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Title: Magic Knights [ Anime/Manga :: Magic Knight Rayearth ] By: vampirekagomejc
Uploaded On: Dec 27 13:00:25 2006
Charcters: Fu Hououji, Hikaru Shiido, Umi Ryuuzaki
Description: My Best Picture That I Drew Came Out Like This..I'm So Proud Of My Self!!!Well It Is The Knights From Magic Knights Of Rayearth!!!!
Image Properties: 2164x1700 382.15 kb
Title: Boop! [ Anime/Manga :: Magic Knight Rayearth ] By: Ma-zoku
Uploaded On: Oct 31 6:59:45 2005
Charcters: Hikaru Shiido, Mokona
Description: I drew this picture because I was bored and thought it would be fun. That is Mokona in the lower right, not Hikaru's breast. Just so we're clear. It's from the second manga seris, volume one, I think after they come back to Cephiro. Oh, and that's Presea's read more
Image Properties: 313x436 57.05 kb
Title: Taming the Fire [ Anime/Manga :: Magic Knight Rayearth ] By: Stitchy
Uploaded On: Jul 22 22:27:25 2005
Charcters: Hikaru Shiido
Description: Wahoo! No one can beat Hikaru. I won a contest on an oekaki board with this. Man, I just never have anything to say. >3>
Image Properties: 300x500 22.97 kb
Title: Flames [ Anime/Manga :: Magic Knight Rayearth ] By: Witch Child
Uploaded On: Apr 12 22:19:18 2004
Charcters: Hikaru Shiido
Description: Hikaru bursts into falmes as she earns her magic. This was originally done in ink but I played around with it in photoshop to make it look sketchy.
Image Properties: 772x1240 231.9 kb
Title: Hikaru and Chibis [ Anime/Manga :: Magic Knight Rayearth ] By: Coolgirl
Uploaded On: Sep 15 15:42:11 2003
Charcters: Clef Guru, Ferio, Fu Hououji, Hikaru Shiido, Mokona, Umi, Umi Ryuuzaki
Description: This is a picture of Hikaru and chibi Fuu, Umi, Ferio, Mokona, and Clef.I thought it was a cute picture. Drawn by hand and colored with colored pencils (all by hand). Enjoy! *Original photo copyright: CLAMP
Image Properties: 440x586 49.04 kb