Fanart page error/can't post FanArt

Was it removed? if so you should remove the option in the menu otherwise it's just irritating I wanted to post an image so I could use it for my FanFic but I can't get to the page to do that.. I have had to resort to moving to a different FanFiction site just so I could have FanFic and my FanArt together..


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  • Hi. Yes sorry, the new owner took down the fanart part of the website. I think it was a matter of server size, and there just wasn't the storage available for everyone's art, although last I heard he actually did have all the artwork on a different non-networked drive so it was possible it could be restored at a later date. I agree it would be better if the FanArt link were removed altogether if his final decision is to do away with it, but I think it's just a matter of real life getting in the way of playing webmaster.

    I'm just relieved someone took the time to buy mediaminer otherwise it would have disappeared, and he implemented a new version of the forums after there hadn't been any forums at all for a while, so things are coming along slowly but surely. If you'll note, your home pages when you're looking at your account are still in the old design, instead of the new layout, so revamping the whole site is still a WIP that's just taking a while.

    My apologies for the inconvenience. A lot of people used to have fanart linked to their fanfics here, myself included.

  • yeah ty for posting it really clears things up for me i wish i knew a little about coding a website but all i know about is designing lol and that was only simplified designs and we didn't do a lot of coding at all but i don't have the program i used for that anyway.. if i did i might have my own website for my artworks. Til then i guess i will just have to keep using deviantart.

  • It might well have had to do with costs, too. After all, it costs more to load a graphic page than it does to pull a page of nothing but text.

  • Good point, I didn't even think of that but I bet you're right.

    Once upon a time AOL offered a limited amount of web space with each screen name, and I knew how to FTP my photos into that and use the URL code of the photo's location to input the pictures into other webpages via HTML, but that seems like a million years ago now. It's like saying you know how to develop film in the age of digital cameras, LOL. Deviantart is popular so I don't see anything wrong with using them. You can definitely share your art that way.

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