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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

How Well Do You Know Your Trivia? Part I

By Rachael J.R.

The show that has questions about almost everything and the anime characters
are put together in teams to accomplish this at my house!

Rachael: Hello and welcome to how well do you know your trivia! This
scenery you see here is my house! Well. I used a little bit of 'announcer
magic' (puts quotes around it with fingers) to make it look so spiffy!
(Applause comes from the audience that all of a sudden appears in front of
her, near the camera.) Yes, that was an example of my 'announcer magic'.
(spins around so the camera person, her brother John, can get a different
shot of her) The trivia questions are all sorts of questions that my
dearest love Danielle and I have compiled together. (Claps hands and
Danielle appears by her side)

Danielle: Hola! Buenos Dias! Como estas? (Waves madly, audience goes

Rachael: The anime characters that are going to be present today are.
(yanks a scroll from her back pocket and whips it open and it rolls out on
the floor) not all of these characters!!!!!!!!! (Smiles and chucks scroll
out of a window that she made appear with her 'announcer magic'.) The
envelope please, Danielle. (holds out hand)

Danielle: Can I read them? Please, Rachael???

Rachael: Oh all right! Just be enthusiastic ok? But not TOO enthusiastic!

(Danielle grabs envelope from the camera man, John, and clears her throat
loudly, banging her chest to loosen anything that might be there): Ahem!
Today's contestants are: Ed from Cowboy BeBop!!! (Ed appears and starts to
yell about food and such, audience goes wild) Yami Yugi and Joey Wheeler
from Yu-Gi-Oh! (They appear on stage looking around. Danielle drools in
Joey's direction.)

Rachael: Ewwww! Danielle, you've gone overboard again! (Wipes her arms
with a hankie and then wipes the contents in the hankie on drooling
Danielle's arms) If you can't keep your salivary glands under control
whenever you see him, then I'm just going to have to start taking your
Yu-Gi-Oh watching privileges away.

Danielle: Ok. I'm done now. Where were we. oh yeah! The next contestants
are. Kurz Webber from Full Metal Panic! (He struts on stage, giving every
girl in the room a one million dollar smile) Kagome, InuYasha and
Sesshomarou from InuYasha! (The three appear, look around, and then Kagome
starts to wave and jump up and down in excitement. InuYasha just glares at
everyone and Sesshomarou looks ready to kill all of the mortals in the room
but we won't let him.) Kurama and Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho! (They appear,
Yusuke bows and grins foxily and Kurama just stands there, silent) And last
but not least! Himora Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin! (Kenshin appears and
hastily puts his hand on his reverse blade sword, but then relaxes when he
sees he's just on Rachael's silly game show that she has been planning to

Rachael: Audience, how much do you love me? (Audience goes crazy) How
much do you love Danielle? (Audience goes crazy again) How much do you
love. (points at Sesshomarou and then grins) him?!

Audience: ..

Crickets: chirp. chirp.

(InuYasha laughs out loud and Sesshomarou growls and starts to lunge in his
directions with his long poisonous talons out, but Rachael puts up an
invisible fence between them and then the demon flies backwards.)

Sesshomarou: How did you do that?

(Rachael smiles innocently): I have announcer magic. Anyways, we don't
need sibling fights on this show.

(John comes out from behind the camera): Oh contrair, Rachael ol' bean.
You're gonna fight with me, I can guarantee it.

Rachael: Oh yeah???? What makes you so sure, Jim-Bob?

John: I'm really good at annoying you! Ah-Hyah-Har-ah-hyah-har! (laughs
in that really annoying manner that drives her crazy and then farts really
loudly) Woops.

Rachael: YOU DIDN'T SAY SAFETY!!!!!!!!!!!! (Begins to charge at her
younger brother but someone pulls her back by her hair.)

Danielle: Now, Rachael. You just told those two that we don't have sibling
fights on this show. You're not setting a good example. Am I going to have
to take away your noodles?


Joey: You mean noodles, as in ramen noodles?

Kagome: I looooooove Ramen! Let's have some now!!!
hyperactive manner)

Kenshin: Ramen is good, that it is.

Everyone in the house: ....................

Danielle: Wait. did you just say ramen is good, that it is, Kenshin?

(Shrugs and then pulls out his reverse blade sword): Yes I said that, that
I did.

