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Title: Sakura [ Anime/Manga :: Naruto ] By: Fire_Master_Skye
Uploaded On: May 29 21:09:08 2005
Charcters: Sakura
Description: One my favorite pics I've ever done, Sakura (with long hair :P So sue me, I'm a hair freak). Did it last summer. Colored with Laurentian colored pencils and only the kunai touched up dgitally :)
Image Properties: 545x650 281.05 kb
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Title: Broken Wing [ Mythological :: Mystical ] By: Fire_Master_Skye
Uploaded On: Jan 8 22:15:34 2004
Charcters: Angel / Angels
Description: I was angsty after some stuff happened, drew this picture then a friend asked me for a good version so ta-da! It's bloody and angsty so yey. I did it with remarkably crappy pencil crayons borrowed when mine went missing and am quite impressed it turned out read more
Image Properties: 500x568 345.55 kb
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