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Title: International War of the Waters [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Original ] By: The Souija
Uploaded On: Jul 31 3:07:50 2005
Description: "Girls are much stronger than I thought... Let's play Chicken he says, easy against the girls he says... Italians..." -Seth Gethsemane (Mexicano knocked out in the water) **And Russia and the Phillipines take over the waters! Trivia Question: read more
Image Properties: 582x438 103.89 kb
Title: Dying Star Shines Brightest--Vega and Altair? [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Original ] By: The Souija
Uploaded On: Jul 31 2:51:12 2005
Description: "They say a shooting star is that of a star's dying essence, as a last request, it'll allow only those said few pure of heart and worthy of its beauty a granted wish they desire most as it shines brighter than ever... what a crock." -Heresy Celibatesread more
Image Properties: 710x440 127.35 kb
Title: Just your friendly neighborhood chibi! [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Spiderman ] By: The Souija
Uploaded On: Nov 24 4:19:38 2004
Charcters: Spiderman
Description: Swinging through the air, saving the innocent, not a care in the world... lucky!
Image Properties: 357x338 61.42 kb
Title: We kick butt! And look good doing it [ Anime/Manga :: Vampire Hunter (Darkstalkers) ] By: The Souija
Uploaded On: Nov 24 4:15:19 2004
Charcters: Felicia
Description: Instead of Felicia, Lilith would've been there but I just love Felicia so much, I couldn't deny her! This pic has like 3 different backgrounds but of course I don't want to load them all ^_^
Image Properties: 348x308 14.74 kb
Title: Back off, I'm dangerous [ Anime/Manga :: Yu-Gi-Oh! ] By: The Souija
Uploaded On: Nov 24 4:11:32 2004
Charcters: Dark Magician Girl
Description: my FAVORITE duel monster, now isn't that such a shock?
Image Properties: 218x579 22.59 kb
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Title: I'm the real Hiei [ Anime/Manga :: Yu Yu Hakusho ] By: The Souija
Uploaded On: Nov 24 4:06:39 2004
Charcters: Jaganshi Hiei, Kurama
Description: i was all, what the heck, why not load this up. Just the whole play off of "Hiei looks like Bejita" "Bejita looks like Hiei!" blah blah. Kurama can't obviously tell the difference...
Image Properties: 436x447 37.93 kb
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