Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Behind Demon Doors ❯ Tricked ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
A grin slowly slid onto Mukuro’s icy face as a plan crept into her wicked mind, “Hiei,” she cooed, striding to his side and touching his arm gently. Hiei continued to stare straight ahead, refusing to be seduced. Mukuro moved closer, letting her cheek brush up against Hiei’s. Hiei cringed internally, letting his anger subside before speaking, unfortunately, just as Mukuro ‘accidentally’ brushed up against him.
“Cut it out,” was all he managed to growl as Mukuro ignored him and brushed up agaist him again. Hiei caught her eyes and glared intensely into them. “Stop,” he said sternly, no note of enjoyment in his tone. Mukuro stared back at him a moment, then continued her tantalizing behavior. Hiei growled as he felt her touch him again and swiftly knocked her onto the ground.
Mukuro, startled at Hiei’s behavior brought her hand to her cheek which was red and starting to swell. She stood slowly, but did not approach Hiei, instead, flew off in the other direction. Hiei was surprised by Mukuro’s reaction, but adjourned to the castle, thinking nothing of it.
As he made his way down the halls, a sudden decision was made, and Hiei turned for the dungeons.

Shuichi was sleeping, not peacefully or comfortably, but sleeping none the less. He was not dreaming, or even sleeping deeply, but his body was resting after enduring 5 days without sleep. Hiei walked into the dungeon, silent as always, and made his way to Shuichi’s cell. He was about to greet his new friend, when he noticed his eyes were closed and his body limp.
‘Sleeping,’ Hiei thought, smiling and sitting in his usual spot across from the cell. He watched the sleeping angel for a while until Shuichi’s eyes decided to flutter open. As his eyes focused, he spotted Hiei sitting in the hall.
“How long have you been watching me for?” he asked softly, looking up at the smiling demon.
“Only about a half hour,” Hiei replied, his smile fading and his gaze moving to the ceiling. He leaned his head back and rested it on the back of the chair. Shuichi smiled and shifted to a more comfortable position as Hiei began to talk calmly, discussing some of the happenings of the day.

By the time Hiei returned to his room, it was light out again, and had been for several hours. Mukuro was not waiting for once and the windows and curtains were to his liking--closed. He did find it strange that Mukuro had not returned though.
‘I wonder if I was too hard on her,’ Hiei frowned as he lay down in his bed, thinking more and more of Mukuro and less of everything else.
Hiei drifted off to sleep and once he was in deep enough, he began to dream. He dreamt of everything he was thinking of, and at the time, that was Mukuro.

*** Mukuro lay in Hiei’s bed, her arm hanging limp over the side, her other arm covering her eyes. Hiei tiptoed closer. Was Mukuro… dead? The silence was unbearable; Hiei covered his ears but the feeling that chilled him to the bone would not go away. Just then Mukuro arose from the bed and started to walk toward him. Hiei backed away, hands still pressed threateningly over his ears and Mukuro advanced, quicker with every step. Hiei matched his steps with hers and continued to retreat until he backed into a wall. Mukuro kept advancing, an evil look in her eyes and quickly trapped him against the wall with one hand. Hiei couldn’t move--Not a muscle; couldn’t speak or even breathe. In a flash of light Mukuro was knocked to the floor. Shuichi stood in her stead, a determined look on his face, glaring at Mukuro who glared as equally intense, back. Hiei gasped, as he could move again and just stared at the two staring each other down. Mukuro stood calmly and brought a sword out, ready to charge the ningen. Shuichi also drew a sword, and the two charged, both determined to swiftly kill their opponent.***

Hiei sat up, gasping for breath as he came to, realizing it was only a dream.
Mukuro had still not returned, Shuichi was still in his cell, and everything was still running normally. He was just about to get up and go see Shuichi again when a frantic knock came from outside the door. Hiei leapt from the bed and adjusted his clothes before telling the messenger to enter.
“Urgent news my Lord,” the messenger said, catching his breath, “Mukuro has been captured by a demon in the forest of Shinai.
Hiei sighed, “I suppose ill have to go rescue her.” Hiei turned and walked out the door, but he did not head for a door to outside. Instead he headed back toward the dungeon.
“M-my lord, Where are you going?” the messenger stammered.
“To take a break before I have to go rescue the damsel in distress,” Hiei said, full of irritability. With that as a final note, Hiei descended to the dungeon and made his way toward Shuichi’s cell.


