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Unexpected Attraction

Part 7

Shizuru checked her watch at the time. She was rather surprised when Kurama actually volunteered to spend extra time and on a school day no less. She figured it was just one of those days. As she was about to abort this part she saw Kurama walking up to her with a…bouquet of roses?! Okay, now she knew something was very suspicious. Her eyes narrowed as Kurama arrived. He handed them to her. She gave him one look. He just simply smiled at her and handed her the roses. She hesitantly took them and looked at him like he was high or something. She sighed.

"Okay, what are you on?" Shizuru sternly asked. Kurama simple gave her the freaky nice smile.

"Nothing. I just thought I'd give you something," he answered.

"A bouquet of roses? A new car and some diamonds would've sufficed." She commented.

"I can't afford all that!" He exclaimed calmly.

"No wonder, you've been taking 'S' haven't you?" When she saw his somewhat horrified expression she laughed a little, "Calm down pretty boy. I was just kidding. Besides since you gave them I guess that these are well bred then the ones the other guys buy at the store. Thanks."

"Your welcome."

"God you're so damn polite. How the hell do you do that?"

"Years of practice. You get use to it."

"Uh-hu, I'd kill myself before I have to be polite to anyone not polite to me. Well we have to walk back to my apartment so I can put these up. I doubt they'd last long but anyways I gotta put them somewhere. C'mon." She grabbed his wrist and proceeded to drag him despite his protests that he could walk. Kurama just gave up and let her drag him. He could easily break out of her grip but then he might hurt her.

When they arrived they went inside. Kurama just made himself comfortable in the couch, since it was the only thing clean looking at the moment. Shizuru went in the kitchen to look for a vase and pour it with some water. She cursed as she accidentally hit her head on top of bottom top of the cupboard. Kurama went in to see what was wrong but she just brushed him off and went to fill the vase with water.

After Shizuru finished she plopped down on the couch with her head resting on Kurama's lap. Once again the couch was the only thing clean looking.

"Sorry, the place is such a mess. No time to clean with work and everything and Kazuma wouldn't help around. I'm going to make him when he gets back."

"Oh, it's okay. I don't mind."

Shizuru sighed. She made a bet that she could turn the mannered pretty boy into someone in their group. Turns out it's going to be a long road. Maybe she should've never betted that much. Oh well, what Kurama wouldn't know won't hurt him.


Kurama sighed in relief as he made it home. Apparently he thought he made a good choice by asking Shizuru to tell plans for day, it looked like he's wrong. He was dragged all over not stopping until he said he had to go home. But he had to have admit, it was kinda fun. What Shizuru made him do was something his mother wouldn't approve but it's been done. At least his mother told him that she was going away for a while to visit her father because he's sick. So he had the whole house to himself.

It was going to be one long week alone.


Shizuru happily counted her bet money that she won after Kurama's little like of her group. She never knew he could do all those things but being a youko in a past life and all. She knew that Kurama was a little hesitant at first but hey she 'convinced' him that it was okay and they would return it but none of her friends returned it. Oh well. Now how was she going to spend this all? Her mind clicked.


Shizuru smirked. It was going to be an interesting rest of the day. She picked up the phone and began to dial a number.


Kurama was sleeping undisturbed. It's been awhile since he'd slept this well. He almost fell off his bed when the phone rang throughout the house. He abruptly sat up and winced, covering his ears, at the same time cursing his acute hearing. He sighed and stood up walking downstairs to get the phone.

"Moshi, moshi?" he spoke as clear as he could in his half-sleep state.

"Still asleep?" he heard Shizuru's voice clearly.

"No, I was just awake a minute ago."

"Uh, hu, with that voice it seemed like you were awake for an hour or are you just that happy to talk to me?" she teased. Kurama just sighed at her teasing tone. He'd gotten use to it.

"Okay, what is it that you need?" he asked.

"I was wondering if you were free for the rest of the night?" Shizuru asked.

"Oh, I guess. Where do I meet you?"

"I'll be there. We can walk into town after I come. Okay?"

"Sure, bye."



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