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"The New Tournament" Reviews/Comments [ 13 ]
 Reviewed By: TerraMillenniumDragon [MediaMiner Member]  On: May 22, 2005 22:12 CDT
Name:: Kinryou Age:: 16 Race:: Ryuu (dragon; Kokuryu or Dragon of the Darkness Flame, to be specific) I suppose that's close enough to Youkai... Hair: Shoulder-length black hair that's streaked with green. Eyes: Narrow and teal Looks: May I direct you to links to her pictures? I tend to confuse people when I describe her appearance. Human form- http://www.deviantart.com/view/15306378/(not drawn by me) http://www.mediaminer.org/fanart/view.php/177631 (she's supposed to be flat-chested...She's supposed to be mistaken for a guy) Dragon form- http://www.sheezyart.com/full/400681/ Personality: She's very quiet around most, and she has a very nonchallant attitude. Even so, she manages to be mischievous at times. She's not particularly loyal, with the exception of Hiei. History: Believed that her father abused her, which caused her to kill him, and she injured her half-brother badly. Afterwards, she became suicidal. Eventually, Hiei started trying to master the Kokuryuha, which is how she met him. He named her, and ever since, she's been very fond of him. Team: Shinobi Pairing: Hiei Attacks: Physical: Crossbow, claws (in her true form) Magical: Dark Breath (true form)- spits a dark acidic substance, Datsuryoku no Tsuneyami (Drain of Utter Darkness)- Fires an arrow from her crossbow and traps the enemy in a dimension that sucks away his/her energy, Integration-fuses dead souls with a dark substance and/or Makai Flames, Kokuryu form- takes on her Kokuryu form
 Reviewed By: hieiluvr [MediaMiner Member]  On: April 02, 2005 14:38 CST
Name (include nicknames if any)::Masuko.Minamino Age::15 Youkai, Hanyou, Ningen::Youkai(50% wolf demon 50% fox demon{from kuramas side}) Hair (color, length, how is it worn):long red hair like chi's(chobits) Eyes:green Looks (here put clothes, any extra facts, ect.): a black pair of of ripped pants with a back skirt over my pants and a black tank top that says ''Bad Girl'' with flames and black gloves with black flames converse, a black male kimono that has white crains on it, and a black shredded school uniform. Personality:Dark evil and mysterious but has a nice side History:She is kuramas half sister and plans to destroy him in this tournament because of what happened to her in the past of her dark history. Team:Animal Spirits Who you want to be with (if anyone- first come first serve):Sesshomaru Attacks (and please describe them so I have an idea):Black rose whip, rain of the black rose pettles(where her rose pettles become daggers and rain from the sky), shadow(where everything is covered in shadows and she becomes yoko masuko)
 Reviewed By: ora25o [MediaMiner Member]  On: March 08, 2005 02:20 CST
Name:: Mitchell aka Ahota Age:: 17Youkai, Hanyou, Ningen::YoukaiHair: Dark brown hair with blond/green highlights. A couple inches below the shoulders usually in a ponytailEyes: Dark brownLooks: wheres a black trench coat that goes down to her feet. Beneath that wears a long sleeved shirt with baggy black pants and fingerless gloves. wheres goggles.Personality: Changes from time to time, quite fast, an blend in quite easily, likes the darkHistory: Grew up on a half desert half ice planet. Never new her parents. From an early age grew up with other orphans.Learned to defend themselves.They were experimented on. now she part ice, water,can teleport, wind,lightning.Team:slayersAttacks:tornado, can form tornados from wind and water. cause hail/wind storms.spiders, lightning strings goes everywhere.shoot lightning balls an ice.make shields of ice.achak- kind of like a final attack. uses kunai, an shurikans
 Reviewed By: kaja1234 [MediaMiner Member]  On: March 07, 2005 13:36 CST
bloody hell! when r u gonna update?