Danielle: Errr-right.

Kurama: Hello. Are we going to have some trivia or what here? (Rachael
and Danielle give him a look and then nod)

Rachael: Since we haven't started yet, we're going to start NOW!!!! (The
theme song of the show starts to play. The William Tell Overture. Rachael
and Danielle are galloping around and harassing Kurz, Yusuke and Kurama
because they were just standing there away from everyone one)
WEEEEEEEEEEE!!! That was fun! We have to do that as the ending theme song


(Tables appear with the names of everyone there. A podium appears and
Rachael stands behind it and Danielle stands next to the podium holding a
score keeping thing.) Rachael: Ok everyone, go to the table that has your
name and NO FIGHTING!!!! (Everyone sits down and then Rachael sees
Kenshin's reverse blade sword) AHHHHH!!! YOU HAVE A SWORD!!!!

Kenshin: Yeah. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (runs away from the excited girl, keeping
his reverse blade out of her reach) It's mine! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

Rachael: Awwww. Come on Kenshin. I just wanna see it. (puppy lip)

Danielle: Oh no! She's giving you the puppy lip! There's no escape,

Kenshin: No! Must not surrender. to. adorable. puppy. lip. (his hand with
the reverse blade in it is shaking madly and moving outward towards Rachael)

Rachael: Just a little further.

Kenshin: AHHHHH!!!!! (hands the sword to Rachael)

Rachael: YAY!!!!

Yami Yugi to Sesshomarou: Oh great. She's got a sword.

Sesshomarou: Shut up, weak human.

Yami: Hey! I'm not human! I'm a spirit! (Sesshomarou shakes his head and
then sits quietly, reclining in his chair)

Ed: MMMMM!!! Golden food!

Joey: AHHH!!! YOU MORON!!! MY HAIR IS NOT FOOD!!! (Ed tackles Joey and is
trying to eat his hair) GET HIM OFF ME!

Ed: Ed's not a boy! Ed is Ed!

Kurama: I'm afraid now.

Rachael: I THOUGHT you guys wanted to get started! Come on! Cooperate!!!
(swings the reverse blade around and then gives Kenshin a hug and returns
the sword to him.) I wasn't going to keep it, you know.

Kenshin: I am thankful that you returned it, that I am.

Rachael: Ok. come on people! Let's get started here!

Kagome: I've been ready! Let's go!

Yusuke: Danielle!!! The theme is over now! Leave me alone!

Danielle: Woops. sorry! (runs back next to the podium and holds the
scorekeeping thing with a bright smile)

(Everyone sits back down and is quiet as Rachael returns to the podium and
holds the microphone) Rachael: Puh puh puh. Is this thing on?

John: Yeah dumb arse! We can hear you loud and clear!

Rachael: grrrrrrrr. HEY! YOU STILL HAVEN'T SAID SAFETY!!

InuYasha: If you attack your brother, then Sesshomarou and I will fight,
you know.

Rachael: Oh yeah. Well let's get started with the game! (Music plays in
the back round and then stops) The first round is the elimination round!
Only five of you will be able to go into the next round. You will answer a
question that Danielle or myself have come up with and if you get it right,
you advance. The next stage of advancement is when you have to pick a
number off of the board up here- (board of numbers appears) and see what the
task is and you do it. NO CHOICES!!!! YOU WILL DO WHAT IT SA-


All: ........................

John: Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (FART) Safety again!

Yami: Wow.

Kurz: Nice one!

Rachael: Thank you for that musical interlude, John. Are you quite
finished yet?

John: (FART) Safety. K, now I'm done!

Danielle: Wow. I wonder where your brother gets it from. (Stares at Rachael
in a hinting manner)

Rachael: What are you saying?

(Danielle anime falls)

Rachael: Ok! Back to what we were saying! You will do what the number
says or else I will have to use my 'announcer magic' on you. If you get the
question wrong, you will be thrown back to your anime as quickly as you can
say, sexagenarian.

Danielle: Sexa-

Rachael: No, Danielle. Not now.

Danielle: Oh.

Rachael: All right! The first person is. Kagome!

Kagome: Me? Really? YAY! (Runs up to the little platform that looks a
lot like a rickety bridge)

Rachael: Your first question is. John, a drum roll please!


