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Inuyasha paced outside the home of his friends. How could I agree to let her go through the mountains like she is? he raged inwardly at himself. She's too good at getting me to do what she wants. Why can't I stand up to her like I used to? The cold air tugged at his hair and cooled his temper somewhat. I'm not going to change things by walking all night, so I might as well try and sleep in a place with a semblance of privacy. Once we leave, there won't be any time to be just with her, especially once we get into the wolf demons' territory.
He walked back inside, going into the room he shared with his Kagome. He could see her form on the futon, and her quiet, steady breathing told him that she was asleep. At least she's catching up on lost sleep now. Carefully he lay down beside her, wrapping his arms around her. Burrowing his face in her hair, he breathed in her sweet scent. If only we could stay like this forever, he thought wistfully. But no, that wasn't to be. She would insist that they go find the wolves' den in the morning and nothing short of a natural disaster was going to stop that. For a human, she sure is tough. Not even demons are enough to stop her from getting what she wants. They're all strong, my friends. Most humans are weak and don't want to do any more work than is necessary. Yet these humans tracked Naraku for years, enduring far more than anyone should in ten lifetimes. Yes, Naraku destroyed their former lives, but still, not even a demon would've kept after him for as long as they did.
Kagome muttered something in her sleep, causing him to come out of his thoughts. I need to get to sleep. That mangy wolf might be mated to Ayame, but that doesn't mean that I can let my guard down. He closed his eyes and fell into darkness.
Kagome woke late the next morning; according to her clock, it was 9:27 in the morning.
“Oh, no, we have to go!” she said aloud, throwing off her blankets and sitting up, which proved to be a mistake when her vision started to go black. Shaking her head to clear it, she got up slowly and picked up her backpack. Walking out the door, she almost ran right into Miroku, who happened to be walking past.
“I'm sorry, Miroku,” she apologized to the startled monk. “I didn't know you were out here. Where's everybody else?”
Recovering his composure, he answered her, “They're out in the main area waiting for you to wake up.”
“Thank you,” she said as they both continued on their way. Her bag was unusually heavy, and she had no idea why. She remembered that she hadn't put in anything that would've loaded her down, like her Chemistry book or anything like that, but then why was it feeling this heavy?
“You're finally up,” Robin commented from her position on the ground playing with Misao when she saw Kagome enter the room.
“Yeah, I don't know why I slept in so late,” Kagome confessed. “But I'm ready and raring to go if everyone else is.”
Inuyasha stood up and said, “Might as well get this over with.” Crossing over to where she was, he took her backpack off her shoulders and hefted it onto his own. “If we're going to get to the mountains by nightfall, then we have to hurry.”
“I left a note for Kohaku if he comes while we're gone,” Sango said as she got onto Kirara with Misao on her lap. “Kagome, are you riding with us or is Inuyasha carrying you?”
“I'm going with you,” she said and climbed up behind her friend with Robin behind her. Miroku passed her Makikazu and got the supplies that Kirara and Inuyasha couldn't carry.
“If we're all ready,” the monk said, looking at them for confirmation. At their nods, he stated, “Then let's be off.”
The view from Kirara's back was amazing; while you got a bird's-eye-view on a plane, they were much closer to the ground on Kirara and they could feel the wind on their faces. Personally, Robin was enjoying her ride, even though she had to hang onto various bags of supplies instead of a child. I'm afraid it looks like Michael's going to have to use Kagome's old sicknesses recurring to cover for us. I'm sorry, Michael. I really meant to be back by today, but if this makes Kagome feel better, then I have to try it.
“Hey, Robin, how're you hanging?” Kagome called over her shoulder.
“It's great,” Robin shouted back. “I can't wait until Flame can do this.”
“Yeah, I know. I wish we could take them with us.”
“Why can't we?”
Kagome frowned. “I don't know about you, but Star is still young, and I'd rather she wasn't eaten. I don't think she knows how to properly defend herself yet, so I'm just leaving her in relative safety for now.”
“You have a point,” Robin conceded. “At least we know they're in good hands with Michael and Hiei on the job.”
Kirara started to descend at that point. “What's going on?” Kagome shouted to Sango.
“We just saw a pack of wolves coming towards Miroku and Inuyasha,” she shouted back. “If they're part of Koga's pack, they may not recognize them, and if they're not, they may think they're intruders and attack.”
Even as they landed, the wolves trotted into sight. They started growling at them as they caught sight of them, making Sango's theories true, whichever one it was. The two babies were given to Kagome and Robin to protect while the rest of them got in front. Even Shippo, who used to be the one who had to be protected, was ready to set fire to the wolf pack.
Sensing that they were going to attack them, the wolves charged. They outnumbered the group's fighters, but still couldn't break through to get to the children and their guardians. The defenders were at a disadvantage because they didn't want to incur Koga's wrath by killing off his wolves, so they only injured them. Inuyasha had to use only his fists and pull his punches, while Miroku used his staff and Sango blocked them with her Hiraikotsu, and Shippo used his illusions the best he could since he didn't want to burn them.
Sensing that they were losing, the wolves fell back, regrouped, and started howling. This made no sense to Robin, but apparently it did to Kagome because she tensed up when the first haunting howls reached their ears. Behind the wolves, what looked like a whirlwind was speeding their way. It roared in front of the wolves and disappeared to reveal a young demon. His long black hair was tied in a ponytail and a leather band kept his bangs out of his ice-blue eyes. It looked like he was wearing wolfskins and that was it.
At first he seemed angry, but when he saw who it was, he grinned. “So, Mutt-face, come back for a butt-whipping?” he addressed Inuyasha.
