glad she's recovering, too,” Robin stated. “She's been so frail, and now it's like she can take on the world. I never would've believed that she would get better so fast. Unfortunately, we have school in two days, so we have to get back tomorrow. I told Michael that we were going to go back last week, but with this…” She spread her hands out before her. “I just hope we don't have too much homework.”
Ayame came out and joined them. “It's been nice getting to know you all,” she said seriously. “I don't remember when Koga was this happy.”
“As much as we'd like to stay, we have to get home,” Robin said. “It's great being here, but Kagome and I have things we need to do. We'll be leaving in the morning.”
The redheaded wolf demon looked at the ground. “That's too bad,” she said. “We'll miss you. I promise we'll try to visit. It's been great having you all here. Don't be strangers.”
They bid her goodnight and went into their guest den where the rest of them were staying. “We have to leave tomorrow,” Inuyasha announced when they entered the den. “Robin says that she and Kagome have to go back.” His face showed his feelings about their reasons for leaving.
“Yeah, we missed a week of school; I don't think we can afford to miss any more days,” Kagome said regretfully. “Sorry, guys, but Robin and I have to go. You can stay if you want, though.”
Of course, no one was going to do that, so they packed their things in preparation for the following day. The wolves weren't happy to see them leave, but with promises to return, the gang left for their home in Inuyasha's Forest. Upon reaching their goal that night, Robin and Kagome bid everyone farewell and headed for the well with Inuyasha while the rest of their party entered Sango's home. Robin went on ahead of Kagome and Inuyasha to give them a chance to say a private good-bye and jumped down the well by herself. Once the blue light faded, she tossed her bag over her shoulder scaled the side of the well.
“We really need to get a ladder or something,” she said aloud once she reached the top. “It's such a hassle trying to climb out every time we need to.”
“You certainly took your sweet time getting back,” a voice said from behind her. Turning, she saw Hiei leaning on the doorframe. “What took you so long?”
“We stayed with the wolf demon,” Robin answered her `son'. “It did wonders for Kagome's health, so we stayed longer than we thought we were going to. Did anything happen while we were away?”
“Not much,” he said. “Michael almost had a heart attack when you didn't come home last week, and he has been distraught since then.”
Remorse flooded through her. “I guess I'd better go apologize,” she murmured, walking past him and to the house. Letting her bag fall to one side, she walked up the stairs to the study where Michael was most likely to be. Surprisingly, the room was empty. Going to his room, she looked in, but it was as empty as the study. Sliding down the banister, she entered the kitchen, and there Michael and Sota were sitting at the table, eating fast food and studying.
“We're back,” she said softly. Michael shot up and was hugging her before she knew what had hit her. Unfortunately, he was holding her so tightly that he was cutting off her air supply. “Michael,” she gasped, “I can't breathe.”
He loosened his death hold on her, but wouldn't let go. “You're really back,” he murmured over and over, almost like a mantra.
Behind him, Sota wandered over and asked, “Is Kagome with you?”
She smiled and nodded. “She'll be coming along soon. She just stayed behind for a few minutes longer to say bye to Inuyasha.”
Speaking of the devil, Kagome appeared in the doorway with Hiei right behind her. She hadn't even stepped through the doorway when Sota latched onto her like he would never let go and would've knocked her right over if Hiei hadn't been behind her to steady them.
“Yes, Sota, I'm really here,” his big sister said laughingly. “You don't have to crush me. You're getting stronger; you need to be more careful with me.”
Immediately he let go. “Sorry,” he said, turning red. “We were just worried about you, that's all. You said that you were coming back last Sunday, and when you didn't come back, we thought something bad happened.”
“Nope, we're still as safe as ever,” she assured him. “Now that we're back home, I'm just going to get something to eat and go to bed since we have school tomorrow. Did any of you need me before then?”
They all shook their heads, but stayed with her and Robin while they ate. Michael seemed to have to be touching her to believe that she wouldn't just fly away the minute he let go, and Robin was amused to see that Kagome had the same problem with Sota. Hiei just leaned against a wall and watched them. When they were done, Sota thoughtfully took their dishes to the sink for them. Robin shouldered her bag and started up the stairs, but stopped to watch as Hiei snatched Kagome's bag before she could reach it and darted past her.
“Hiei!” Kagome shouted. “I can get my own bag, thank you very much! I don't need everyone to keep grabbing it for me.”
The fire demon reappeared and looked down at her. “Well, if you want to carry it yourself, then you have to get there first,” he called down to her calmly. “Otherwise, someone else will get it, and you won't have the right to say anything about it.”
She still looked like she wanted to beat him over the head, but she settled for just shaking her head and walking to her room. Robin did likewise and, after throwing her things on the floor next to her bed, walked to the bathroom to brush her teeth and shower before someone else got all the hot water. After she finished, she went to her room and fell onto her bed. Unfortunately for her, she knew she'd be cold in the morning if she didn't get under the blankets, so she dredged up the last of her strength to pull the blankets back and crawl under them. Once that was done, she was out like a light.