Rachael: Kagome. What is the airspeed velocity of an un-laden swallow?
Kagome: Uh. WAIT! I know this one! If a swallow beats its wings 39 times
a second then. hmm. If a 2 oz bird can carry a 5 lb coconut. um. seven miles
an hour? (shrugs and then looks at Rachael)

Rachael: No, I'm sorry. You were very close Kagome but your measurements
were off. The swallow beats its wings 43 times a second and the five oz
bird can carry a 1 lb coconut.

Kagome: Oh no! (She tries to run off the bridge but ends up falling in and
then gets zapped back to the show she came from which is InuYasha. Doy!)

Audience: Boooooooooooooooooooo!

Rachael: Sorry! That's the way it goes! You have to get the answer
completely right. It's picky I know but my games aren't easy! (smiles and
then the audience goes wild again, forgetting about Kagome) Our next
contestant is. Ed!

Ed: Food? Is that what Ed is getting called for? (Charges up to the
bridge and then starts to gnaw on it)

John: HEY! No eating the bridge! I made that myself, that I did!

Kenshin: Hey, cameraman! That's my line! Who said you could use it?

(InuYasha stands up seeing that Rachael is trying to shut everyone up)

(Everyone turns to look at him) InuYasha: Thank you. (Sits down and crosses
his arms in his cloak thingy)

Danielle: Wow. we actually had to censor something on your show, Rachael.
Now that's sad.

Rachael: Well I did rate this for teenagers and higher. Anyway! Ok Ed!
Are you ready?

(Ed looks up drooling and has a piece of the bridge in her mouth) Ed: Yeah!
Ed's ready!

Rachael: Your question is. one from Danielle! How old is Joey Wheeler?
(Joey falls out of his chair with a cry, and stares over at Danielle, who is
blushing seven different shades of scarlet) Are you ok, Joey?

Joey: Yeah. I'm ok. (still staring over at Danielle while getting back into
his seat)

Ed: Duh. He's food! Ed thinks his hair is yummy! (Drools uncontrollably
and looks at Joey, and then the bridge drops her back into Cowboy BeBop)

Rachael: Well, two are gone! We still have eight people here so we'll be
back after these commercial breaks!

(Commercial Break)

Commercial #1: (Has John, Rachael and InuYasha)

John: Are you tired of your dog having fleas? (InuYasha is tied to a peg
in the ground and is being held there by a leash)

InuYasha: Hey! I don't have flea-

Rachael: Hush, doggy! (Shoves a treat in his mouth and pats him on the
head. He growls but chews the treat contentedly)

InuYasha: Hey. that was pretty good.

Rachael: Well I should think you would like it. It's a kibbles and bits
treat and you are a dog demon you know. (InuYasha roars and then starts to
spit like he has rabies) Awwww. look at the cute little hanyou.

John: Also, if your dog acts like this, may we suggest getting it neutered!

InuYasha: WHAT???!!!

Rachael: We're kidding. (looks away grinning evilly)

InuYasha: You had better be!

John: We suggest getting a flea collar for your dog if they have a bad case
of fleas like InuYasha does here-

InuYasha: For the last BEEEPin' time! I don't have fleas!

Rachael: Wow InuYasha! That's twice in one day! (Pats him on the head)
Yes. I definitely think we should get you neutered. (He makes a scared
little face and then Rachael feels bad) Awwww! I could never neuter you!
You're too cute! (starts to scratch him behind the ears and he then breaks
free of the leash and runs Rachael over)

(InuYasha barking and running all over the place)

Rachael: SESSHOMAROU!!!!!!
End of commercial #1

Commercial #2: (Has Danielle, Joey, and Sesshomarou)

(Danielle runs her fingers through her hair and is prancing around): Come
on guys! Urge the herbal!!! (Starts to moan like the girls in the
commercials do)

(Joey grins and then goes up behind Danielle and starts to do it with his
own hair and moans in her ear, making her blush): I'm urgin' it!

(Sesshomarou just standing there): You mortals are completely foolish and
useless. How the hell do you 'urge the herbal' anyways?

Danielle: Do you want me to show you?

Sesshomarou: No! (Danielle dumps a bottle of shampoo on his head and then
uses a hose to rinse it. Then she uses a fan to dry it)

Danielle: Wow! It's so shiny! And silky! And it smells awesome!
(Burying her face in it and then starts to swim in it)

Joey: Hey! What about me?