 Reviewed By: Yami No Malex  On: January 31, 2005 17:08 CST
Name (include nicknames if any):: Keren Malex Age:: 800 (looks like is 21) Youkai, Hanyou, Ningen:: Youkai Hair (color, length, how is it worn): Black, long as Raizen's but a little shorter Eyes: Black but when angered or goes insane they turn green Looks (here put clothes, any extra facts, ect.):Gray pants with gold sash, black shoes, scars all over body especially one large diagonal cut on his chest, nothing is left of his left arm except for the bones but wears a special "glove" that acts as muscles Personality: rash, hot-headed, and insane History: Malex was abandoned by his family for some reason. He grew up on his own. He fended for himself and had no allies except for one. He controls the elements of the storm. He beckons wind, water and lightning. He is known to be one of the stronger elemental Youkai. He searches for the whereabouts of the one who destroyed his arm and gave him the giant scar: his former ally, a fire Jaganshi born of a Koorime Team: Youkai Who you want to be with (if anyone- first come first serve): no one Attacks (and please describe them so I have an idea): Donkawa Suko (unleashing wind from palm), Cryuu Ren (unleashing water from cup hands), Sukkai Nah (makes lighting rain down from the sky targeting only the enemy), Element doh kahn (martial arts using the storm elements along with conventional kicks and punches)
 Reviewed By: _Nanashi_ (not signed in)  On: January 09, 2005 21:54 CST
As for my life, it was as normal as possible, but my grandparents were pretty old and they died shortly after I turned 10. The end... Team: Shinobi Who you want to be with: Touya Attacks: Freezerburn ("snowflakes" shoot out of hands that are so cold they burn upon contact), Frigid Blasts (iced lightning), Time Freeze (a wave of my energy can make time so cold that it slows down for everyone else and allows me to move as though at super speed)
 Reviewed By: _Nanashi_ (not signed in)  On: January 09, 2005 21:53 CST
Name: Anya (pronounced ahn-yuh) Age:: 16 Youkai, Hanyou, Ningen:: Youkai Hair: Black, and curly, an inch past shoulders when curly but if you get it wet it's a few inches longer, worn tied back in a low ponytail with a green ribbon Eyes: green Looks: Black, feather earrings, green halter top (not v-neck, it covers all the way up to her neck), loose, black pants, and flat, black shoes, height = 5'2'' Personality: Friendly, and always smiling, but pretty quiet most of the time. Although social, she also enjoys her alone time, and will (politely) ask you to leave if you've interupted it. She's almost always calm and collected, but if she ever is upset or angered you can tell b/c she stops w/e she's doing, closes her eyes and takes exactly 7 deep breaths. Lastly she's an awful cook (and yes she'll admit this and laugh about it with you) and she's afraid of water (...she won't really admit this though b/c it's pretty embarassing considering her element is ice) History: My mom was only 17 when I was born, and understandably she left me with my dad's parents (my grandparents for dense people). She didn't leave me with her own parent's b/c her mother is a psycho b**** (she abused my mom) and she has been long divorced. She didn't leave me with my dad b/c he was a drug addict and hardly capable of raising a child. Last I heard, my mother remarried a ningen and started a new life and my father is in prison. As for my life, it was as normal as possible, but my grandparents were pretty o
 Reviewed By: kaja1234 [MediaMiner Member]  On: January 08, 2005 20:40 CST
Anaki cont: Other attacks: Dark Blade Slash, (simple shadow blade attack) Blood Rain, (steals opponents spirit energy with blood-like rain.) Spirit Mace Blow (mace spike hone onto opponenets energy and chases until they are dead.) others: mostly inuyasha type attacks and kurama type attacks, especially the demon tree. 'cept it transfers opponents spirit energy thorough them like hellfire.)
