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Unexpected Attraction

Part 8

Shizuru picked up Kurama but they just walked. It was silent and bothering her to no end. She could start a conversation but then that would just probably end up back in silence. She sighed softly. She quickly spotted some café and proceeded to it. Kurama followed behind her. He hoped that he didn't have to pay completely everything. They both sat down and the waitress handed them their menus. Shizuru took a small glance towards the windows and was surprised. She placed down her menu without opening it and stood up. Kurama gave her a questioning look.

"I'll be back," she said before walking out.

Kurama found that odd. Maybe it had to do with the people he felt following them. He glanced out the window and Shizuru walked away from the sights of the windows. Something definitely was up. He placed his menu down and followed outside. He had a feeling this wouldn't turn out right.


Shizuru glared at the man standing in front of her. No matter how many times she said it, it just couldn't get through this guys thick skull of nothing.

"Look, I said it was over so it's over," Shizuru stated bravely. She didn't want to deal with this right now because she was going to eat with a normal guy, not exactly normal but you get the idea, and have a fun time or something. (A/N: Minds out of the gutter people)

"What you dumped me for a girl? What the hell can a bitch give you that I can't?" the guy said.

'Here we go with the girl comments again. Oh well, it just makes it hilarious to see if the believable straight guys turn bi.' Shizuru thought.

"Apparently everything you can't." She said before walking away. Her wrist was seized before she could go any farther. Now she was ticked off and was milliseconds away from punching the guy.

"Hey, let go or I'll file harassment charges." She demanded. She could have him arrested for stalking because she saw him following her since she left the apartment but didn't find it too important.

"I'm not letting go until I have my fun," he stated. Shizuru instinctively punched the guy in the face making his grip loosen. She grasped her fist because it hurt. Apparently the guy didn't back down yet. 'Dammit,' she cursed mentally.

"And this-" he began to punch her in the face before a hand came out of nowhere and stopped its pursuit.

"Is for what?" A newcomer said. (A/N: You people should know! ~_^)

Shizuru looked up to see Kurama there. She sighed in relief and clung to his arm, not to tightly though. She had to keep up appearances.

"Oh, Genji, she's a he. He never really likes it when people mistake him for a girl," Shizuru said then they both walked away since Kurama might get in trouble with Koenma for beating up a human even if it was self defense. Bullshit isn't it? Well luckily the guy struck first of course Kurama didn't budge an inch. Genji clutched his fist seeing it bleeding yet Kurama's face didn't have any red marks.

"Shit! What the hell are you made out of?!" he panicked while stepping backwards. Kurama didn't mind anything and just walked the other direction. He didn't want to deal with this today. Perhaps this was a bad idea. Kuwabara might kill him or rather be shocked for life. Then problems would arise and everything will go up in smoke. Maybe he should've never played this charade at all. He barely heard the guy's threat against him as they walked farther away.

They made it back to Shizuru's apartment. Kuwabara, luckily, wasn't there at the moment. Shizuru sighed in relief. She cursed mentally in her head. She cursed everything in her sight. Well, except Kurama, of course. So much for some peaceful evening out. She was very tempted to throw something. Kurama decided to stay in a corner so he wouldn't unluckily be a target of Shizuru's wrath. He could sneak out but she might notice and would throw something at anything that moved. Not that it mattered. He could easily avoid the matter but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Shizuru glanced in his direction and soon calmed down. It was no use to be going all crazy and killing everything in sight. She sighed and walked up to him giving him a hug. Hey, she needed one. She relaxed as Kurama wrapped a lazy arm around her shoulders.

"Sorry," she muttered.

"For what?" Kurama asked curiously. As he saw it she had nothing to apologize for.

"For bringing you out here for nothing."

"It's okay, I had nothing to do anyways."

It became another tense silence.

"Do you…want to stop pretending and make this real?" Shizuru asked hesitantly surprising her guest. Kurama was thinking for a moment. He didn't know. He couldn't just say yes and a few days later they'd probably break it off, he would have to and he didn't want to hurt her. From what he heard Shizuru couldn't be stable with someone. After a minute of contemplating, he decided to tell her how he really felt.



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