Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Behind Demon Doors ❯ Into the castle ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

A/N: for the purpose of this story, vampires are alive, and they are a type of demon. Though all other rules apply (and if you find an error please tell me because I only did some trivial research on vampires, I am not an expert like some of you probably are V.V)
Hiei woke again to the full moon shining in his eyes. Someone had opened his windows. He growled, climbing out from beneath his sheets and slammed the shutters, looking around the room for a trace of the perpetrator. No one was there, and the lonely sensation he knew so well set in as he looked around at the bare, cold stone walls. Hiei sighed and walked to his door. He hesitated to open it at first, but still proceeded. Walking gloomily to his library, he ignored the people that passed him, and took little heed to the one that followed. When he sat down in a large leather arm chair, Mukuro stopped beside him, kneeling to his eye level and staring intensely at his deep garnet eyes. The room was dimly lit, but Hiei could see well and he turned to look at Mukuro, a blank and expressionless face staring at her in the dark. She rose, moving to face him and looked down at him as he stared up, no notion of curiosity on his face, no hint of sadness in his eyes, or indication of glee upon his pale lips. Her own turned down in a frown as she leant closer to him, staring deeper into his emotionless eyes.
Hiei did not react to Mukuro's invasion of his space; he was quite used to her and knew she would not test his patience, so he tolerated her face to close to his, her breath upon his cheeks and her soft but penetrating eyes staring so inquisitively into his. Closing her eyes she let a hand rest on Hiei's shoulder and when he did not protest, she slid her frail body onto his lap, leaning into him and letting her head rest in his black thicket of raven hair. Hiei did not even tense at the illustration of affection, instead he pretended it wasn't even happening, staring off into space like no one was even around.
Mukuro took advantage of his denial, running her hand up his chest, along the buttons of his black silk shirt. Smiling softly, she tucked her face in his neck, bringing her lips up to his tender skin and caressing his face, stroking a cheek with one hand while the other rested behind his back. Hiei felt her warm humid breath on his neck and narrowed his eyes, refusing to look at her, and as an alternative, looked at the large wall of books that towered over them, ladders reaching far into the unlit darkness of the top shelves and the dusty books that occupied them.
Mukuro proceeded to persuade Hiei to his feet and lead him to the soft bed that awaited him, yearning to embrace the leathery wings and the smooth body they were tucked against each day. Hiei still refused to look at Mukuro, hating her for every fluid motion she used to seduce him, even though his body screamed out for her and craved her gentile touch. When she finally managed to lay him in his bed, she was on top of him in an instant, her hands undoing buttons and her mouth capturing his lips repeatedly, though he continued to turn away. Her slender wings unfolded and shrouded them in a dark tent of leather as she continued to undress him, all but ripping his clothes from his well toned body.
Shuichi arrived before the castle in no time and stared at it, indicting it silently as he approached cautiously. It seemed too easy to just approach the castle and find the demon inside. A prize worth having is usually well guarded, but this seemed unworthy of protection. Shuichi continued to the door all his senses straining, but there were no disturbances besides his own footsteps which seemed as loud as gunshots in the silence that surrounded him. It was only the early hours of the morn and the sun was just showing its face behind the trees that surrounded the ominous stone castle. It was oddly converse though, since the sun though the trees seemed to give the land around the castle the feeling of waking up to the fresh scent of coffee from your warm bed and climbing out to see your lover waiting there for you with your favorite breakfast. As Shuichi snuck up to the castle gates, he realized he had no way of finding the vampire lord once he was inside the castle. Pausing to muse, Shuichi decided he would have to wing it, and continued through the threshold. He crept down many deserted hallways and peered through doors, but all he found were empty rooms and more empty hallways. After climbing a few flights of stairs, he found a hallway that wasn't so abandoned. Just about to turn back, Shuichi tried to close the door noiselessly, but a hinge creaked, and the demons in the hallway turned abruptly to face the intruder. They both froze for a moment in time then the vampires ran after the prowler, catching up to him in no time with the help of their rarely stretched wings. Shuichi instinctively pulled out his rose as the demons laughed, baring their fangs and showing off their razor sharp claws. Quickly rummaging through his bag, he brought out a silver stake, making the vampires laugh more.
“He thinks he can kill us?” one hissed through her unsustainable laughter.
“He thinks he, one mortal, can overcome three vampires of the Jaganshi castle!” another cackled, looking around at his allies.
Shuichi growled and took a stance as the youkai took to the air, flying in what little airspace they had. He didn't know much about vampires, but from what Botan told him, this wouldn't be an easy fight. The demons flew at him at once, and he drew his rose whip, snatching one by the ankle and pulling it from the sky. The vampire slammed into the stone floor, taking Shuichi by surprise and making him jump back as she leapt up and rushed at him again. One hand defending himself with the whip the other rummaging through his bag, Shuichi managed to pull a bottle of holy water from the confines of his pack and unscrew the cap. The male youkai rushed him, making him almost drop the bottle, but he caught it in time to douse the next vampire that advanced on him as well as her partners. The woman hissed, glaring down at her arms that were beginning to scald, and then looked at her allies as she motioned for another attack. They charged, but Shuichi back flipped down the hall and grabbed a torch off the wall. The vampires didn't seem the least bit afraid and kept coming, though Shuichi singed them a few times as he searched for a way to kill them. Putting away his whip, Shuichi leapt into the offensive as he chased them with the silver stake, scraping them various times and killing one of the women when he found and staked her heart. It was a terrible feeling; death; killing someone. But he took off the edge of guilt and led his pain to numbness by telling himself they were already dead, they were evil, and their kind had killed his mother. Now cornered, the two cowering youkai admitted their defeat as they still wept over the loss of their comrade.
“Where is your master?” Shuichi snarled, reminding himself once again why he was there.
“Our master is out,” the woman wailed, “He left to feed last night and hasn't returned.”
The man nodded in agreement, “Tonight was the last night of the full moon. He promised to bring us back a meal if we stayed and watched the castle.”
“And how does he repay us!” The woman interrupted, howling. “He leaves us here unguarded and feeds precious Marissa to a weak ningin demon-hunter!”
“If I was weak I wouldn't have defeated three vampires of the Jaganshi castle,” Shuichi sneered back, mocking the man's earlier comment.
The woman was about to snap a smart remark back, when they were all interrupted by the cold scraping of stone against stone as a large door opened and a larger more regal female-vampire crossed it's threshold. Her dark blue eyes scanned the corridor and came to rest on the infamous redhead, silver stake in hand. Immediately, she was at his side, the stake on the ground beside him and his arm twisted around behind his back. Shuichi cried out in pain as Mukuro tested the flexibility of his arm, smiling every time he winced.
“Get up you sniveling fools,” Mukuro said coldly, motioning for the two youkai to get up off of the floor. “Get his things. He now has a permanent home here.” She smiled evilly and brought out a length of rope that she used to tie Shuichi's hands tightly behind his back. Quietly and without struggle, Shuichi was lead to a cell, where he was placed, and his bag was placed outside the door, just far enough away so he couldn't reach it.
“That was too easy,” Mukuro muttered as she left the dungeon, leaving the two demons and Shuichi behind.