Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Trigger ❯ Feather ( Chapter 5 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Pale cheek fitted at the stock while sharp violet eyes peeked through the telescopic sight of the semiautomatic rifle while Hagiri guaged his moving target. Short dark hair brushed along the smoothness of his forehead as the cool breeze at the rooftop caressed his form. He was about to pull the trigger when captivating doe eyes of the same hue as his suddenly appeared on the opposite end of the optic sight. Dark eyebrow rose as he straightened himself but not entirely giving up his firing stance, regarding the peculiar upside down form of the woman ahead of him with mild curiosity.

"He'ya stranger!" A melodic voice chirped, accompanied by the fluttering of pink kimono. The slit of the garment gave him a peek of the smooth and silken skin of her legs when she righted her position in her oar. "It's been a while, Sniper." She greeted amicably, floating closer to his hunched form.

Hagiri narrowed his eyes at her in suspicion but relented when he deemed the ferry girl harmless while she hopped off her oar and scooted closer, urging him to let her take a peek in the optic from his vantage point. After a second of doubt, he allowed the woman to do as she pleased, adjusting himself, enabling her to position her lithe form in his front while he steadied the gun by its bipod. Dainty fingers unconsciously brushed against the exposed appendages of his gloved hand as she experimentally held the gun. He could smell the faint scent of lavander and vanilla from their very close proximity.

"I don't plan to discontinue my work if that's the reason why you are here." He muttered while observing the enticing sway of cerulean vellus hairs in her nape.

"You are quite keen for a human, you know. No wonder you did not fully succumbed to the influence of the Black Chapter." She mumbled while adjusting the optic, pouting when only a concrete wall kept resurfacing in her view.

"And you are quite sentimental for an apparition. That part of my life has been buried years ago." He responded nonchalantly while his other hand guided hers to properly adjust the magnification, smirking when he perceived the hitch in her breath. His hand still held her smaller ones even after she muttered her thanks, clearly aware of the blush creeping on the back of her porcelain neck. Hagiri soon realized that no matter how indifferent he claims himself to be, he is not immune to the charms of a beautiful woman. He is just a human - and a man, after all.

"Which reminds me, that I do not hold any grudges to you. I mean, about the marble thingy in Yusukes' apartment. Just so you know." Botan blinked when she saw a middle-aged man came into view. From the looks of it, the sketchy guy is currently withholding an illegal dealing with a mafia. He's a mercenary against powerful and influential criminals. She smiled at her thought, biting her lip when she felt the subtle brush of his fingers on the knuckles of her hand holding the telescope.

"I am deeply moved." He sarcastically commented, displaying an unusual quirk of his lips when he heard her giggle. Hagiri briefly recalled the time when he purposely missed her slender form as she attempted to warn her comrades about Sensui's plan with Kuwabara. He was young and irresponsible back then, yet, he cannot disregard the innocence she radiated on that balcony. After Hiei expertly stabbed him and Kamiya delivering the significance of the wound, he became a tad bit grateful encountering her group. He no longer participated in devious activities after that. However, the thrill on using his talent led to his disappearance after senior high, just to act as a highly paid vigilante-for-hire against unscrupulous individuals that is yet or cannot be held accountable by unjust and biased human laws.

His actions does not incriminate him. He doesn't need to go to Reikai prison for killing bad guys, right? She thought as she reflected on the changes of the man behind her. The diety was no stranger to his hobby. It was part of her duty to keep tabs on the remaining members of the former Sensui Seven and she must say that this man had caught her attention more than she can let on. She just knew, behind that stoic and calm exterior, came a human that can be formidable enough to be on the league of Yusuke and the rest of the gang, if given the right opportunity.

Botan gradually released her hold on the armament, trying to ignore the disappointment when the warmth of his hand left hers in doing so. Just then, she abruptly pivoted around to face him when she was struck by a sudden thought. "I have an i - "

Time stood still as violet meets violet. The diety gasped, resulting to the further widening of their eyes when the movement of her velvety lips caused an undeniable pleasant friction on their joined mouths. It was Hagiri who indulged on the moment first, closing his eyes as he deepened the unexpected kiss. His arms wounding around her supple body, pulling her closer to his form. Botan soon melted against him, eyes closing on their own volition while her hands rested against his clothed chest. The ingenuous brushing of their lips turned fervent when he traced her lower lip with his tongue. She submitted to the amorous call of his actions, baring herself to the only human who shamelessly dared to explore the warm cavern of death. The only man who succeeded on reducing her to a whimpering, gasping and moaning fragile woman with only the intial contact of his skillful mouth until she was out of breath.

Hagiri reluctantly broke the kiss after a few more caress. Taking in her flushed features and subsequently releasing her from his possessive hold. He regarded the woman in front of him and couldn't help but chuckle at the irony of things. He reached at the holster on his side when he noticed the forgotten rifle haphazardly laying on the floor, a not so innocent victim of their passionate actions.

"Uhm..." Botan started then turned her back to the man when he gave her a heart stopping smile. "I uh...I'll just plead your case to the council. I mean, you don't deserve to go to Reikai prison for ridding this world of criminals." She timidly peeked at him when he didn't respond. Pale blue eyebrow twitched in annoyance when she was met by an arrogant smirk adorning his handsome face.

"I did not recall asking you to do that."

"You didn't have to, and how can you do it when you're too busy suckling my tongue -!" She immediately clamped her mouth shut. Her face turning ten shades darker at her blunder while her hands came up to cup her cheeks in embarrassment.

"Hn. I didn't hear you complain, onna. Need I remind you how responsive you were?" He goaded as he advanced towards her, determined to have another taste of the sultry mouth of the diety, but halted his movement when she summoned her oar. The straining muscles on his face made him realize that his lips didn't rest on its usual thin line since the start of their exchange. "Leaving already? Pity. I wanted to be friends with you."

"S-shut up! You can't always get what you what!" She admonished before mounting the flying contraption. "And for your information, my name is Botan."

He inwardly smiled at that. Of course he knew her name. Aside from being past enemies, only a handful individuals share the same trait as their eyes. "I assure you, Botan." He started while outstretching an arm, the metal plate of the pistol on his hand glinting when it met the sun. "By now, I am able to do just that, and it does not require me to mark my target to get what I want." The booming blare of a gunshot resonated in the sky as he pulled the trigger of his firearm. They soon found themselves underneath the rain of delicate milky white feathers when the flock of birds above them dispersed and flew away due to the harsh sound.

The diety stared awestruck as the bullet hit its intended mark. Her attention shifted back to Hagiri, instantly ducking her head thereafter to avoid the intense gape that he is giving her. Botan heeded that the remarkable man didn't even tore his eyes off her person as he fired the gun. She nibbled on her lower lip when the sound of approaching footsteps reached her ear. The implication made her heart flutter in anticipation.

Then, when a long white rectrix settled itself on her lap just as his calloused fingers gently tilted her chin upwards, she realized that he most certainly didn't need to use his powers to get what he wants.

She may have already given it to him even before their encounter on the rooftop.



I'm not sure if my source is accurate but are you aware that the last name Hagiri sometimes imply feathers?

I was to use Kaname when addressing Sniper but it did not strike me as much as Hagiri does. So, yeah...

Hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading!