The Past and Future
[T] by: Kikyohater220
Anime/Manga: InuYasha Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Adventure | Type: Other
Latest Revision: September 24, 2008 14:35 PDT | Chapters: 5 | Words: 30.9K | Visits: 959
Summary: Naraku died but with the help of Kikyo he is back and kills almost everyone. Now it is up to the children of our fallen heroes, Inuyasha and Kagome. With help from magic Inuyasha's kids enter the past where Naraku is weaker, Kikyo is still a bitch, and the read more

My Angel
[T] by: Kikyohater220
: InuYasha Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance | Type: Other
Latest Revision: August 21, 2008 10:02 PDT | Chapters: 18 | Words: 60.6K | Visits: 3.7K
Summary: SessKag Sesshomaru OOC Kagome was born in a world where women rule. Sesshomaru was born in a world where demons rule. How can they handle things when they start to develop fellings for each other. Will Naraku get Kagome? Find out! I don't own Inuyasha.
Review(s): 2 Reviews

Gil Grissom's Kidnapping
[T] by: Kikyohater220
: CSI - Series Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Angst | Type: Other
Latest Revision: June 26, 2008 19:37 PDT | Chapters: 5 | Words: 23.8K | Visits: 1.1K
Summary: The title speaks for its self. Grissom gets a note warning him about the danger of going to his car. FF Grissom is kidnapped and it's all up to a 14 year old missing girl and his team to save him. Will Grissom die a horrid death or will he live?
Review(s): 1 Reviews

The Vet?
[P] by: Kikyohater220
: InuYasha Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Comedy | Type: One Shot
Latest Revision: June 02, 2008 13:29 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 3.8K | Visits: 828
Summary: Inuyasha goes to the vet. And the Doc vet person thinks his a real dog. His manhood is at stake. Will Inuyasha keep his or lose it. Only the story well tell.
Review(s): 1 Reviews