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Unexpected Attraction




Kurama officially hated school. Maybe Yuusuke and Kuwabara are rubbing off on him. He let out a long sigh as the bell rang. He packed up his stuff and left quickly before he could be bombarded by mobs. Trust him, it wasn't a pleasant experience. He froze up immediately as lips were placed over his and he couldn't pull away. Finally coming back to his senses he pushed the girl away. Surprisingly enough it was from one of his fan-club members. Inari, he swore he might kill one someday. He glared instead. The girl tried to play innocent with him.


"What does that drunk have that I don't?" she said insulting Shizuru obviously. And Kurama didn't like that.


"She isn't a drunk. And she doesn't throw herself at people," Kurama said before walking away leaving her standing there in complete shock. He took his path to the right wanting to go home the long way. Seeing as his mother was still away with his

grandfather. He paused for a bit on this path. He could tell Shizuru had been along here recently. He followed the path hoping that nothing bad had happened to her.


The path led him to a bar. Kurama sighed in knowing. It was very typical of her. But at least she had some control unless she went a bit overboard. He learned that the hard way. He walked in hoping that somehow she was still in her right mind. As he walked in he was greeted with Shizuru and her friends all wasted. He was thinking of leaving but before he could get out he was spotted. An arm hung loosely around his shoulders.


"Hey K'rama, cum in n jo'n us," Kurama knew her as Kira. Shizuru's only friend that was actually normal but still drunk. Everyone then started to pitch in telling him to join them. He gave in and did but didn't drink anything offered.


"C'm'n K'rama, ha'e som," Shizuru said drunkenly holding it in front of him while hanging off his shoulders. He sighed. Shizuru would give herself alcohol poisoning if she kept this pace up judging from her breath he was able to tell.


"Shizuru I'll take you home," Kurama said as he picked her up and began to walk her out. She waved at her friends saying good-bye in a drunken way.


"Hey, letsssss go hav' 'nother p'rty," she mumbled while still leaning against him. Kurama was keeping her upright as they continued to walk towards her apartment.


"No Shizuru. You're going to give yourself alcohol poisoning if you keep this up."


"You're no fun." She stated before staying completely silent. There was nothing she could do since she would probably just drop dead and would wake up with a major headache in the morning. No one else would bring her home not even Kuwabara since he'd be somewhere else. She sighed in relief and just let herself surrender to the sleep she'd been begging for in the bar.


Kurama caught her passed out form and began to carry her back all the way to the apartment. He knocked on the door to see if Kuwabara was inside so he wouldn't have to open it. There was no answer for a while until the door opened revealing Kuwabara who looked deathly worried. He ushered them in and asked what happened. Kurama told what happened that she just passed out on her way back while he was there. Kuwabara just simply figured she was drinking again. That was the truth anyways.


After staying a while he left. Kuwabara was going to take care of her and Shizuru didn't want to let Kuwabara into their little relationship or if there is any at all.




Shizuru woke up with a major headache. And unfortunately there weren't any painkillers around. She groaned as a headache formed just from her hangover. She overdid it now. Luckily she didn't get alcohol poisoning. She had completely forgotten why she drank. Soon enough some painkillers were in front of her. Someone else was holding it.


"Thanks," she said while taking it not bothering to check if it was some burglar or what.


"Welcome." Her eyes snapped open in realization as she checked to see Kurama standing there.


"Kurama?? What are you doing here?"


"Kuwabara asked me to come look after you while he was away for a while." He answered.


"Oh, thanks, I guess."


Kurama sat down on the side of her bed. Shizuru didn't take the headache medicine given to her. Instead she placed it on the nightstand. Then threw her arms around his neck while burying her face in his neck. Kurama did nothing, except place an arm around her. It was silent for a while.


"Thanks Kurama," Shizuru whispered. Kurama nodded in acknowledgement. They stayed like that for a while. Shizuru was beginning to drift of to sleep. She decided to just fall asleep in his arms. And so she did. Kurama didn't mind. He'd just move her back when she really was asleep. It wasn't long before he too became tired. He gently lifted her up and tried to place her back down on the bed. It was proven to be a difficult task because even unconscious she wouldn't let go. He managed and pulled the blanket up to her elbows. Seeing she was comfortable he took his place on the couch in the living space and finally falling asleep.




Shizuru woke up for the second time that day. She actually felt better that the first time. She just needed to remember something. There, on the nightstand was a couple of painkillers and water. Well at least someone's thoughtful. She had completely forgotten who was there in the beginning when she woke up in the morning.


Looking at the clock she realized it was already dinner. Well she never knew to sleep that long. Plus she needs to contact Kira for missing out on the lunch date they had. She was going to be so mad. Ah, but it was not her fault… Okay maybe it is but she does have an excuse. Kira has been dying to see her and Kurama actually go through with a relationship, which is more than friends. It's her famous saying, 'I have a real good feeling about this one!'


Shizuru really hated that but she didn't care. At least not until now. Her ears perked up as she heard the sound of cooking. Now she wondered how can Kuwabara cook? But then again she was the only one who did cooking around here. The smell drifting through the crack at the bottom of the door told her this was some cook.


Following her senses, she stood up and stepped out of her room. Shizuru walked to the kitchen. There she saw something much hilarious to her sight. Kurama was cooking and was actually wearing the apron Kuwabara got to her as a joke. Even if Kurama could pass for a woman he didn't need to wear like it. But the smell made her let go of that thought. Kurama looked in her direction and smiled.


"I see you're feeling better," he said.


"Yeah…just fine. What are you making?" she asked walking over and looking at the pot.


"Something to eat."


"Oh okay. Call me when you're finished."


Shizuru walked out of the kitchen and into the small balcony. She sat down and leaned against the sliding door. Her eyes trailed up to the sky that was about to grow dark. It was almost nightfall. She betted that Kurama would be finished by nightfall. It was only a few minutes away. She took out a cigarette and lit it. She blew out a puff of smoke. Sure enough by nightfall Kurama was calling her.


"I'm out here!" Shizuru called from the outside. Kurama came out to see her taking a puff. "Sit down." She gestured to the place next to her. He sat down luckily he took the apron off. It really didn't suit him. Shizuru lied her head down on his shoulder. She offered him a smoke. He shook his head. She shrugged. They sat in silence for a while completely forgetting about the cooked meal.


"You know I never expected any of this to happen," Shizuru said breaking the intense silence. "I never thought that I'd fall for you either. I first thought it was just infatuation but as we continued this masquerade it grew into something more. Something I promised myself I wouldn't go through again."


Kurama stayed silent waiting for her to finish. He was thinking the same things too. But he was taken by surprise as lips were over his, as he tasted the nicotine. He at first didn't respond because he was thinking if this was a good idea or not but he did a few seconds later. Hands came up grasping her neck gently as their heated kiss continued. They finally pulled away for breath and Kurama placed his forehead on hers. He looked directly into her golden-amber irises.


"You're going to kill me with second hand smoke," he said jokingly. A stress mark appeared on her temple. Her eyes narrowed.


"Is that you all have to say?" she responded back a bit insulted.


"Actually I wouldn't mind…"


Their lips connected again as they found a new kind of relationship if it would prosper or…not.




The first time I saw you

You were nothing but a stranger on the street

The second time I saw you

We were friends


And now through the years

I knew you

I fell and

You became an unexpected attraction




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