Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Unexpected Attraction ❯ First ( Chapter 1 )

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Unexpected Attraction

Summary: Kurama is tired of his fanclub at school chasing him. So he comes up with a perfect solution. He asked Shizuru to pretend to be his girlfriend. Would it just be that or will it develop into something more? ShizuruxKurama

Teaser chapter

It was three in the afternoon. It was time when school was out of session. For most students it was a blessing to hear the bell. Some didn't care because they wanted more school time to learn more. For one person, it was doom. Like our special specimen that just walked out of the double doors, Shuuichi Minamino. To his friends he's Kurama, a reikai tantei. How is it a reikai tantei cannot defend himself…against a stamped of girls that just latched themselves on his arm. Every time, after school, five times a week this happened. He needed to find a way to stop this madness.

He tried the 'I have an appointment' excuse, but that could only suffice for one time a month.

He tried the 'My mother wants me home in a few minutes' excuse that could only work for a week.

He tried the 'I have cram school' excuse, which blew up in smoke because one of his fan girls followed him and saw that he didn't have it.

But he never tried this excuse.

"I'm meeting my girlfriend. She doesn't want me late." He blurted out. The girls all went into hush whispers. He began to walk away as they were still in shock. Didn't that work quite well? Of course he knew about a couple of them would follow. So he hoped that he saw someone familiar on the street that could save him from getting accused of lying.

As he walked along the streets of Tokyo (A/N: I don't know where they actually live but just say Tokyo) he sensed that he was being followed. Sure enough three girls from his school were following him. He groaned in annoyance. You know he was thinking of offering Hiei the chance to get rid of them. But then thought something better as he scanned the streets for someone. He saw a familiar female in the shop across the street. In a book store no less.

He walked across and went into the shop. He went up to the familiar female that had a cigarette, not lit, hanging off her mouth. She looked at him questioningly and surprise.

"Kurama, I see you're doing well, what brings you here?" she asked.

"Nice to see you too Shizuru. I hate to ask this but can we talk somewhere else?" he said glancing around so often as if someone was about to jump him.

"Alright. C'mon rose boy don't act like someone's going to jump you. Not like you, I'm expandable." She said dragging a surprised half-youko out of the shop and out on the street. Her strides were fast for him to keep up, humanly anyway.

"Ah Shizuru can you slow down?" he asked as they were receiving stares.

"Whatever." She responded and let him go and stopped for him to catch up. When he did she dragged him into the café. She had a feeling something booming was going to happen so she could wait. She placed him on a chair and sat across.

"Alright pretty boy what is it?" she asked.

"Oh…um…well…I was wondering…" he began nervously.

"What? I would take the three people that have been following us?"

"Yeah something like that…"

"Spit it out!"



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