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Title: The two grims [ Mythological :: Other ] By: XiaXue
Uploaded On: Aug 6 2:29:09 2004
Description: The two grims. XP felt like drawing somthin like this... got plenty mor XPPP hope som of u ppl like. man, im so proud to be 12 xD
Image Properties: 850x1087 139.68 kb
Title: Harry and Cho [ Books/Stories/Comics :: Harry Potter ] By: XiaXue
Uploaded On: Jul 17 1:01:56 2004
Charcters: Cho, Harry Potter
Description: *blinks* erm... It's harry and cho... i only like this pairing alittle but... i jus felt like drawing it. flames are welcom, don really giv a sh*t. but, description: Harry on his first date with Cho, going to a... festival??? er... nvm. i got nuttin mor to read more
Image Properties: 991x922 61.83 kb
Title: ... kiss kiss? [ Anime/Manga :: FanFiction Linked Art ] By: XiaXue
Uploaded On: Jun 19 21:42:55 2004
Description: .... er..... a suprising kiss? lol... i hav no idea... i jus felt like drawing this though...
Image Properties: 683x585 32.33 kb
Title: What if... [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: XiaXue
Uploaded On: Jun 10 17:10:55 2004
Charcters: Inuyasha, Kagome Higurashi, Miroku, Original Character, Sango
Description: er... flame me if u want but i was bored... so wat? i can think insane things cant i? aaa, hope some of u like it anywayz...
Image Properties: 844x1089 67.22 kb
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Title: Fluffy and Kag [ Anime/Manga :: InuYasha ] By: XiaXue
Uploaded On: May 28 16:08:33 2004
Charcters: Kagome Higurashi, Sesshomaru
Description: Okok, this is my second time usin photoshop, and i know that Sesshomaru's face is messed up cuz i jacked him up on accident. But im still tryin... yep... trying...
Image Properties: 844x989 86.26 kb