Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ EVEN ❯ woah ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Max woke up soon after that. Gasping seeming like she had just drowned. “what , what happened?” she said in a daze voice. her glasses weren't on and her eyes where a deep green as She kicked the roses away “that that agrr. .” she stopped talking when she noticed the me and the others she turned and glared at them(the roses not the guys) again “do you mind leaving” she said letting her head to cocked to the side so that the her bangs covered her eyes. “umm if you haven't noticed yet, you are going to go to the hospital.” Joey said, in a dead pan voice. She turned towards the others “I don't need to go to the hospital what I need is for you all to leave” she couldn't help the spite that entered her voice as She stood up unsteadily and walked to the phone and dialed a number rather quickly. “ tell them I'm going to kick there asses when I see them and then I'm gonna make sure they never breed. their gonna wish they've never seen me to begin with yash!!” before slamming down the phone and passing out again. “you ok?” tristan asked form the door “just peachy,” she waved from the couch as they left .
The day after she came to school with a bandage on her neck, and a scowel on her face. Tea was the first to see her and was very surprised by the bento that she was carrying with her. They stood facing each other max was tense but after that , she broke through with one of her smiles that seemed to relax her. “sorry about the attitude but it kinda slipped through” she wasn't shy about it just cautious “there was a different thing going on at the time with my attitude and I have a certain allergy. That made it worse” she walked past the others. Into the school.
Max sat on a desk glaring at the guys across the room her bag was gone and there was goiong to be hell to pay `calm thoughts calm thought calm thought “whoever took my bag would you please return it NOW” to hear her loose her temper was one thing but this “miss. Lykosan please sit dow-“ max had glared, something worse that kaiba could do, at him“you wouldn't want someone taking your stuff” the teacher was sweating bullets “ms. Gem please go to the principal's office” as he had backed away form her “whaterver I just wanted my bag back I'll just talk to the principle about your little thief” she walked out “now students we have a new student a mr. Kori there seems to be a smudge on the last name will u please sit by tea, tea please raise your hand” tea hesitantly raised her hand but considering that max had been sitting by her and the only other seat was by Bakura and the ishtars this was going to be good when she got back.