Danielle: Jealous eh?

Joey: What?

Sesshomarou: I can't believe this. It's complete stupidity! Get out of my
hair, human! (Wrenches Danielle out and then walks off, running his hands
through his hair muttering about her ruining his 'do')

End of Commercial #2

Commercial #3: (Has Yusuke, Kurama, Rachael, Yami Yugi, Kurz, Kenshin and

Rachael (has an unbelievably seducing look on her face): Are you looking
for pleasure? Fun? Or having a good time? Then come to the eligible Male
Whore house, where we supply the man and you supply yourself! (Shows all
the guys and then goes to a different scene)

(Joey smiling): I'm real cheap and I'm real tough too.

(Kenshin pulls out his reverse blade): I'll slash your clothes off, that I

(Kurama has no shirt on * drools *): I'll turn you on with my whipping.
(pulls out his rose whip and lashes it around whilest licking his lips)

Rachael: You whip them, Kurama. You whip them.

(Jade appears): It's oh so very sexy. (bobs eyebrows and then disappears)

Rachael: Weh-heh-hell that just proves that this place is a huge booming
success and that if you're a single woman or male, you NEED to come here!
(Waves and then gives a thumbs up with one eye closed)

(End of Commercial Break)

Rachael: Welcome back to how well do you know your trivia! When we left
for commercials, Kagome and Ed had to take their leave back to the anime
realm, so now we have these lucky people-

InuYasha, Kurama, Yami Yugi and Sesshomarou: Ahem?

Sesshomarou: Did you just call me a human?

Rachael: Oopsies! Sorry! Just a little slip of the tongue you know!
(Smiles sweetly and there's a little bit of awwwing from the audience) I
meant. er. demons.

InuYasha: Feh.

Yami Yugi: I'm a demon now? (Stands up out of his chair and throws himself
off the bridge. Danielle and Rachael look over the edge)

Rachael: Wow. we must have really driven him crazy.

Danielle: Yeah. I think that last commercial did him in.

Rachael: Anyways. our next contestant is InuYasha!!! (Crowd goes wild and
InuYasha just pouts in his chair) Um. you're up, InuYasha.

InuYasha: I don't feel like it right now. (Rachael frowns and then marches
up to him, and grabs him by the ear) What do you think you're going to-

(Rachael smiling devilishly): Now are you going to answer the question?

InuYasha: (Whimpering) Owww. did you really have to pull that hard??

Rachael: I'm sowwy. (pats his head and then runs back to the podium) And
that is an example of my just that capable announcer magic!!!

Sesshomarou: As if that would work on me. My brother is weak.

Danielle: Shut up!!!!! (Sesshomarou glares and is still upset about her
messing up his 'do')

Rachael: Ok, InuYasha. Come on. (Smiles when he grumbles and walks over
to the bridge)

InuYasha: Well make it quick, ok? (rolls his eyes)

Rachael: Alrighty-o! Let's see, Danielle. Vat qvestion should vee ask him?

Danielle: Hey! You sound like you're from Holland! Isn't that veird?

(All but Danielle anime sweatdrop)

Rachael: You do that Danielle (pats her shoulder) you do that. Oh! I've
got it! (Music plays and then stops) Wh-

InuYasha: Will you hurry up and ask the damn question??!!

Rachael: Hey! I was just going to ask it, buddy boy so calm down!!! As I
was saying, what is. hm.

Danielle: Ooh! I've got a good question. But it's kind of hard and weird.

Rachael: Well, out with it! (Danielle whispers in Rachael's ear and
Rachael blushes purple and starts to laugh nervously)

Rachael: That's a weird question all right! But. it is a good and picky

Kurama: Well, what is it? You seem to have come up with some good ones
already so this one is probably just as good.

Rachael: Awwww. that was a cute thing to say Kurama. Why can't anyone else
here say such encouraging stuff like that? Hmm? (glares around at all the
other guys)

Joey: I can say stuff like that! (stands up and grins. Danielle blushes)

Rachael: Ok sit down. InuYasha. (pauses and hides her face in her hands)
What is my bra size?