 Reviewed By: kaja1234 [MediaMiner Member]  On: January 08, 2005 20:33 CST
Name: Anaki (anna-key) Yuiete (you-ee-et) Age: Actually 5,000 years old, looks 16. Youkai: She is a pureblooded wolf youkai. Hair: White with red and black streaks, comes down to floor, is usually swept back into a ponytail, letting it hover off floor about 4 inches. Eyes: A peircing shade of pale golden, with flecks of white in them. Looks: Wears a low cut black halter, black hakamas tied together 5 inches above ankles, has red bands around wrists and ankles. 2 Red stripes on each cheek and 1 crossing over each eye, has golden rose tattoo on back which activates a special power when she is very angry. (will explain in attacks.) Personality: Doesn't care for humans, except Yusuke, who is her boyfriend...i hope. Is cold toward everyone, except yusuke and her team. History: Was born in the darkest recesses of the Makai, barely trusts anyone for her family was killed by thier own kind. Enma took her in after rescuing her from the ruthless pack, trained her and raised her as a sister to Koenma, she is the princess of the wolf demon tribe and of the spirit world. Team: Slayers. (can she be captain?) Who you want to be with: Yusuke, of course. Attacks: Has numerous weapons, katana, scythe, shuriken, spiky maces, and whatever else you wanna come up with. Her special attack for when she is angry is called: Soul destruction, she kills the enemy's soul and body, kinda what a spirit beast does. Other attacks:
 Reviewed By: kitsuneluvuh [MediaMiner Member]  On: January 08, 2005 09:54 CST
Continued... Risa is also good with Kunai throwing knives and shuriken throwing stars. She can set them on fire before throwing them. Her best attack is the rainbow flame wheel, where she throws spikes of extremely hot multicolored flames. Doesn't use it often because it wears her out. I can't wait to read the story!!!!!
 Reviewed By: kitsuneluvuh [MediaMiner Member]  On: January 08, 2005 09:52 CST
Name: Risa Nightfire Age: 300 something by human standards, 14 by demon. (Acts and looks 14 in any case) Is a kitsune youkai Hair: Just a bit longer than Kurama's. Dark brown with red and gold highlights. Usually wears it down, but in a fight she ties it back with a vine. Eyes: brown/gold (wears glasses) Looks (here put clothes, any extra facts, ect.): For regular wear, she wears jeans and t-shirts, usually blue, red, or black with comments written on them. For fights, she wears blue silk pants and a matching sleeveless top. She's 5'3", has braces, fangs, claws, brown/black fox ears, and a brown/black fox tail. Personality: Very playful. Loves using shapeshifting and illusions to play pranks on people, especially Kuwabara. Likes to crack jokes, and has trouble taking things seriously, although she can be serious if she wants. Very bright, and she loves all things natural, except bugs. Is terrified of all bugs except butterflies and ladybugs. Has a GIANT crush on Kurama, but he just treats her as a regular friend. History: She just lived in the makai forests for most of her life. She trained her powers, and listened to demon news from the shadows. that's how she heard about the demon Youko, and was determined to meet him. Team: KURAMA!!!!!!! Who you want to be with: KURAMA!!!!! Attacks: Is good with healing and medicinal herbs. Her fighting skills include foxfire and most fire attacks as well as shapeshifting, mimicry, and illusion.
 Reviewed By: blackkitsuneryoku [MediaMiner Member]  On: January 08, 2005 07:49 CST
Fire daggers are multiple daggers she throws, and darkness ball is a darkness ball she throws
 Title: please pick me -begs-
Reviewed By: blackkitsuneryoku [MediaMiner Member]  On: January 08, 2005 07:47 CST
Name (include nicknames if any)::Ryoku Kitsune (also called Ry or ryo) Age::17 Youkai, Hanyou, Ningen::100% yokai (silver kitsune) Hair (color, length, how is it worn):black,mid back, in a pony tail) Eyes:blue Looks (here put clothes, any extra facts, ect.):a black ninja suit, kinda pale, strong, great body, and is a little shorter than Kurama. Personality:It differs on my mood but, anti social, kind at times, cold at times, smart, and sly. History:Forgotten Team:Yokai Who you want to be with (if anyone- first come first serve):Hiei(if taken Kurama) Attacks (and please describe them so I have an idea):fire daggers, Darkness ball, midnight blast(It becomes so dark and only she can see)

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