Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Behind Demon Doors ❯ Kyuketsuki (vampires) ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
This story is inspired by Van Hellsing, and Jen ^_~
Have fun.

Hiei stood on the roof of the town’s temple and watched the full moon. It was a restless night for him and he once again leapt from the roof, spreading his leathery black wings and swept down into a small alleyway where he resided to walking. He paced up and down the alleyway and on his fourth turn a cat as dark as the night slunk from the shadows and crept across his path. Hiei didn’t even hesitate for the kitten and continued walking, giving his step a little more force and kicking the cat as it walked in front of him. The cat didn’t care and didn’t even seem to notice until it was flying out of the alley and into the road landing on its feel only to dodge an oncoming truck. Hiei chucked evilly as he took to the skies again, flying out over the street then making a sharp turn in the opposite direction. He was tired of waiting and there wasn’t even a scream in the streets. Retreating to his castle, Hiei walked into his bedroom and shut the windows. The full moon just irritated him more, because he knew he would have to feed within the next day. It was a pain to wreak havoc on the town just for a meal, it was much more interesting when he had his underlings with him. But he didn’t, they were all out, and he didn’t have any humans left working for him, for he had killed them all the last time his followers were out. Hiei growled viciously to himself and waited impatiently for Mukuro to return. (A/N: Yes I’m having Mukuro be his follower. Mostly because I don’t like her and want to see Hiei beat up on her) There was no one on the castle beside himself and he hated the loneliness that came with the empty stone walls. After hours of waiting, Hiei heard someone open the thick wooden door to the foyer and he quickly rose, flying down the halls to see who it was. He was hoping it was Mukuro but he was easily disappointed as he saw it was only his servant Meshi.
“Meshitsukai! Where is Mukuro? She was supposed to be back hours ago.” Hiei growled from a corner of the room. Upon hearing his gruff voice, Meshi jumped, and turned to face her master, fear showing in her watery eyes.
“M-Master, I do not know where Mukuro got off too, I know only that she left with us, then flew off to be alone.”
Hiei muttered to himself, then stomped off again, getting ready to sleep, since the sun was coming up and he hadn’t slept in days. Hiei walked to his room rather grumpily, but when he reached his sanctuary, he immediately lay down and fell fast asleep.
His sleep was not peaceful, but that was expected. He tossed and turned throughout the day, until he was woke rather rudely, by a loud knock on his door.
“What is it?!” Hiei yelled to the intruder on the other side of the door.
“Hiei, I need to speak to you.” Hiei grumbled and opened the door, letting Mukuro in, then shut it behind her, releasing his rage.
“Mukuro! Where were you! I’ve been waiting forever, You were supposed to be back hours ago!”
“Hiei this isn’t the time--”
“This is most definitely the time! I am your master, not the other4 way around and don’t ever forget it!” Hiei yelled, hitting away Mukuro’s hand as she tried to calm him.
“Gomen Hiei, but you need to know--”
“All I need to know is that you’ll be back when I expect you,” Hiei growled back at her, refusing her plea to explain herself. She bowed to him in apology again, but he just kicked her aside, making her stumble backwards into his bed. “Tomorrow we feed. Be ready.” Hiei said, walking to the other side of the room and turning away from her.
Fearfully, Mukuro decided it was best not to speak, and quietly backed out of his room, shutting the door softly behind her. Hiei turned, to see Mukuro had gone, then sighed and walked back to his bed.


“Be careful Shuichi, you don’t know what your dealing with.” Botan said to her beloved friend, handing him a map of Makai. She knew of his past, but still warned him, for even she feared the Vampire lord.
“I must do this Botan, he slew my mother.” Shuichi replied, the feeling in his gut growing worse as he thought about his mother again.
Equipped with his rose, a few various seeds, and some various items to help defend him against vampires, Kurama set off, bidding Botan a sad goodbye, then walking through the portal into the Makai.
He was surprised at how different it looked, though the last time he had been there had been about 20 years, but he still remembered it vividly. The trees were green and in the summer they turned brilliant colors. There were golden fields of tall grass and blossoming sakura, trees full of fruit and animals romping through the fields. It was paradise for Youko, but not for Shuichi. For Shuichi, paradise was home with his mother and his friends, but the vampire had taken that away from him in one night.

It was a stormy night, Shuichi was home alone, for his mother had gone out for dinner with a friend. He was watching the news and listening to the light rain pour out around him. Their living room was surrounded with windows, but was at the back of the house which was surrounded by trees. It was the perfect place to snuggle and watch a movie on a rainy day, or a nice retreat from the hot sun into the cool house for lemonade. She would have been home by then; it was ten and the rain was starting to pour, the sky was darkened and the moon was nowhere in sight.
Shuichi started to worry as it crept later in the hour, and he turned on the news again, hoping maybe they had gotten trapped in a sudden downpour. As he watched the weather, he saw nothing suspicious, but in the middle of the local forecast, the broadcast was interrupted by ‘breaking news’.
There had been an attack in town. Vampires had attacked innocent citizens and terrorized the town. No one knew where they came from, but they came, and everyone was taken by surprise. Shuichi stood abruptly, a horrific look upon his face. His mother had been in town, what if she was one of the victims? His thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell and he instinctively rushed to answer it. He hoped it would be salvation from his horrific thoughts but as he opened the door, he only realized it was just the beginning. When he opened the door, his attention was immediately drawn to the man standing there, staring at him with a painful look. His gaze gradually dropped to the woman in the man’s arms, increasingly slipping against the wet sleeves of the man’s coat. Shuichi just stood there, until the man asked if they could come in, where Shuichi just nodded a reply. They took his mother to the couch, where she was lain gently, her pail arm slipping off the edge of the couch and falling limp. His eyes burned as he inspected his mother, finding two red marks on her neck where all the blood in her body had been sucked out, and he life with it.
“Gomen nasai,” the man apologized, and continued to explain in Japanese. He told of how a man as black as night swept from the heavens down upon them, taking his mother with him as he soared back up to the clouds, then dropped her when she had no life left in her. When the man had finished, Shuichi lead his silently to the door, then solemnly returned to his mother, reaching her corpse and pouring over her, baptizing her with his tears.
**end flashback**

Shuichi’s eyes watered again, as he recalled the memory, but he trudged through the thick brush, through the forest, and on his way to the demons castle.