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Unexpected Attraction

Part 9

Shizuru glanced in his direction and soon calmed down. It was no use to be going all crazy and killing everything in sight. She sighed and walked up to him giving him a hug. Hey, she needed one. She relaxed as Kurama wrapped a lazy arm around her shoulders.

"Sorry," she muttered.

"For what?" Kurama asked curiously. As he saw it she had nothing to apologize for.

"For bringing you out here for nothing."

"It's okay, I had nothing to do anyways."

It became another tense silence.

"Do you…want to stop pretending and make this real?" Shizuru asked hesitantly surprising her guest. Kurama was thinking for a moment. He didn't know. He couldn't just say yes and a few days later they'd probably break it off, he would have to and he didn't want to hurt her. From what he heard Shizuru couldn't be stable with someone. After a minute of contemplating, he decided to tell her how he really felt.


Shizuru looked up at him in surprise, Kurama too gazed back though a bit more expressionless. She attentively moved closer until there was no space left between their lips. First, it started out slowly, only testing before it became a full lip on lip action.

Kurama was up against the wall with just Shizuru's body holding him in place while his hands trailed up and down her sides sensually. They only stopped for a minute just to catch their breaths before starting again.

They instantly pulled away and separated as the door opened and a 'Tadaima' sounded throughout the apartment. Kuwabara stepped in their line of vision. A confused look came to his face as he saw Kurama. They both noticed it.

"He just came to help me bring back the groceries. He was just leaving," Shizuru explained. Sure enough there were groceries on the counter and she did buy them earlier before asking Kurama to go on some lunch date? Is that the term?

"Yes I was just leaving. I'll see you both around Kuwabara, Shizuru," Kurama said saying his good-byes and let himself out the door.

Shizuru looked in his direction a little bit longer before calming down. Of course her brother always came at the inappropriate time, which really sucked for her. She sighed and sat down back on the couch. She placed her head on her hands.

Now, things were going to be different between them from now on.

'God, what was I thinking?' she thought.


Kurama opened the door to his house noting that his mom wasn't home yet. He shut the door behind him, leaned against it and slid down into a sitting position. His thoughts were running haywire. This was probably a bad idea. But he didn't know. He just responded unconsciously. Living through his ningen life he never had a girlfriend or boyfriend. Maybe this was probably all just an infatuation and nothing more. Shizuru, he heard from Kuwabara one time, couldn't keep someone for more than a week. He didn't want to be a temporary relief.

Learning how to love and accept the mother he was reborn with he changed. His thoughts about temporary relief left him. So his mind never thought of some other people or being involved with ningens for that matter. Maybe, just be friends and nothing more. He sighed.

'What was I thinking?' he thought to himself. He shrugged the thought off. It already happened. He could reverse it but he decided to let it run its course. It was much safer that way. He wouldn't get hurt. It was just infatuation and nothing more. She'll probably tire of him sooner or later. Nothing really lasts forever. With that firmly printed in his mind he went to his room to sleep it off. Maybe she'd forget about it tomorrow since it was just a spur the moment thing.


Kuwabara was confused. His thoughts were drifting back to that or whatever it was. His friend who used to date his sister was saying that she had another one. But this was someone that was very familiar and that there was only one person with the description.


Well it was no secret that he could pass for a girl. But then again there could be someone else. He shook his head. That wasn't true. Kurama was not dating his sister. But then what was he doing there yesterday? We're they up to something? No they wouldn't be. Kurama wasn't like that. He was always reasonable.

But was a youko in his past life and that was always something to think about. He shook his head. Nope, it wasn't true. He knew it wasn't.


Shizuru sighed. Her mind has been in fruitless thoughts. She stood out waiting in front of Kurama's school while carefully avoiding anyone her brother knew. It was very hard because all these people her brother didn't know could know other people and words could get around real quickly. Checking the clock she realized that it was almost time for school to be let out. She waited. Man she felt like a mother. Oh well, she was just wanting to ask if what Kurama said was only a flock of words. But then again she can't blame him; she was just a friend, maybe never thought of nothing more. This was probably only temporary.

Damn she was angsting again. She never got the sleep she needed and now it was coming back to haunt her. Maybe this was a bad idea? I mean he probably just did for a spur the moment thing. She shook her head. The school bell rang making the front crowd with students. She waited patiently for the half-youko and looked on with eagerness. There, she spotted him. Shizuru was about to approach but what she saw next made her reel back in shock.

There…Kurama…with…nother…girlR 30;

Shizuru just stood there in shock. Of course coming back to her senses as the girl pulled away from kissing Kurama's lips, she stood firmly and walked away. Then she wondered. Why was she hurt over this? It wasn't like they were even together in the first place. She clenched her fist before sighing and taking off into a run. She was just going to drown out her problems. This whole incident would be forgotten to her in one night.


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