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Title: Ferio [ Anime/Manga :: Magic Knight Rayearth ] By: SillyNiecy
Uploaded On: Apr 21 0:40:10 2005
Charcters: Ferio
Description: This was an oekaki I did in 2003... Two years ago. I was looking thru them and saw it and was like 'I like that one'! There isn't enought MKR fanart up, so I decided to add this one ^_^.
Image Properties: 350x350 74.29 kb
Title: Fuu and Ferio [ Anime/Manga :: Magic Knight Rayearth ] By: SillyNiecy
Uploaded On: Oct 28 19:14:07 2003
Charcters: Ferio, Fu Hououji
Description: Ah, the love. Fuu and Ferio is my favorite couple in all of Rayearth. Maybe cuz they are the only 'fer sure' couple there is *sigh*. Hmm. I love the shading I did in this picture. I used Prismacolor Verithins (the hard ones) and some generic pen for outlin read more
Image Properties: 597x458 43.84 kb
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Title: Hikaru and Chibis [ Anime/Manga :: Magic Knight Rayearth ] By: Coolgirl
Uploaded On: Sep 15 15:42:11 2003
Charcters: Clef Guru, Ferio, Fu Hououji, Hikaru Shiido, Mokona, Umi, Umi Ryuuzaki
Description: This is a picture of Hikaru and chibi Fuu, Umi, Ferio, Mokona, and Clef.I thought it was a cute picture. Drawn by hand and colored with colored pencils (all by hand). Enjoy! *Original photo copyright: CLAMP
Image Properties: 440x586 49.04 kb