(All but Danielle and Rachael anime fall)

Sesshomarou: Let's see you handle this one brother!!!

Kurz: How come he gets to answer questions like that? I'm the one who
modeled for the tag, you know!

InuYasha: Hey! That's an extremely unfair question! I refuse to answer!
(Crosses his arms and pushes his nose in the air) Feh!

Rachael: Oh contrair. You MUST answer! Announcer Magic. (waves fingers
around like in Wayne's World)

InuYasha: No! Not the announcer magic!!! (Flushes red and starts to
sweat) Uh. Uh. (eyes dart to a 'special spot' on Rachael)

(Danielle runs in front of her): Hey you pervert! No cheating!

InuYasha: Well how am I supposed to know??? She could stuff.

John: My sister??? STUFF? Yah right!!! That'd be really funny if she
did, then she'd be the size of Texas!!!

Rachael: Hey! Shut up! (Starts to run in his direction. Sesshomarou
clears his throat, glaring at her)

Yusuke: Ok! I'm really starting to get bored here! Kenshin and I have
decided that this show sucks!!!

Kenshin: You decided that for yourself, Yusuke. I am just merely sitting
here polishing my sword, that's all.

Sesshomarou: InuYasha, you useless hanyou! Let's see what you have to say!

(InuYasha still sweating and looking goaded) InuYasha: Well. er. Can't I
just have one look?

Danielle: NO!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S CHEATING!!!!!!!

Rachael: And besides. I'd want you to think my weird face is pretty
instead of other parts!

Danielle: Rachael, your face is not weird!

Rachael: Yes it is! (Runs up and shoves her face in Sesshomarou's) Isn't
my face weird?
(Pushes her back and relaxes): When you put it that close it looks weird
but at a far away distance you look fairly normal.

InuYasha: Ha! There is good to you! I knew it!

Sesshomarou: What? Shut up you stupid hybrid! (Stands up and starts to
march over to InuYasha)

InuYasha: Rachael wears a double D!!!!

All: ...............................

(Rachael blushing red madly): Wow! How. how did you know?

Kurz: Whoa girl! You're huge!

InuYasha: Are you SERIOUS? I got it right? Wow. that's a first. I had a
really hard time guessing Kagome's when she wanted me to because she's
really itty bitty.

Kurama: Tmi! (Too much information)

(Crowd goes wild) Rachael: Since you got the question right, you get to
proceed onto the board of options! YAY! (Runs over and drags him) Ok,
InuYasha. Choose one! (InuYasha observes the numbers)

InuYasha: Number. 5

(Danielle frolics over to the board and picks up the card in the number 5
slot and clears her throat loudly): Your task is. To cuddle with Rachael
for 15 minutes! (InuYasha falls over anime style and the crowd goes,

Rachael: Yah hear that? Come here doggy boy!

InuYasha: But. but. I. (blushing and keeping his distance)

Rachael: What's the matter? I don't bite.

John: Well she did bite when we were younger, but that's a different story!

Rachael: Once again John. SHUT UP!!!

Yusuke: Do it InuYasha! You HAVE to!

Sesshomarou: This should be very entertaining! (Laughs and then crosses
his arms in amusement)
Kenshin: Rachael's cuddly InuYasha. You have nothing to worry about. Just
don't let her take your sword-

Rachael: SWORD???!!!!

InuYasha: NO! It's MY TETSUSAIGA!!! (Cover it protectively)

Kurz: * Yawn! * Let's hurry this up! I haven't had a beer in a couple of

Rachael: Come here InuYasha. (smiling sweetly and holding out her arms. He
inches over and then sits down in one of the chairs that appeared behind the
podium. Rachael sits next to him and lays on him) You're really
comfortable, you know that?

InuYasha: Feh. Just get on with your stupid show. (Blushing but then
Rachael starts to move around) What?

Rachael: Your arm is weird. Put it around me!

InuYasha: Wha? Um. ok. then. (does it and then Rachael snuggles into him

Sesshomarou: My brother can't handle a woman. That's hilarious.

InuYasha (growls): Shut up Sesshomarou! I can too! (Crushes her to him
and rests his head on hers)

Danielle: Oooh! This could turn into Jerry Springer!

Joey: Jerry! Jerry! Jerr- (Everyone glares at him) Oh. I'm done.

End of part I