Mukuro jumped up and down in frustration.
“How can he care more about the stupid human prisoner than about me? I am his companion! His friend, his lover!” The messenger was about to interrupt but then thought better of it. “Ugh!” Mukuro punched the nearest tree furiously, then sank to the ground, eyes burning with rage and sorrow. The messenger watched her silently and she remained motionless then retreated slowly and flew off back toward the castle.


Hiei smiled as he walked up the stairs and flew toward the door. Talking to Shuichi always put him in a good mood, he didn’t really know why, but he liked it. Opening the door, he took a deep breath, then headed toward the forest of Shinai. He expected this to be an easy steal, defeat the demon, free Mukuro, go back to the castle. I mean, how strong could the demon be? It was only a forest dweller. Hiei laughed to himself as he saw in his mind’s eye, Mukuro being captured by a weak forest demon.
Landing just outside the forest, He proceeded into it, keeping a lookout, but not putting up his full guard. Two eyes glared at him from behind tree an in a nearby clearing Mukuro had tied herself up. Hiei walked toward the clearing and had Mukuro in sight when the demon attacked from behind. Hiei was knocked to the ground and the demon followed him, pinning him down with its sharp claws. Growling, Hiei glared up at the demon, challenging him to do his best. Mukuro watched calmly as the two fought and smiled inside when the demon clawed Hiei from his shoulder all the way across his chest. Hiei snorted angrily as he withheld a cry and slashed the demon in half with his katana.
Once his feet hit the ground, Hiei took a sharp breath, his wound stung badly, yet he refused to show that he was in pain. Walking calmly over to the tree where Mukuro was bound, he slashed her restraints and let her fall to the ground. She rushed to comfort him, but he only pushed her away, refusing to let her though the thick walls around his heart.
Suddenly Hiei seemed to snap out of his melancholy mood. Something had triggered a thought, a response to one of Shuichi’s earlier questions. Hiei smiled to himself and completely ignored Mukuro as he proceeded quickly and silently
back toward the castle. Mukuro kept his pace, honoring his wish for silence, and only once or twice the peace was interrupted by a stifled cough, but Hiei only wiped the blood from his lips and kept walking. As they neared the castle, Hiei sped up and took off though the doors before Mukuro could react. The few servants of the castle only stared silently at Hiei who didn’t look at them as he passed, only kept walking toward the place where Shuichi was being held. His mind was distracted from the pain of his deep cut, from the blood slowly dripping from his skin and staining the expensive black silk. None of it seemed to matter to the demon as he wade his way down the stone staircase and turned to corner into the hall.
Hiei was rudely snapped back to the reality as he choked on his own blood. A mad fit of couching, caused by the neglect of his worsening wound threw him onto all fours as he fought for a breath of the life-giving matter surrounding him. Shuichi rushed to the bars of his cell to see what was going on and gaped at the sight of the noble demon gasping for air.
“Hey!” Shuichi called desperately, looking around at the dungeon empty of all people excluding himself and Hiei. “Someone help him!” Shuichi called again, his voice echoing amongst the stone walls and reverberating back to him several times. He cursed inwardly, but had no time for regret or hatred. “Hiei!” He called again, but the demon was too busy trying to breath to even look at him. “Damn it all! Where is everyone!?” Shuichi heard his words several times as he slowly realized the walls were too thick for sound. He could hear the panic in his voice and the terror. There was something else he recognized, but he brushed it off as he rattled the bars loudly. Hiei calmed himself as he caught a few breaths of air and he tried to stand, but his effort sent him struggling for air once more. Shuichi’s eyes started to water and he shook his head furiously, trying to think of some way to help his friend.

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