“Hah! You wish,” the hanyou retorted. “You're the one who's going to get whipped.”
“Koga!” Kagome called. “We've come to visit for a while.”
Faster than lightning, he was at her side and had one of her hands in both of his. “It's been too long, Kagome,” he said to her. “You look more beautiful than the last time I saw you.”
She blushed. “Thank you,” she said simply. “Sorry we were fighting with your wolves; they didn't remember us and attacked.”
“It's fine, they'll live,” Koga said. “If they attacked you then they deserve every broken bone they got. They should know better than to attack friends.” Then he noticed Robin, Makikazu and Misao for the first time. “Who're they?” he asked curiously.
“The two little ones are Makikazu and Misao, Sango and Miroku's children,” Kagome explained. “The blonde girl with them is Robin; she joined us not long after you gave us your shards.”
The demon walked over to Robin. Stopping in front of her, he studied her for a minute, then took her right hand and shook it. “My name's Koga,” he said. “I'm the leader of the wolf pack in this region.”
Robin shook his hand back. “I'm Robin, from Kagome's village,” she introduced herself. “It's good to finally meet you.”
Kagome stepped in at this point. “We've come to visit you,” she repeated. “Do you know how hard it was to find you? And why didn't you ever visit us?”
He looked sheepish. “Sorry, Kagome,” he apologized. “Things have been real busy around these parts for the past few years. I'll try to visit sooner next time. Come, you all must be tired.” He and Kagome started walking back the way he came while the rest of them took up the rear. Inuyasha, predictably, was silently fuming as he and the rest of them followed the wolf demon and Kagome to where the wolves made their lair.
“Koga!” two other wolf demons called as they ran to where their leader was. “Did you find out why the wolves were calling?”
“Sure did,” he responded. “They didn't remember Kagome or her friends and attacked them. They'll be hurting for a while, but none of them were killed, so they'll be fine.”
“Hey, Kagome,” the demon with a mohawk said. “It's been a long time. How's life been treating you?”
“Hi, Hakaku,” Kagome replied. “We're all doing well. How are things here?”
“Not much has been happening,” the other demon answered her. “We hunt for food, warn other demons not to come onto our territory, and that's about it.”
“I'm just glad that Naraku person is gone,” Hakaku said, shuddering. “It makes me enjoy what peace we have now. Before we knew about him, I'd have given anything to have some excitement, but after all those years of running after Koga while he chased him, it's a good feeling to have a lair to come home to after a day of hunting. Right, Ginta?”
“You said it,” Ginta agreed. “Now what brings you folks out here?”
“They're visiting for a while,” Koga answered him. “Now go prepare their rooms for them.”
“Koga, we can all stay together,” Kagome said quickly before Ginta and Hakaku could leave. “We only need one big room, right, guys?” They all quickly agreed with her, and the two demons ran to do as they were bid.
Shaking his head at his two oldest friends, Koga turned to them and said, “Let's go in and eat something. You people prefer your meat cooked, right?” He started walking towards a different cave and the rest of them followed close behind.
“Does he not cook his food before eating it?” Robin asked Sango as the two women walked together.
“No, he's a wolf demon, so he eats things raw. Well, I think he's changed his eating habits since they didn't sit well with Kagome, but I could be wrong.”
When they all entered the den, they saw that Koga was talking with someone who ran off as soon as Koga turned his back on him.
“The food's being prepared as we speak,” he informed them. “Just sit down and they'll bring it to you.”
Just then three young wolf demons ran in and latched onto Koga. “Daddy!” they squealed. “Did you find out why the wolves were crying?” one of them asked.
“Were there strong demons trying to take over our land again?” another one asked.
Laughing, Koga detached them from his person and addressed them. “I did find out why the wolves were crying, but they weren't trying to take our land. They had just forgotten some old friends of mine and attacked them. It's all sorted out now, though.” Turning to his guests, he said, “These are my pups, Kyo, Michiru, and Mika.”
Kyo, the eldest, looked like a carbon-copy of Koga. Same hair, same face, same eyes, same everything. Michiru looked exactly like Ayame. There was no doubt that she was related to that redheaded wolf demon. And then there was Mika. Like her brother, she had Koga's long black hair, but her fur and deep green eyes were her mother's. All three of them were adorable, as most young children were.
“How old are they, Koga?” Kagome asked, smiling at the young pups.
He thought about it for a moment. “They're about two. Why?”
“They look so big for two-year-olds,” she said.
He puffed out his chest proudly. “Wolf demons mature faster than regular demons. They'll be able to hunt by themselves in a few years.”
Their food arrived at that point, along with Ayame. Kagome was a little wary about meeting Koga's mate again, but it didn't seem that Ayame still bore that much animosity towards her and her friends. She sat next to Koga and greeted them all with friendly smiles. They all ate and talked about what had happened in the past two years (omitting certain details, like going to Makai or traveling through the well). Ayame even spoke with Kagome without any sign of the malice that had tainted their relationship two years ago.
The five youngest people present were busy looking at each other and trying to figure out what to make of them. Makikazu and Misao, who were not even one year old, observed the three wolf pups from their parents' laps while the pups did the same from their position by their parents.
Dinner wasn't as eventful as it had been in the past. The twins of Miroku and Sango behaved themselves, and the pups knew better than to embarrass their parents with bad manners. The adults still talked amongst themselves, and the time flew by. When the children showed signs of being tired, the rest of them called it a day. Bidding everyone a goodnight, the wolves and their guests split ways for their beds.